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About this City Journal

A grand nation, The Diesmaran Empire, a great superpower on the planet of Ezra, born from the fires of milleniums of hardships, carved from the stones of the great mountains of the Aestorian...

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Industrialization is the driving force behind any growing nation. Progress, wealth, development are met through a sustainable industrial sector and it has been proven so time and time again.

Diesmar himself stated :

"Ideologies differ among many nationstates, dependant upon the construct of their society. However a universal fact is clear and that is power. Without power no nation and its' people can ever dream to progress as a whole, as one society. And in order to achieve power, we must attain it. That is why industrialization exists. But it is not enough to have an industry. For to truly attain real power, one must also revolutionize it."

The Diesmarans emphasis towards industry was most important. In the past, the first settlement offered relatively limited option of resources to form an industry. It was mainly dependant upon agriculture and factories were set up to accomodate. Initiatives were made out soon after to explore the land and mining became a common norm in time. Rich deposits of various materials were discovered soon after and more factories began appearing.


It was not long before the first High Tech industry came to be.


Among the first companies that still exist even untill today were Somy New Tech, Yuhisa Nanosoft and Bri ArgriTech. These companies have become national icons and a historical treasure to the Diesmaran Empire as well as the financial backbone of the nation.

Exports and Imports were difficult at the time with limited access to transportation and the Diesmaran Empire was dependant upon Oonte Rotocco for mainly transport purposes. The first mini Space Port was opened up but even then it provided very little relief.


It was slow but surely, the Industry grew and grew with major emphasis towards high tech goods, agricultural, and soon medical. However,

It was not long after when the Diesmaran Bardasian War broke out that the Diesmaran Empire also realized....


...Even war has its profits. And thus began and industrial age in military technology, one of the cornerstones of Diesmaran Industry.

Now we shift to the modern day to one of the Diesmaran Empire's most prized industrial district, located next to the city of Jenova, housing nearly many of the major industrial factories in the Northern Lands. This is Vinira.



Vinira is the Diesmaran Empire's most high tech industrial sectors, accomodating many large factories from top companies. Vinira-Feb2.jpg

This Industry sector falls under the distric governance of Jenova. It also provides many residents of Jenova their jobs and contributes to over 30 % to the iHigh Tech ndustrial sector of the Diesmaran Empire as a whole, being the largest contributor in the High Tech sector.

Companies of many kinds have set up their factories here, from computer gaming hardware and software development,


To Medical and Engineering development,


Even The Agricultural Tech has set up quite a number of processing plants as well.


Transporting goods is dependant upon the Underground freight train link that transports ggoods all over the Diesmaran Empire and also to Excalibur Space Port for export.


There is also the small Space Port in Vinira mainly for Large Freight Starships used to deliver goods that require immediate attention. Ships go in and out on a near hourly basis that there has been consideration to expand the Landing area or build a Larger Port somewhere closeby.


However Vinira's importance is not contained to simply being an industrial hub. It also serves as a major infrastructure to many city districts in the Northern Land.

The most notable one is the water treatment and supply centre.


And finally the next and probably most thankfull infrastructure would be the waste disposal plants where they sort out the unwatnted waste and recycle them for other uses or dispose of them completely using the lates in Incineration technology.


The factories are in fact the most expensive buildings in Vinira and their construction was granted after a push was made by the High Lord Governance Ministers on Environmental affairs made a strong move petitioning for their construction.

And now we have come to an end the introduction to the Diesmaran Empire's high Tech industrial sector. The national industry has been ever growing with emphasis placed more towards building more opportunities and expanding further into other fields.

 The last following pics are nightshots from around the area as we draw this chapter to a close.. Hope you enjoy them. Untill next time.






The Diesmaran Empire was in an industrial stage with ports and factories lining the coastline and harbor areas. Trade was taking off with discovery of new minerals and ore littered around the southernlands and also high technology industry was booming.


The Ports were filled with ships and barges. Busy was the Aestorian seas that age.




