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Mosaics of the Airport


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Today we'll be visiting the largest and busiest airport in Shihaisha! This update will be a special update because it's an all-mosaic update! We'll be seeing cargo airlines, jumbo-jets, and other airlines! Let's go!


It's early morning, but many jets have already arrived at the airport to service the many passengers coming.


Now we'll be passing by the 777s from Delta and other airlines, some of the jumbos at the airport. But, wait for the largest aircraft at night coming in from Frankfurt!


I smell jet fuel.... Do you? The airport was based off of the design in Tokyo-Haneda International Airport. Many airlines depart and arrive at the airport every day. Shihai Airways, Canadian Airlines of Kingston, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, and Sky Yasuku use the airport as a major hub.



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Today, we'll be taking a fun trip to the busy and congested district of Tōruchi! It is located in Shinkawa and has many sights to see. The fastest way from Tsumaji to Shinkawa is by train, so let's go!



Seems like we're here! We'll just pass by Shinkawa National University as a treat. It serves 17,328 students studying for their future careers!


Now we're passing by the rising towers of Tōruchi, which you can see from many miles away! It also features the 2nd tallest building in Shihaisha, the Mahazuki Center.



Now we'll be passing by the Panasonic Building to get to the Bank of Shihaisha. During Typhoon Nohakai, the Bank of Shihaisha was flooded and closed for several weeks.


Driving to Tsumaji


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Shinkawa is currently not a good place to head right now, so I guess we can take a drive to the coastal city of Tsumaji! It is a very industrial city, but it might be a long car drive there, so buckle your seatbelts! Anybody know how to drive?



Aah, here we are... Tsumaji. This town is very beautiful in a quite, um, serious way. Ports, cargo, factories, warehouses, and anything else can be found here. Although it is a very small city, it is also a very busy city due to the industrial center here.


Many residents are used to the suburban Asian life in Tsumaji, however, if you drive down just a few minutes on the main road. You will see where the busy description originates. Towering cranes and the ocean fog and breeze appear along the Tsumaji coast. Heavy boats waiting for cargo dock at the ports and will be heading to other ports in Asia or America.





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As we take the train ride into this city of forests, canals, and city life, we stop at Danishi Station, in downtown.



In the first look at Downtown Saiko, we see the unique "dome" in Hakubutsu Tower that is home to a modern art museum. It is situated along the man-made Saiko Canal giving pedestrians a nice view down the canal and the building. In the next view, we see a tall monument set up as a memorial to those who died during Typhoon Nohakai.



Now we are taking a drive into the nearby suburban life, where the beautiful canal still flows by. There are still a few mid-rises to see in the suburban area, but most of it is consisted of packed townhouses.


As the sun sets, we drive by downtown once again where nature meets urban life. The sunset in Saiko is like one you see at the beach: beautiful, breathtaking, and unique. Of course, the surrounding citylights gives it that extra flare.


Blossoms and Rainfall


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Spring is a wonderful time of year in Shihaisha, for we get to see the blooming of the sakura tree, or cherry blossom tree. Sakura trees usually bloom in the spring, but in here, they bloom from winter to spring. The Shihaisha Sakura Festival is a wonderful event that celebrates the blossoming of the tree, which is a symbol of Shihaisha. Let's take the train to one of the cities hosting the event.



The first event will be held this week in Kurachi, a city just outside of the hustle & bustle of Shinkawa. It is a very beautiful town, but today we're seeing more rain than sunshine. The main sakura celebrations are along Lake Hirashi. The pink flowers make this one of the most beautiful parts of Shihaisha.



Although there are more tourist businesses around here, residents still have normal lives going to regular jobs such as factories or hospitals. The city is surrounded by a major forest, making the place very peaceful. The birds chirp and sing in the branches while tourists are too busy looking at the stands in the festival area.


Do you think you'd start attending the Sakura Festival? Comment and rate!




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Recent discussions in private rooms in Shisaido has led to one of the most major changes in Shihaishan history. Shisaido, the capital of Shihaisha has been noted for its bad infrastructure and dirtiness, and that the capital needs a major renovation. To save money, talks started for switching cities for the nation's capital. The result was made, and the new capital was changed to Shinkawa, a beautiful city with 932,390 residents. The downtown infrastructure is famous for its similarity to Sapporo in Japan.



Clouds are rolling in, and we might be expecting snow. Although, this won't stop our tour. Shinkawa Spire stands as one of the tallest structures in Shinkawa, with similarity to Tokyo Tower. It is surrounded by urban density and parks and is a popular tourist attraction.


