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Horsham and its Surroundings

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Hello Folks, today we move away from airports to go north into the growing town of Fushia River. With a population exceeding 200,000 it is a growing metropolis and many skyscrapers have been built in the small CBD. But today we have a look at the M7. A large 5 lane freeway the M7 hugs the northern coastline of the south bank of Fushia River (the river not the town). In one particular spot (hilly I might add) there is a very twisty part of the freeway. Today we rectify that.

Here is the existing plot and the M7:


And here is the proposed change:


The first ends are paved:


And curves are put in (smooth curves weren't co-operating here):


Also in preparation of future development traffic a split diamond/parclo interchange is put in, hugging the close shoreline:


Thanks for reading today's roadwork update. Next time we will take a look at the development in Fushia River and just south the suburbs of Tailman's bend. See you there!


Hi everyone,

Today we continue along with the airport theme and start construction on Phase 2 of the Airport Expansion. We layout and start to pave the 4th runway in the airport. However no markings or taxiway connections are made yet.


Here is the existing Southern end of the airport. The un-grassed area is where the runway will be.


Marked out here is the runway in avenues.



The runway starts to be paved.


Here the avenue tunnels under the runway.

That's it for today. I expect to get another update out in 2 days or so hopefully featuring a city this time :D


Today we look around Helburg International Airport. [HIA] Helburg is the southernmost city in Greater Horsham so far. With over 1.4 million inhabitants in the greater area a medium sized airport with innovative space saving measures was needed. In 2002 Mayor Boule started planning out an international airport with 3 stages of expansion. One of the space saving measures was to put 80% of one the terminals underground and have a plaza area above. This terminal was to be the biggest of 2 major terminals in the first expansion stage. The other being all above ground. Today we look at the airport in stage 1.


This is an overview of the airport. 3 runways, 2 terminals and 2 extra landing strips.


This is a picture of the new eTag security gates at the HIA. All authorized vehicles have a special tag on them that lifts the gate when they drive past. 2 police officers are always on standby if there is trouble. There are one of these at every entry/exit to the airport.


This is a picture of the two private landing strips used by celebrities and the wealthy for a more private entry in Helburg. Other planes are not permitted to land here except in emergencies.


This picture shows the medium sized above ground terminal servicing the smaller planes and connecting flights to other localized airports in the region. Having many facilities inside the terminal there is plenty to do before heading down the long gate corridor to your gate.


This is a picture of the parked 747's outside T2 waiting to be boarded.


This final picture is of the above ground part of T2. As you can see a large open plaza is situated in the middle.

Thanks for reading Update 15 and stay tuned for the next update.


Welcome to the NEW Greater Horsham region! I have made the decision to reboot this CJ. This time I am going to focus not just on the SimCity 4 side of things but also the after editing side too. To start off here are a couple of banner prototypes. Which do you think is better?



Also a quick logo for the region.


That will wrap up this introductory update. Thanks for reading and farewell.


Hi and welcome. With NAM 31 recently out you may have been wanting an update? Well here's one! But of a different type. I want to install the wonderful Industrial Revolution Mod by TWrecks. This mod requires me to restart the region (read the description on the mod for info). I also want to add some video content. I will be starting a new region with the same name. Another WIP region UNLESS you comment below a good flattish map with some sort of mountain range behind that with some rivers throughout. Also any mods that you think are imperative and needed for my CJ then you can post them below. Thanks for understanding.


I will keep the old region as a backup and the original on my computer.



Simlink: Thanks. There is a lot of power there so excessive amounts of power lines are needed.

Update 12

Today we travel south along the proposed extension of the M15/M5 project north, in neighbouring town Kelon. The project consisted of the realigning and extension of the M5 and the creation of the M15. Here is a small map.


Jowlon is just south along the M15. Problem is there is no M15 south of Kelon. That's what we are working on today. First we have a look at the small workers camp.


Next the highway is planned out with dirt tracks. The other road is the service road from the camp.


Next the service road is realigned to where a future diamond interchange overpass will be.


Now the cranes come and the overpass is started.


Then the highway gets gravelled over.


Then the ashpalt trucks come.


Then the highway gets its road markings.


The overpass gets finished.


Next a diamond interchange was proposed to service the town off the highway and then onto the freeway network.

(A bit of classification here.

A freeway is a large highway generally over 2 lanes each way and gets a lot of usage while also connecting major cities together. Freeways are completely grade separated.

A highway is a 4 or 2 lane road with less usage and it connects towns and other highways together. Highways also connect to the freeway system.Highways are mostly grade separated with some at grade intersections.

An Expressway is a lower grade highway for a short distance usually completely inside a city tile that have no at grade intersections with less interchanges than a freeway.

This is in accordance to the Section 12, Subsection B, Paragraph 4, Clause 8 of the Tywei Department of Transport rule book)


Then asphalting and marking begins,


and finishes.


The service road is finished and more dirt tracks are layed.


This is all for the highway work. I leave you with a picture of Jowlon 20 years later. Thanks for reading and goodbye.



