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  1. I like all 4 XD What @alborzka says is right, but in my hometown it is often the way you made it.
  2. @Bad Peanut I updated the 36m roads to 48m. Actually, I think 48m is fine. Where I live, there are wide roads which are as wide as 48m in-game.
  3. By the way, if anyone is interested in a road with metro (MOM) tracks, this website is a great website to streetmix: https://usdm.upc.gov.ae/USDM/ It is made by the government of Abu Dhabi
  4. And the last one for today: Bike path plus Light rail track (perhaps also for BRT) plus 2x1 road https://streetmix.net/-/574059 I have more ideas, but not the time for sharing them atm. But they are not as useful as these I think haha.
  5. And the 3rd one one-way for cars, tram and bus lanes in both directions as well as bike lanes https://streetmix.net/-/573778
  6. 2nd suggestion: 2x1 road plus tram and bus lane https://streetmix.net/-/573768
  7. First suggestion: 2x4 car plus turning lanes plus light rail. If its possible, lane for both light rail and bus https://streetmix.net/-/574056
  8. https://www.google.de/maps/place/Evinger+Str.+154,+44339+Dortmund/@51.54547,7.4603721,3a,92.1y,207.87h,71.38t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sgR34jr8Ahdnx-ntH4IkgLw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x47b91a11ebb06515:0xbf5a07c4c144105b I want this to be included.
  9. Doel... Isn't it this little abandoned village where the port of Antwerp is going to be extended in a few years?
  10. Hi, great to know you here! As I mentioned before, you do a really great job in answering the questions of our community. I just wanted to say that it seems that you didn't know about the plannings of the old NExt. But now, after NExt 2 came out, and you are an author there too, you know everything about it. Sorry for being so rude mate...
  11. It looks like you have a phantom node. There is a mod in the Workshop which solves this problem.
  12. I didn't want to say something against @BloodyPenguin Quite the reverse. He's one of the top modders on the whole Steam Workshop. It doesn't matter that he doesn't update his mods often. The main thing is that every of his great mods work properly. And they do!
  13. @andreharv Thats good. You could publish something like a beta version for NExt like for MOM but on Steam Workshop. I know that you want to publish only ripe mods, but that would be something like an testing version and this kind of mods is in most of all cases also not ripe. And man, look at @BloodyPenguin, he doesn't update his mods as often as others do (for example @SamsamTS) and they're nevertheless awesome. PS: @SamsamTS 's mods are of course also awesome