The new capital has embassies and a government center for the nation. It has been deemed as a disappointment when it came to design, but every city has a downside. The embassies can be seen on the left, in the picture above.



Residents in Shinkawa live mostly in the outskirts, away from the beauty of downtown. This doesn't make it any less beautiful. Danchis and small, local businesses have started growing in the fast growing neighborhood named Kyūsoku. This neighborhood is home to 283,490 residents.



This snowfall is getting bad. I think this tour of Shinkawa International Airport will end the tour for today. Cancellations and delays are starting at the airport, and I hope flights can leave and arrive safely. Many airlines serve the airport, and a few other airlines not flying there yet are interested in starting.


Did you enjoy the new capital? Comment and rate below!




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Volcanoes, lake, and trees are what you will be seeing today. Nature is a great beauty that deserves to be seen more than once in the life of a city. Situated next to Yamaro is a great volcano and a residing lake nearby. Mount Meakan is Shihaisha's highest mountain, and a volcano that calmly erupts at least once a year.


On non-eruptive days, the volcano sees plenty of clouds and steam during the afternoons, and snow stays on the mountain for most of winter and spring. It is possible to rock climb on the mountain in the summer, when conditions are best for it. It is usually prohibited towards beginners due to its slight steepness.


On the edge of the surrounding hillsides of the mountain, is a large lake called Lake Akan. It sparkles in the summer and sometimes you can see the reflection of the tall volcano. Flora is aplenty in the area, and many like to swim or picnic along the lakeside. Fishing is also another hobby for residents and it can be sold at small markets in the rural towns nearby.



Do you want a swim in Lake Akan? Comment and rate below!



●21 | Yamaro


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Far from the bright lights of Bumisu and the dense suburbs of Daisanji, is a city in the mountains: Yamaro. It's quite small, and is located near Mt. Meakan. Now, it has fast travel to the bigger neighboring cities with more road access and Shinkansen's being introduced there. I was a kid since I last visited, it sure has changed over the years.


North Ekusutori Rail, a subsidiary of Ekusutori Rail, serves the many farmers and locals that may be traveling to Shiroku, Bumisu, or even as far as Minamicihi. The stations around here are mainly island platforms that serve up to 2 trains simultaneously. Trains are usually run on electricity by overhead wires. Although, some accidents have occurred over the past, and just last week, a train had derailed and crashed into a home. It killed 23 commuters.



Like American suburbs, a sprawl of suburban stores like supermarkets and drugstores have been constructed to help ease with the buying of foreign goods. Most stores are larger than their urban counterparts due to the spaced out area. They also have a much wider variety of conveniences and foods.


Like Akihiko, Yamaro is a major producer of rice. Although, with much more land provided for containers, it is easier to harvest and store the rice before shipping and delivering it. Also, the farmers usually homeschool or hire tutors for their kids. It makes sure that all Shihaishans have a high level of knowledge and education.


Do you want to see the volcano here? Comment and please share!



●20 | Bumisu

Shihaishans love to gamble, and thus many travel to the gambling centers of the world: Macau and Las Vegas. The government thought if they transform a city into a major gambling center too, more of their residents and other tourists would tend to visit the city instead. Bumisu was formed under these plans, and so far has been quite successful.


With the growing numbers of tourists and visitors heading to Bumisu, it has now reached #4 on the world's largest casino markets. This also means the larger amount of pedestrians walking through the streets. Since Japan has a major influence on the designs and infrastructure of Shihaisha, quite a few crossings for the roads have been designed, with 2 in Bumisu. The 3rd busiest pedestrian crossing is located on the north end of the Bumisu Strip.


With the increase of tourism in the area, businesses have set up stores in the surrounding areas hoping to get plenty of customers and revenue. Traditional Asian architecture can still be found on the Strip, usually used for some theaters and concert stages.



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●19 | Daisanji


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Daisanji is a growing eco-friendly, and smart-in-testing city. It currently has a city population of 209,745. My first time visiting this city was back in 2010, and it was very small compared to now! Some parts are unfamiliar to me still, so we shall go visit the older but renovated parts of town. "Can we stop by for sushi, Loony?" Yes, I guess we can... :sly:


"Hello visitors! Daisanji is filled with townhouses," says Masahiko.

Daisanji is filled with thousands of townhouses, although they are all packed up in a dense configuration. So, if you're looking for a backyard, go look in America or something. Townhouses house 60% of the population. They are cheap and comfortable, so if you just want a place to live, this is the best place to go. I myself live in a townhouse in Akihiko.


