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  1. Show us your Detail Shots

    "Ugh. This is some dank nature. Dank nature and garbage."
  2. Avatar Caption Game v2.0

    Top secret military-grade wormhole generator.
  3. Having been to the MENA region, this is an interesting take on it. Not exactly the way I remember Egypt, it reminds me more of Quatar and the gulf countries more, but this does peak my interest! Looking forward to more updates in the future.
  4. I would like the ability to choose city network signs and road texture styles without a mod. Ability to place all the games props in both map editor and in the actual game mode without having to use mods. Ability to set district wealth levels. So you can make some districts low-wealth only meaning only level 1 and 2 buildings will grow. On a high-wealth district it would restrict it so only level 3+ buildings can grow, but only if the conditions for that district permit buildings of that level to grow. If it doesn't then nothing will grow. This allows more control over your districts without having to use a make historical mod or RICO. Bridge styles. It fathoms me why the ability to select your bridge style is not available. Would've though Mass Transit would've implemented it. Also, since I'm at it, ability to toggle bridge types for all roads. It's weird that small 2-lane roads can't even have the steel suspension bridges that are already in the game by default yet highways can have them. Why the restriction? Vehicle types related to buildings level. Why would a Cim that lives in a small level 1 house drive the sports car? It doesn't seem like they would be able to afford it. Separation of office zoning into it's own demand. It doesn't really make much sense for it to share the industrial demand. It would add more challenge to the end-game game-play if it were a separate demand.
  5. Nothing really fancy. I got the inspiration for this from playing the game "Night In The Woods". A sleepy forever-autumn rural town. I went for a more Euro-American hybrid look though instead of a full American look like that in the game. This store here is based off the baseball bat light bulb scene with Gregg, with some creative liberty. And this is part of main street. The entrance section of it that connects to Roadway 55, the town's narrow and twisty "highway" connection. It's simplistic and nothing fancy. Further down the road are more W2W buildings, but I didn't take a photo of them. Far out there is the industrial sector, which is ironically stagnant in its development. Btw, can someone suggest an Autumn-looking LUT to me? @Pluispixel Cape Chadwell
  6. Avatar Caption Game v2.0

    Has horrible smog emissions.
  7. Visiting ST after so long feels like stepping into time portal.

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Hi, welcome back! :)

      There are lots of new names, and the site has changed somewhat, but the community is still as strong as ever.

    2. inusan


      Thanks you. I'm glad community is as strong as ever! City Building without community is not much fun. :no:

  8. County Constabulary

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