Welcome again. After the short hiatus over the holiday break I'm back with a slightly shorter update. A few updates ago we travelled to Craggy Mountain to have a look at the construction of the still unfinished Craggy Mountain Rd. Today we continue its development and finish the road it self and something on the summit which will provide the region with something much needed - A green power alternative! What is there lots of on top of a mountain? Snow yes... but also Wind! While this mountain does have a rather tall summit (2,960 ft), it is not snow capped with the exception of the 1967 winter where a layer of snow was found on Craggy Mountain. This leaves the region with a prime position for a green power plant. Providing the power is Tywei Power Company the main power company in the region.

Here is the existing plot.


Here is the finished product;


and a close up.


Sorry for the lack of development pics as this was a quick update that was actually not intended to be an update but as I had no time for a fully fledged update and I wanted to get one out this is it.

Next time we will work on the extension of the main East-West highway (yet to be named as the region is under going a new Signage and Number Routing phase with a complete re-do of the existing numbering. This will also be featured in the next update) through some undeveloped farmland.


Hello all,

Today we continue on the large city tile project. The city is coming along as we inch closer and closer to a result! Today we add the vital services of Police, Fire, Health and Education! The following four pictures show the data views of the services.









We're getting mighty close to that first zoning so stay tuned! Also we take a quick break from this project with a #10 update special!

(No, I'm not going to tell you ;) )


Welcome all to the 3rd update of the progress of Tywei. We are getting close to start zoning but first we have a problem. Not all of our Sims have cars or the money to pay the tolls on either ends of the bridges but don't want to take Public Trains to get across the mighty Tywei River! What is the answer you ask? Ferries! Here is a large picture of the ferry route from each terminal, all of which handle pedestrians AND cars! Also the ferries might eventually continue off to other parts of Tywei!


Another problem we face is governments and holiday goers from other countries have no where to go! Here we go through some major country embassies! Can you guess them all? (Probably not I guess) There will be a spolier pic at the bottom.






Thanks all for reading and enjoy your day!


Welcome all to a smaller update on the progress of Tywei! Today I have 3 quick pics focused on the High-Speed Intra-City Train line (BTM), the Inter-Regional High-Speed Rail (HSRP) and the Local City El and Ground Level Rail Link (EL-Rail and Heavy Rail (possible expansion to Light Rail) and to bring it all together an extensive High-Speed Subway system running all 4 types of Trains on the tracks (This works with the new "Multi-Width" track technology) connecting Tywei underground. While there has been much debate about the safety of running the 4 types of trains at the same time, research has shown that there is no danger. Here is a larger pic of the above-ground network (BTM, HSRP, and El/Heavy Rail) system:


This is the Subway network;


And lastly a pic of all the networks jumbled into 1 green map:


Thanks for Reading and don't forget to leave some feedback!


Hi All,

Welcome to the 6th update. Today we will start creating a city for the government of Tywei to reside. The city will be built with the car as the main form of transport and in the next part making a mass transit system. This will be split up into an indefinite amount of parts. First we look at the overall landscape that I terraformed. The river is the Tywei River and runs straight through the city to be. It will not be a shipping route but rather a ferry route. Of the four bridges spanning the river only 1 is low enough to warrant a no-go area for ferries but there will be a bus route connecting those 2 terminals (This will all be explained in the next part).


This is a nice picture of all the road networks and the bridges spanning the river.


Every Capitol City needs a place of meetings. (I have used the White House as a placeholder for a new building which someone like you guys may be able to help me with)


And this is the University of Tywei. The University covers education for the immediate region and is the best rated in the Nation. With the maximum government funding and great facilities the University has a success rate of over 95% on students passing their courses, and a recent graduate, Zark Muckerburg, has started a company named BaceFook, a social media website. This made the University famous around the globe. The architect of many if those buildings recently got a project reportedly for §1.1 million from the publicity he got from the website!


Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment. Next part we will focus on Mass Transit throughout the city!


Hello everybody,

Today we go to the largest city in the region so far (As seen on the far right of the previous Regional Picture)- Metropolis. With over 205,000 people calling it home it is a contained upward growing city with the Metro International Airport just north-north west. Also it does have a smaller airport for connecting flights coming from the big airport and regional and local flights. It isn't the capital because I wanted to plan that city along with you guys based around other things but that's for another update. We are developing the South West of the city. It is split into 4 main parts; Split up by the M-1 (E/W) and the M-4 (N/S). This particular quadrant has the A-223 (N/S) and the M-224 (E/W) and they meet at a rather large cloverleaf interchange taking up a sizeable chunk of the quadrant. It is needed though as after it was put down over 6000 cars and trucks were taking the M-224 West and turning Right onto the A-223 going into the City. Here is the area we are focusing on today. (As you can see some zoning from a previous venture didn't develop as well)


First we zone this area south of the interchange.