The age has long passed when the Arcadian cove was used as a major hub for industry and trade. The city has long shed away its dirty past and transformed anew.



Arcadia has long since cleaned up its outlook from a dirty industrial district of the Diesmaran Empire to now part of the bustling collosul cityscape of the Diesmaran Empire's northernlands, housing the districts wealthiest and busiest businesses.


Like many part of the Northernlands, the factories and ports have been demolished and reconstructed into  collosul shining skyscapers which permeate the skyline.



However the most appealing feature of Arcadia is the reclaimed beaches which throughtout the years has reflourished into its long past beauty and sits gently below the cliffside.


The beaches are symbolic of Arcadia and how far it has come in its time in the Diesmaran Empire.


But what really marks the beauty for the city is what lies across the bridge.


The old port harbor Island


The Island being the first largest port in the Diesmaran EMpire has been conveted into a new kind of port. A crusie ship port, attracting tourists and travellers from all around bringing them on luxury liners across the Aestorian strait as a form of holiday getaway and means of transportation.


There are hundred of ships that operate around and they enter and exit port on a daily basis.


And they also come in various sizes, like the colossul Megalith Cruise ship, the largest luxury liner in the Diesmaran Empire.


And of course the Island itself is home to plenty of hotels and resorts to accomodate travellers of many wallet sizes. THe most famous being the Park Hyatt hotel.


And while the city is beautifulll in itself, its true beauty only comes out at night.





And the ports still work around this time as well.


The biggest attraction however is at the beach where party-goers light the fires and gather around for celebrations of whatever occasion.


And with that i will leave this here as a farewell to Arcadia as we move on to other parts of the Diesmaran Empire.


Also this journal will be on hiatus for a short while since i wanted to catch up on some other projects. I will also be starting some small mini Cjs soon to feature other nations i have been working on as well. And one of which will take place in a form of a story. Untill then thank you for your support. See you soon.


Update: Been a while hasn't it. Well that's what happens when real life catchesup. But i finally found time for an update.



The bloodiest war which took place on Ezra was that of the Bardasian war. The war engulfed two opposing nations with two opposing ideologies and objectives in their conquest for regional influence within the planet itself. The war drawn out for many years with lossess after losses that spiralled down to the tens of millions.

The war also saw the Bardasians unleashing the most fearsome Military technology that exceeded the technological innovations of those times, and arguably as some say, even surpassing that of present times as well.


There was no real diplomatic resolve to the war. It was a war by which there was only one end, and one victor. The armed forces were fighting in many regions around Ezra including that of the planetary sphere as well. However it was decided upon by the presend High Lord Daniel Whitersteen, to take a step up into the battle and participate in a more active role in military combat, thus becoming the first High Lord to participate in a war. However his lasting legacy was the formation of a secret covet governmental and military branch. This military initiative would research and produce various weapons and initiate covert military operations. It would be the elite of the elite forces and fucntion in a more grand role in the coming future. High Lord Whitersteen dubbed it the \'Aurelian Initiative\'.

The Aurelians functioned in covert secret operations, researching new andgreater weapons and forming themselves a military force consisting of specially trained elite soldiers. No one knew of their presence up untill the announcement of the iconic superweapon of the Diesmaran Empire. The Ion Cannon was born.


The ion cannon was a superweapon construct in response to the Gaia Hammer weapon that wasconstructed by the Barasians and became the ultimate trump card which achieved the Diesmaran EMpire victory in the Bardasian war. The Aurelians also revealed themselves by participation in the war most notably in the Gongorian Desert.


The Aurelians proved themselve t be a far more superior fighting force, coupled by military technology and an elite fighting force, they turned the tide of the war and headed the first ground assault upon the Bardasian homeland. Unfortunately the grandest victory also proved to be the greatst tragedy for the Diesmaran Empire.