"Daisanji also features a number of companies and small alleys," says Shozaburo.

The low income residents need jobs too, so the government provides a few ghetto shopping strips where they can work. Businesses range from karate studios, poor clothing stores, and some drug stores. There tends to be a bit of crime in these areas, so I recommend that we leave soon. I don't see much of these in the urban areas.


"In the central district, things get dense and traditional," says Soseki.

Lastly, the central district is dense as usual in the urban Shihaishan areas. Although it may lead someone to think that all it features are nightclubs and anything found in downtown areas, it actually has many traditional theaters and businesses. Soseki here actually works at a traditional dance show. She has to leave now to get to a performance, and we have to end the tour. I love Daisanji, and would like to return soon.


Do you want more of this city? Comment and rate below! Criticism helps too.




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Well, it seems like a lovely day to head to Jamingu Island (ジャミング). It was a lovely day when I first arrived here. It was newly finished, and it's all reclaimed land. Amazing huh? Fits an entire airport and a small seaport for cargo and cruise use. So, let's go check it out!


"Guys, look! A cargo plane is landing over that bridge!" Oh yes, when arriving, planes pass over the lovely bridge that brought our car here. ANA Cargo seems to be landing today. Not too busy at the airport, maybe we can check out the seaports.


Oh no, the fog is rolling in. Fog is quite normal on Hazoku Island's coastline, so be sure to not get lost. A cruise ship seems to have docked at Gate 1 in the cruise ship terminal. I'm thinking that it will be heading out tomorrow morning, so let's take a picture before it leaves.


Oh shoot, that wasn't fog, it was a storm. Hehe....

:} Get your raincoats on if you have one! "You said it was a lovely day! You are-" I know what I said, but it can be unexpected. Anyways, the cargo port is growing to be one of the largest in Shihaisha. Rice, deliveries, and much more are put in cargo containers on the ship. Who knows where these ships will be heading.


Thanks for reading! I hope you comment and rate! Until next time.



Manga New Year!


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It's December 31, 2012, in Shihaisha! Everyone is excited, people are partying; Shihaishans are doing everything you can think of! Except having fun at the beach.... It's um.. sort of cold..... Anyways, I'm going to take you through a journey in Shihaisha that summarizes just a bit of what the Shihaishans do on New Year's Eve. Some manga friends will be coming to help!


During the past few days, airlines have been flying their planes to Akihiko Airport and Shiroku International Airport (to a minor extent). The majority of the visitors and relatives fly over to the country 1-2 days before New Year's Eve. It looks like an Air Canada A340 just landed at Shiroku International Airport!


On the afternoon of that special day, many teenagers go out and party with their friends out in the suburbs and streets. Sometimes they get so rowdy the police have to come over and calm them down. Crazy huh!? The pubs and bars get tons of revenue this way, and houses are usually filled with friends visiting to party. Well, this is Shihaisha. Let's see what their parents think when they see the security footage......


While the kids are partying, and some latecomers arrive in town, some adults go out to eat in the urban restaurants. Restaurants serve special meals on New Year's Eve, like giant sushi platters, seafood dishes, and Korean and Chinese delicacies. Very yummy huh? Around this time, 5:00 PM SST (Shihai Standard Time), many famous restaurants and cafes in downtown areas everywhere have wait times of up to 30-50 minutes. It must be best to reserve up to a month ahead of time!


Once all the parties, meals, and groundings are done, Shihaishans get ready to put their New Year's resolutions inside lit lanterns that they hang upon their houses and apartments. Streets are dimly lit with the candlelights inside of those paper lanterns. This year, there will be a 2 minute moment of darkness and silence for those who died at the Asian bombings of Kaisan, Shihaisha, and the Riyadh Islamic Federation. May the victims rest in peace.

Time for the countdown! It's 11:59 PM! Hurry everyone! Hurry!




●16 | Too Much Rice

Akihiko, Shihaisha is a major producer of rice. Located 8 miles east of downtown Engatoshi, the city creates enough rice to serve every Indonesian resident 2 times! There are no current major ports in the area besides a small ferry terminal. Most of the rice is delivered by air, although plans on ports will become reality soon. It's raining today, but I guess we can visit the rice paddies which are situated just east of Akihiko. Maybe the farmers will let you try a bit of Akihiko's signature rice. Come, come!



Enjoy the rice everyone! Remember to rate and comment!




TheOlympics/Volnov/80sreject: They are found on a Japanese website. I forgot which one, but as soon as I remember, I'll PM you all.