Then we go North-East for the next phase:


And to celebrate the new development some developers have built a skyscraper housing over 5000 people (I didn't plop this it grew all alone after about 5 minutes of waiting for it to grow :P)


Thanks fro reading this shorter update and don't forget to leave a comment!


Hello all and sorry for the lack of uploads lately. I have had abandonment troubles in the city so I built up a neighboring tile to feed into Winton but that's another update. I start off with the current region map. Quickly done in MS Paint so its not the best but soon I'm going to get Inkscape.


So first here is an overview which took many CTD's to overcome to get:


Here is Winton stadium soon to be redeveloped (please show me what stadium to put in its place with roughly the same size):


A closer look at the large mall including a K-Mart and Walmart:


This is one of the busiest places in Winton - Market Circuit! Every second Sunday there is a large market inside the ring.


This strip of houses fronting the A-131 (TLA-7) with the red brick roads were the only part of Winton but it grew. One thing changed though - Red Brock streets were out and asphalt was in:


And this is the asphalt street area with some FAR intergration:


And these are 2 pics of the local termini of the Tram line running through Winton which in next update we will expand:



Thanks for reading see ya next time ;)


Hello and welcome to part 2 of the 3rd update. After the teaser seen in the first part you might of guessed we are going to work in a mountain. You guessed right! Today we are laying out the planned route for an ARD-3 up Craggy Mountain. It will be mainly be 2 lanes on the right as a trucking climbing lane but every now and then it'll be NRD-4 for overtaking going down. Here is the mountain now:


We are going from the Eastern edge to the flat mesa on the East side. Here is the road layed out without smooth curves or lanes:


And with smooth curves:


Thanks for reading today. Don't forget to give me some feedback and have a nice day. Next time we travel South of Tywei to the bustling suburbs of Winton. See you there!


Hello everyone,

This will be a 2 part update in Metropolis an area off the the East of Tywei. In part 1 we have a look at the small international airport (Metro International Airport (MTINA)). The recently expanded airport houses many 747's but mainly serves smaller planes. The 747's are in the Southern Terminal (B) and the smaller jets are at the Northern Terminal (A). Serving the airport for parts and maintenance is the Airport Industrial Park just south of the M-121. Along the sides are many small hotels and motels. Here is an overview, feeding the airport from the city centre is the M-13 a full RHW-10, and has a peculiar interchange with the aforementioned M-121 another RHW-10.


This is Terminal B:



This is Terminal A:


And this is a small peek at the industrial park:


If this seems to be a small update remember part 2 will be out very soon! Once again thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and enjoy this teaser for part 2:



Update 2: The South Bank

Today we focus on the suburbs of Tywei West (I know i said East in the previous update sorry!) on the Southern Bank of the Finalleh River (thanks Sim_Link for the name, if you haven't already check out his new CJ). Here is the bridge I decided on a nice small stone brick road bridge:


I laid out a small road plan dividing the bank into sections:


Next the secondary streets go down in nice curves and diagonals:


Some zoning and small development (sorry about the pause border reminds me to get that border remover mod):


Now with the zoning done there was a nice small plot backing onto the beach. Instead of putting a row of beach houses I decided to make a park/beach. Here is the plot:


With some railway stations and beaches:


Finally finished off with a couple of plaza's and green plots:


Thanks for reading and don't forget to go and read Sim_Link's CJ. I leave you with an action shot of the yet to be named South Bank suburbs (give a suggestion in the comments maybe say your username!)



Today we have a look at our starting to be port town. It is called Tywei West as it is west of where the future CBD of Tywei will be. Here is what I started with (I did the terraforming):


We will start development on the North Bank:


As you can see I started laying out the streets and the small dock. After some quick zoning a time passing development has shot up:


After some more zoning and time passing:


Some farmland:


To finish off the short first update we have a look at the planned area for a bridge to span the river (yet to be named. Name it in the comments. Best one wins. Anything but Tywei____ as that is just an off shoot of the Tywei River) here at a street T-Intersection:


Thanks For Reading the First Update of Tywei. Oh and one other thing:


Which street bridge should I choose? Post below.


Can I ask you something...

Me: Walk over to computer. Turn on set up recording. Have everything ready. Notice that I have got 10 billion things going at once. Goes to close one.

Computer: Not today buddy. BOOM.

Me: Oh (profanity). Really?

This was me 2 weeks ago. My computer was old and decided it wantd to die. So it did exactly that. The wer supply blew and that was it. I am going to get it repaired but in the mean time I can play SC4 on my old IBM. Would you lovely folks like me to upload a very laggy introduction video to the CJ or post a traditional update with pics?

Thanks for your input



Q and A

Hi and Welcome. I commend you on your CJ choice as this one is the best! This is a special CJ so it deserves a special into: A Q & A session.

Q1: How will this CJ be presented?

A1: Via Video Embedded into entries hosted at YouTube

Q2: Why is it called Un-named CJ?

A2: Because I want you guys to name the city.

Q3: What do I want you to do?


- Leave useful comments

- Subscribe to my YouTube channel

Thanks For Reading


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