The Aurelian Invasion force headed in the capital but the Bardasians were putting up a great resistance, effectively entombing themselves within the walls of their governing capital. However it was discovered that a secret weapon lay underneath the whole land. THe Bardasian in their depseration had secretly constructed a great superweapon that was called \'Exodus Omega\' which based on historiacal records, planned to annhialate Ezra by developing an large Anti-matter blast, effectively creating a black hole.

The time was running out before the weapon would detonate. The order was given by the High Lord himself to evacuate the area and initiate a full impact ion cannon blast. And the light of the ion cannon came down from the sky a few moments later, literally wiping off the nation of Bardasia from the land. The Bardasians were no more. And so to was High Lord Whitersteen. The High Lord was pinned down with the bulk of his AUrelian forces within the city sector and there was no time to escape for him before the Bardasian weapon would detonate. He had sacrificed himself to save Ezra. And thus the Diesmaran EMpire had won the war, but also lost it with thedeath of their leader.

The Nation mourned, the government had to restructure itself and rebuild with what had remained. However the Aurelian Initiative had taken a form of its own. They had attained influence and power, and sought to become a second governing body with High Lord Whitersteen ideal. To be the sole defenders of the Diesmaran Empire, the First and Last line of Defence and to uphold the glory and sacrifice of those lost before.

And thus they renamed themselves as the "Aurelain Knights".


Aurelia Isle is the most heavily guarded military bases in the Diesmaran Empire. Partly because it is the main headquaters for the Aurelian Knights and is located just directly beside the city of Jenova on Aurelia Isle.

We now move to the base itself for a brief tour.


As we can see some military boats making patrol rounds. They are employed privately under the Aurelian High Command. Now we are approaching the Isle, passing the first checkpoint.


Security is enforced rather....aggressively.


The security around the Island is tight as you may have noticed with Aurelian Mechas guarding the area and also the presence of a Fortress wall. There are also several other weaponary positioned around the Island but that is kept confidential.


We reach the first building which is the Aurelian High Command communication tower which processess the many information and intellegence from across the galaxy.


We also see the main administration building. Activities in there are kept secret and confidential for security purposes.


And finally the Aurelian High Command Tower, the central administration for all Aurelian activity and also where the Aurelian Council gathers.


The memorial for High Lord Whitersteen is here.


The Aurelian Isle also houses a large number of mecha soldiers, the one primarily here are for the defense of the northern lands.



The Aurelian Oath grounds where Official Knights of the Aurelians are sworn in.


The training dome where Aurelian Mecha pilots are trained.


There are also several starships manufactured specifically for Aurelian use featuring secret technology produced by the Aurelians themselves.



Thus brings our end for the Aurelian Isle tour. There are many well kept military secrets within the walls of the Aurelian Knights. They have over 5 bases in the Diesmaran EMpire, one of which is the Ion cannon Site itself, and also 3 more bases in foreign nations. To bring an end to the day here are some night shots.







Its been many years since High Lord Gregory Salavian took power as the very first High Lord of the Diesmaran Empire. Establishing laws, writing up the constitutions while building up progress in the nation. He became the first iconic symbol of the Diesmaran Empire and and inspiration, as well as aspration of how a leader should be. However like all men, great or small, they soon meet the equalizer of all. High Lord Gregory Salavian was soon afterwards laid to rest. His resting place may be found in

Many years past on as the next High Lord, High Lord Fredrick Bahmad took charge and it was he who then orchestrated more major developments and had began to expand the city branching out eastwards from the capital city Jenova. We will learn more about this later on but what interests us is the next High Lord that came after Fredrick Bahmad.

Her name was High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu once before was a scholar in the fields of Political Science and Urban architectual studies as her major fields of expertise, working as the head of research in a local company in the Diesmaran Empire. She was soon chosen and eventually given the title and power of the new High Lord of the Diesmaran Empire. Instead of expanding the development continuing further to east  , she set her sights on the west.

Her reason as to why she made the decision was unclear, but unofficial reports during the time quoted her saying the following:

"I always liked the beaches on that side, so I think it would look nice if we built the cites there."