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Although the same country, some are separated by a strait that divides the mainland from Hazoku Island. They celebrate Christmas in different ways, which one is more beautiful?




That was how Hazoku Island celebrates Christmas. There is snow, and lights, and many other things to see on the island. So let's just say that they are more of the exterior decorating type. Now let's check out the glitz, glamour, and density of mainland Shihaisha.




Now you can see that mainland Shihaisha isn't more of the decorating type. They do more Christmas shopping than any other country in the world besides the US. Thus, tons of the decorations are inside the malls and stores of the dense areas.


Comments on improvement are appreciated. Merry Christmas everyone!



It's 6 days til' Christmas, and I don't want to give out a sneak peek because it's too close. I decided to do a somewhat regular update but still have the wonderful snow that some of us see on Christmas. We're heading off to the universities of Shihaisha. Shiroku University is closed as some have already known, but Engatoshi University is still open. We'll be looking at a few pictures of both taken just 2 weeks ago. These universities are widely known throughout East Asia and actually some of the most successful. Students here get a great feeding of knowledge so that they could success in the real world. English and Japanese classes must be taken at these universities, for these are the official languages in Shihaisha.



Note: This building has been destroyed by an accidental gas leak last week.


Remember to +1, rate, and comment! Goodbye!



Recent developments have led to a new city, Engatoshi [えんがとし]. It is the largest city on Hazoku Island, and is a great commercial city. It has grown mainly out of the city's suburban area: Kodachiru [こだちる]. Kodachiru spreads south from the business center past 2 freeways and stops around the tall mountain areas. Power lines, trains, and elevated bullet train tracks also fill up parts of the area. The business center of Engatoshi is named: Rikabasu [りかばす].





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It's December! Snow is forming, and carolers are chanting. This could mean the start of Christmas season! Black Friday shopping has ended, but present wrapping has started. In Shihaisha, lights are going up around all the shopping and housing developments. Industrial centers don't care. Come join us this Christmas season for the bright delights.

Isn't it too early for celebrations? Sure is, but we want tourists to see what goes on this time of year. We have a wonderful sneak peek just for all of you!




A 7.3 earthquake had recently shook the countries of Japan and Shihaisha. Both countries withstood the quakes and tsunami warnings were sent to the Pacific. Many coastal residents in Shisaido, Akihiko, and a few villages in Japan were evacuated. Waves turned out to only be 1 meter high. Shiroku University is currently empty due to evacuation. Typhoon Tower [台風タワー] and a few classrooms were partly damaged due to the quake. As of now, all train and subway networks have been shut down for inspections. Many downtown buildings in Shiroku and Shisaido have also been evacuated for crack inspections. There has been no reported injuries or deaths.


Remember to +1, rate, and comment! Goodbye!



There have been a few things going on with my game, and I am trying to get them fixed. So, I have mashed up a few skyline pictures and a mosaic. Shihaisha has many places that deserve to get great attention, among these are Downtown Shisaido, Downtown Shiroku, and Kukotoshi. Please enjoy.




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Island to the East

Due to certain discussions at the AIN, the "Mysterious Island" has been cancelled and replaced by this current entry. Please enjoy this "makeover."

An island about half the size of Oahu has been home to a few thousand Shihaishans since it's reformation. Hazoku Island has mountainous and hilly terrain, and some city growth has called for land reclamation. The island currently houses only one city, Akihiko. You must travel by a 1 hour ferry ride from Akihiko to Shisaido, the only way to Shihaisha's mainland. An airport is currently being built to help reduce this travel time down to 30-45 minutes. It will be serviced by Shihai Airways & Sky Yasuku. Akihiko has mid-rise offices and apartments, but usually consists of small suburban homes.



If you enjoyed this entry, remember to comment, rate, and +1. Thanks for reading!


Every country needs an airport, every major city has an airport. Shihaisha is large in area, yet small in population. Thus, the needs for many airports are low. Serving Shihaisha today is Shiroku International Airport. It is located 28km away from Downtown Shiroku. It has 1 runway, and 1 terminal. Terminal 2 is currently undergoing construction. It is a hub for airlines Shihai Airways and Sky Yasuku. Even bigger expansions including more terminals and a new runway are in consideration.



Remember to +1, rate, and comment! Goodbye!



Kukotoshi Suburbs

Shihaisha is not always dense. Some residents can't afford to live in towering condos, so the government built a new city with only small mid-rise offices and compact small houses. ShihaiTidal (the bus system of the country) and Ekusutori Rail have many stops and stations to help the residents commute to the big cities faster. It is also home to a "sunken suburb."




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