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  1. Transport Lines Manager Reborn 7.1 - Changelog: Added Green Cities update (1.9) support Green Cities TLM behaviour: Biofuel Bus can be spawned in any depot, if allowed for prefix. Also Biofuel Bus Depot can spawn any bus type, but will prefer the Biofuel model. Added distance between stations on linear map Added line preview on creating line Fixed: Null Reference Exception on creating evacuation routes New line numbering mode: Roman (I, II, III, IV, V...) OBS: This also works with 1.8 while the update is not released
  2. Guys, I added a discussion at Steam for discuss about new features (or improvement of the current implemented ones) for the TLM. I will try to follow the priority of the list at each release
  3. I know that have a problem in the "documentation" of TLM. The IPT simplicity always won against the TLM complexity. But well... The solution is disable this option by default if the IPT2 is enabled, like the prefix were disabled.
  4. Updated to 7.0.1. Appearently was a Harmony conflict with others mods. Please test
  5. @rovapasi1 did you unsubscribed the old TLM?
  6. Oouch... Now it gets weird. I will need to see at the code what it's doing
  7. IDK if you can do it now, but you can try to subscribe the ipt2 (not activate it, but only get it listed on subscribed items at mods panel list). I think can be something related to it.
  8. I think I know what it can be... I will check today and I expect release a fix for it soon
  9. Almost one month later, I'm back! Transport Lines Manager Reborn 7 - Changelog: Updated methods hooking Updated Linear Map UI Added drag'n'drop for vehicles - on vehicle monitor, drag a vehicle into a stop label and then the vehicle will target there as next stop (Manual Unbunching) Added budget control sliders to the Line Info Panel (now is possible to edit per hour budget viewing a line info) Added options for show near ferry and blimp lines in the options Fixed cable car icon in near lines panel (and linear map intersections) Removed IPT compatibility mode option - is automatic now (IPT2) Added MOM compatibility to hide depots which doesn't shall spawn metro trains Added support for multi-service stations hub which are depot also (like the monorail/rail/metro hub) Fixed evacuation route bug Fixed depot naming bug Fixed fare = 100 bug New default palettes: Rainbow Rainbow Short World Metro MS Metro Design UI Material Design Default Colors Material Design 100 Material Design 500 Material Design 900 Material Design A200 Material Design A400 Material Design A700 São Paulo CPTM 2000 São Paulo Bus Area 2000 And, the TLM is compatible with the IPT2! The IPT2 functions overrides the TLM related function. More details at the compatibility table at end of the mod description at Steam. You can assign the line to prefix, and use only one line there (type "0" in the line number text field when a prefix is selected). After it, you will need to go at prefix editor tab (gear button on main list), find the prefix and choose the models.... Well, I expect until the Green Cities release to add the asset selection to the Line Info Window (where shows the line stats and linear map)
  10. Well, as I told before, I'm not having sufficient free time to maintain the Transport Lines Manager. Now, I'm officially "abandoning" the mod due lack of time. I hope someone can continue the work, once the mod code is now public. I will try to reply any doubt about the code, just tag me or send me a PM. I hope also I can come back someday and help to making mods to the game...
  11. Version 6.0.2 released: - Fixed null pointer on invalid depot category, now logs error - Fixed some misspelling in English file - German language updated - Fixed sorting on line listing - Added dutch support (thanks bas_dehaan!) - Added polish support (thanks woj2012!) - Added partial chinese support (thanks Laoweek!) The next version with fixes shall be released in two weeks
  12. Keep calm guys! The penguin is still working in IPT2 and the code wasn't released yet for integration. This will done after it (but I don't know when). Anyway, the mod as whole isn't incompatible with IPT2, only few features, as I wrote on description:
  13. In the base game now you can change the line budget, but it's ignored by TLM. The formula still the same.
  14. Well, I'm creating a new version which will log the nullable type. This will help to find the broken depot.
  15. @rovapasi1 I will see this case. But ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. in the method Dictionary.ContainsKey seems to be a case of one of your stations are not well configured as station. Anyway, a null exception is a thing which should not to happen and I will fix it for next version. @pauliaxz How this time is configured in IPT? (per depot, per line...) I have an idea of implementation of it inside TLM The PrefixBudget was added on TLM at the prefix configuration panel. Each prefixes can have a different configuration, but the default is 1. The others variables are from base game.