So on that note, the expansion moving westward began and the first area to be developed was the bay next to the city of Jenova and north of the Government capital. The area was named, Jenova bay....yes....she was not very good at naming things as well.


Lets view the development of this particular city district as how High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu overwatched the project.

First was the placing of the rail tracks for the expansion of the local mass rail transit system.


And as how the Diesmaran Empire is famous for its rapid development and construction, within the week, everything else went up as well.


Then the tracks just moved along as it went, along and along and along,


Untill they faced a road block that stalled the development.....or in this case a mountain.


And once informed of this High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu went on the field herself to examine the situation. And as she pondered around what to do next, it wasn't untill she walked down to the bay area overlooking the beach, where inspiration struck her.


She then gave the direct order that would mark her as public enemy number one for all environmental activists,from here all the way back to earth forever.

"Flatten the mountain!!"


"After that take all the pieces of the mountain and form an Island over by the bay area, creating two small lagoons here. NOW GET TO IT."

And so....they did:




Some may say High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu was a few straws short of the haystack in those days when she took up office. But in the present days, some would highly disagree and called her a visionaire, for this is Jenova bay today,


The Island which was formed out of the mountain which was..flattened has now been turned to this,


One of the most famous structures in the Diesmaran Empire, the Taidasu Palace and Resort. has become an icon for the wealthy and the many of the Diesmaran Empire. The Taidasu Palace is a 5 star luxury resort placed in the direct center of the mass.

The resort also features 2 man made lagoons, also from the mountains which were... flattened.


Much effort was made here and also through the guidance of High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu that focused on enhancing the beauty of this area.

And it is because of this iconic structure as well that Jenova bay attracts many highly wealth people from all over and beyond. It has become as well the pinale symbol of the many now high wealth residents in the Diesmaran Empire and most of which can be found right here as well in Jenova bay.

Another notable area of Jenova Bay is the nearby convention centre which plays host to many exhibitons from around the world and from Earth as well.


Hmm seems like there is something going on today, lots of people.

However there is one similarity that Jenova bay shares with the City of Jenova, and that is that life only truly comes on at night. Being the haven for the rich and wealthy, there is no shortage of entertainment and nightlife especially in Jenova Bay as well.



More skyscraper structures dominate the skyline as how do the many city districts in the northern lands of the Diesmaran Empire.



Now that we covered this district, lets move up north soon, we have a lot more districts and cities to cover before we reach our destination at Geranahigen to the west. Till then, when the next morning comes.




As the nation grew it finally hit a point that a more organized system of government was required to run the country. The population of the Diesmaran Empire during this time had grown substantially large and was beginning to exceed the capabilities of the current administration.



Issues began to arise. Crime especially was increasingly becoming more rampant. Order was non-present and the whole city was starting to fall into a degratory state.

So it was at this time the current 'leaders' took charge and responsibility,  decided that a new and more official form of goverment needed to be establish. The meeting took place between those who held the most power and highest degree of experience and intellegence, Corporate CEOs, Lead scientists, Researchers, Academic scholars and all the like. After debates,tempers flaring and all the ranting, none of which could agree on how would the government be formed.

However one person, a vocal and active political theorist and Social sciences professor, named Gregory Salavian, with his charisma and voicefull opinions spoke out the most above everyone else. His popularity and grace had swayed the many of the populace to what he believes how the government should be formed. His ideology based of the late Jamie Diesmar would be to form a new hybrid of governments one of which that could prove strong, and effective into dealing with all matters while protecting its interests and the interest of the people. He called it the DiesmarTheorus and as such it gained the support of the many.

A new location was set up just to the west several distances away from the current city Jenova and this would be the area that forms the new government and new capital.

As much as a brilliant man Gregory Salavian was in his ideas and theories, he was never any good with names . As of which he dubbed the capital centre as, Jenova Capital, naming it after the city right next to it....

The new government was established.

And soon the new and recognizable banner of the Diesmaran Empire was flown and displayed among the city streets and populace.


The government formed was a hybrid of various different kinds of governments making it somewhat unique from the many. It was a hybrid of, Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, Despotism.

The leader and head of the new government was given the title of High Lord. His rule was known as the High Lord's governence. Each Governence consisted of several Ministers who headed several different divisions of ministries dealing with several sorts of affairs.

The High Lord held the ultimate power and most of many issues had to go trhough him/her, consulting various ministers representative senators. Each High Lord is elected out of several eligible candidates by the candidate. Each candidate is selected based on their background, traits, personality and qualification among many things. In other words a High Lord is selected not in a political party but out of anyone in the Diesmaran Empire who posses traits worthy to be that of a leader to lead a nation. And not many actually qualify. Only selected few with gifted attributes are chosen to even qualify to be considered to be a High Lord and thus only the elite of the Elite are chosen. Being a High Lord is a life time task as of which is the most highest respected post in the new government.

Gregory Salavian soon took up head of office and was first to be named the new High Lord. His first order was to grant a new name to the nation. And thus the Diesmaran Empire was officially formed.



Now there have been numerous radical changes and add-ons to the current government. Gregory Salavian was the very first High lord chosen among the people of the Diesmaran Empire.

The Diesmaran Empire have seen over 25 High Lords in History who have taken up the noble position to govern and rule over the DIesmaran Empire, each with their own unique style that adds to the growth of the nation:

-High Lord Gregory Salavian

-High Lord Fredrick Bahmad

-High Lord Kimiyo Taidasu

-High Lord Orlivian Rollewi

-High Lord Kristen Dian

-High Lord Charlie Varenigh

-High Lord Feranhighen Dimocravich

-High Lord Daniel Whitersteen

-High Lord Dai Xin Xuen

-High Lord Chai Fei Lieu

-High Lord Castella Delanova San Piego

-High Lord Abdullah Barakhim

-High Lord Mojoba Zimwi

-High Lord Cartevella Vasidian

-High Lord Jaster Riveri

-High Lord Tohoma Kazama

-High Lord Savari Haistu

-High Lord Poliander Garis

-High Lord Imni Sakuva

-High Lord Lavian Deismo

-High Lord Agravella Orion

-High Lord Amaista Dasmian

-High Lord Ventrivicus Osidon

-High Lord Li Mei Ren

-High Lord Viktor Vasidian (Current)

Now let us move to the city. The city of Jenova Capital is offically the main city of the governing body of the Diesmaran Empire.


This site has been the grounds of many protests, celebration, and even at one point in time, a tragedy.


The area is basically the island with bridge connections to the main cities on the east and the west. The Island houses Ministry offices and Council Halls. Many foreign diplomats of many nations both on Earth and on Ezra have met here to discuss several foreign policies or simply are just diplomatic visits.

This is the main hall. Weekly meetings of ministers and representative senators are often held here to debate over various issue that should come up in the Diesmaran Empire.


As you can see as well security is particularly tight in the area.


The Statues of Jamie Diesmar and his wife Luciell


The governance offices for all High Lord Governance Ministers. These 2 buildings are the halls and offices of the main Ministers in the Diesmaran Empire. The office of the First Minister is located here as well.


The Senate Halls. Weekly senate meetings are held here by the senators in every city district of the Diesmaran Empire. Senate meetings are usually held to discuss domestic issues and any international issues that directly or indirectly relate to the Diesmaran Empire. The High Lord at times attends these meetings if the issue are of importance.


The Statue of the Colossus. A symbol of the strive to attain greatness in the Diesmaran Empire. The statue is made of actual gold and there have been over 300 attempts to steal it already.


The Spires of Jenova. Serves as a main meeting point where all sorts of diplomatic talks on all levels are held. Also is the main archive site where all history of the Diesmaran Empire are recorded as well. Each Spire carries a different meaning to each of them, Truth, Justice, Unity, Glory.


The colossul cruise ships used mainly to house meetings and events if the typical boardroom or Gathering hall gets a little too dull for national leaders to converge in. Nothing like discussing interests of national security or a declaration of war aboard a luxury cruise ship eh?



And finally some pics of the area at night






Till next time.



Order and peace were once again restored among mankind. The crisis which was to be the ending doom of the world was resolved thanks to the resources gathered from the new world. The colonization of Ezra was a huge success. Development of the colony steadily rose and soon enough, a grand metropolis had risen from the ground up. A city of over 500 million people.

The new city now several milenias old since the first establishment of the colony grew larger and its influence has expanded. Economically as well, the city became a powerhouse and a giant in the economy comparitively to the many nations on Earth. So much so in fact that the city in itself was effectively a nation. Unfortunately as well, back on Earth, many nation leaders saw this as well, and as such they saw this as a threat as they fear that the Ezraian people will grow too strong and they would lose their place as the superpowers.

Soon later in the years, an announcement was made that would throw the world into a new age of turmoil. Several national leaders on earth had made a declaration demanding shift of authorative and goverment power back to the respective nations on earth which had first funded the project in its first days. In effect, the colony would be divided and given control to the respective goverments.

However, this idea did not sit well with the people. In fact they hated it. They believed that the city of which they built on Ezra was theirs as it was their lineage and harwork that created and shaped it to what it is. The Ezraian representative voiced these opinions back to Earth asking them to reconsider this arrangement. The national leaders declined, implementing an act that should any revolt be made against this, would result in serious consequences. So the people of Ezra had no choice.... they revolted.

Soon all hell broke loose not only on Earth but also Ezra, As the planet was a considerable distance away from Earth, the governing military and authority could not reach Ezra as of the moment, giving the Ezraians plenty of time a chance to revolt against those they deemed as "oppressors". The Ezraians, with technology and manpower on their side, the constructed the weapons that almost brought an end to the nations who had tried to oppose them.

The wars waged for a year. The Ezraian colony holds the highest advantage compared to the so-called superpowers of Earth. But the war needed to end. And it needed to end immediately. And soon came the prefect opportunitty to do so. Researchers of Ezra had discovered a new form of immense energy created from anti-matter and as of which it was decided that this would be used to bring the opposing nations of Earth to its knees. THe first antimatter bomb was used. It was sent and detonated in one of the largest capital cities on Earth. The blast destroyed and wiped out the entire city in a flash as it made the nuclear bomb look like nothing more than miniature fireworks. No one was killed in the blast as the city was evacuated knowing of the imminent attack. The warning came from the Ezraian themselves as they did not want to kill civilians but to show the nations wha tthey were capable of.

Pressure from the people and the might of the Ezraians , the nations of Earth surrendered and the war won, in the favour of the people of Ezra. Soon talks were held and the demands were made, that the people of Ezra and that Ezra in itslf will from now on and be forever free and independent from the goverments of Earth. And this was unanimously agreed to with no conditions.

The people of Ezra were now free. And many saw this as a new oppurtunity. And this was a mark of a new start. Now that Ezra was indipendent from the clutches of Earth, why not venture forth and establish new grounds. And so they did.

Many, filled with ideologies and new prospects gathered themselves up and journeyed forth to new lands on Ezra, each establishing new countries and new goverments in accordance to their respective ideas. Those who still remained in the former Ezraian city did so, establishing a goverment there as how they have planned for so long. The city still stands there, growing developing. It had the name changed to the names of the 2 of the 3 founders who had founded the initial Ezraian Colony, Oonto Rotocco.

Those who ventured off numbered in the thousands each, not nearly enough to establish new nations, but one of which was about to just do that impossible task. A movement of well over 200,000 people conisting of engineers and researchers, following the ideologies of Jamie Diesmar, went on and travelled to the southwestern parts of the continent, and it is there they will leave their mark on history.


Soon hereafter the colony was abolished and soon several new nations were born out of the ashes. One of which carried the name of the one of the great founders and soon of which, the Diesmaran Empire was born. Though initially it was named the Diesmaran Colony. Their new location was placed in the southwest parts of the region and as such from there they began building up the nation.

It's basis for goverment establishment at the time were minnow but they were based on the philosophical teachings of Jamie Diesmar in his later years before his passing.He envisioned the possibility of creating a new form of society that would be different, learning from the mistakes of many nations, those still present and those that have fallen long ago. A new utopia, of peace, harmony and prosperity.

Construction and development were in the heaviest some had seen in history. But to add to an advantage, many of the Diesmaran Empire's new nationals were that of the former engineers and urban development experts from the old colony. This made progress in construction move at a rapid pace which further on later in time, earned the nation's reputation as the fastest urban development in history.



The people knew they couldn't depend on foreign funding and aid to make this country grow so what they planned was to create for now a self sustaining nation and through ingenuity of construction and agricultural research knowledge of which they have learned they created the  Agricultural centers which are still being used to feed the populace even untill this day.



They had to increase their research as well and development. Researches were initially self funded but soon afterwards many became interested in the prospects and invested by opening up their own companies as well. One of which was the famous Somy new tech industries.


The region became so fast growing that within just a decade the new colony had flourished so well that it was astonishing. So much so that they even began to export their products , mostly thanks to their agricultural development and high tech hardware and software innovations. Exports were made back to earth through the initially constructed space port which also significantly contributed to the rapidly growing economy.


At the pace the future was looking brought for this newfound nation, Just like how Jamie Diesmar saw.



That day from its magnificent yet humble beginnings was a milestone in History on Ezra over a millenia ago, and this is the Jenova we see now:


As the development grew in that once small region, so did the population. Foreign investors had come from all over Earth and on Ezra as well as several self made companies, It was at this growth stage that the political system was finally implemented and a form of "Father knows best state" was born and its governance was made to an elected dictator who rules the country with an strong position but compassionate wisdom. The rules of governence and political systems are adopted from various styles of politics mixing this nation which has a state of rule combining it with democracy, imperialisme, and socialism while stemming firmly to its roots and ideologies of Jamie Diesmar.

And over 3 million people work, reside and live in this city. Despite the compact nature of this city traffic and pollution has never been a problem. Technology has helped in this area in many ways in transportation wise, underground high speed rail commute and effective bus systems as well as the new ordinance passed by the goverment  encouraging people to use forms of mass transits have made the city streets relatively free flowing and traffic jams are low. And pollution is at an all time low thanks to the advancement in technology of reducing emmisions of carbon and any other form of pollutants into the atmosphere. We will get into details on how later but for now let us continue shall we?

The city is filled with skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Mostly that of commercial and resedential suites. of many enterprising companies, both local and international



And in here we have the Jenovian Cosmoliner port. Eversince the Diesmara Empire adopted use of antimatter and Cosmoliner Flight Technology, Cosmoloiners are now the country's main form of aviation slowly replacing Commercial Airplanes though those are still used in effect today as forms travel. Cosmoliners are generally faster, efficient and can carry much larger amounts of passengers.

There have only been a recent push towards manufacturing new era technology and advanced spaceships. Mass prodcution of these ships have been on the increase and now fills the skies over the Diesmaran Empire.


The Diesmaran empire prides itself on its innovation in urban development and in recognition of the empire's entrance into its first millenia since it's establishment,began a project of a supertower known as the Amaista which has officilaly dominated the skyline of the Diesmaran Empire. This feat holds the record for the tallest structure and the fastest built structure in hisotry as it was built in 2 years after a regionwide project was launched. The Amaista now stands in the Diesmaran Empire as the symbol of the Future for the people of the nation. Soon after which several other supertower projects were built but none could match up to the Amaista standing over 2000 meters tall and it serves as a resedential, commercial and goverment complex as well.


Here is a night shot as well


As some will say no that engineering has pushed beyond its limits to the sky. Construction has already reached it's limitations of how high it can go an any other projects would be far too expensive. So if the Diesmaran Empire cannot go any higher, how bout lower?


As seen here this other project came when the Empire found itself in need of more office and resedential space so urban developers formed a brilliant i dea and began building the city not just on top of the land but in it as well and the new geo cityscape was initiated which has development and business demand booming yet again. And it has continued to go on even further... or shall we say deeper.


Here is also the beginning of the industrial area which later connects to the industrial district of Vinira but these ones are still in Jenova. Many companies, new and old have established themselves here as well. The most common copanies are biotech companies, technological manufatcutring and development companies and a whole lot more.

Though Jenova has served basically as the hub for business corporations and companies in the day, at night it is a whole different story.

The city turns into one huge nightclub for all. Celebreties and tycoons of whatever fields break loose in the night (most especially on weekends) to party and many buildings accommodate these nightclubs and party halls. For that reason the city is always alive.





And thus when the next day comes we shall move on to a different district in the empire. There are a lot more things that the Diesmaran Empire has to offer to show to the world and so much more history to go along with it. So untill then here is a night shot of the whole city.


Till the next update when the morning comes in the Diesmaran Empire.



The world had entered the new millenia. Civilization was at this time beginning to enter a whole new technological era and new possibilities began to open up for all of mankind. However with this new found form of prosperity, arose a new problem.

Earth's natura resources are rapidly depleting. All forms of fuel ranging from fossil based petroleum to natural gas were all used up and alternative forms of energy just were not sufficient enough to provide the ever growing population on the planet..

When the situation began to erupt and a global crisis almost became imminent, nation leaders from all over the world, gathered and debated on the issue furiously. But i wasn't untill one day fate took a new turn which would mark itself on the history of the world forever. A team of 3 well renowned astronomers, by the name of Jamie Diesmar and Oonte Lei and Rotocco Delphos, examining the vast universe of space, had discovered a new solar system with several planets and after closer examination concluded that one of which had similar properties to that of Earth. Their studies went on dedicated to studying the new planet and believed it was most likely the best resolve and their prayers answered to mankind's trouble.

 And thus one day during the meeting of nation leaders in the Oslo, Norway, they entered the halls armed with their information, analysis and proposed an idea so radical, you couldn't help but think they were insane. They had proposed of gathering remaining reserves of energy, several hundred manpower, and initiate a colonization project of the planet to help in research and development and they will help pioneer this. At first the idea seemed insane. To devote their resources for this project at the beginning seemed like a real desperate move on their part. But it was desperate times, and as no other alternatives were present to them, they all agreed.

On December 17 2098, the largest space launch initiative was commenced. Over 16 shuttles were launched towards the new world, along with them new hopes and new founded dreams.


This day in history was called the age of the Universal century. The new planet was deemed by its founders as Ezra.


Years has passed since that fatefull day. The colonization of Ezra has been deemed a huge success. The energy crisis has been resolved  since the discovery of a new energy source from anti-matter which was developed after many scientifical progressions. The Ezraian colony has long since disbanded and currently 2 nations has been formed on the planet.

The nations soon began to become the dominant power of the world each with their own ideologies and purpose. And this is where our focus now turns to one of these nations, called the Diesmaran Empire named after one of the founding astronomers. And this is an introduction to the nation founded in the stars.



Planet Ezra


Current Region Population: 15million

Leader: High Lord Vasidian

Governing Ministries: Ministry of Defence

                               Ministry of Development

                               Ministry of Social Welfare

                               Ministry of Finance

                               Ministry of Transportation

                               Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Preservation

Currency: Davius Dollars

Official Lannguage: English

Population (currently); 15 million

Main exports: Military hardware and services, medical supplies , agriculture products, technological software and hardware.

Economy: Very Strong

Civil Rights: Present

Political Freedoms: Closely watched


Details: The Diesmaran Empire, lasting from a long history is now undergoing heavy development, most escpecially noted in the northern part of the region, where each area is now being covered with Skyscraper jungles and highrises dominating the skylines. The southern area are mostly preserved and development is not as intense.

The nation as well has been breaking new grounds being more active in the field of politics as well recently joining the Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR) a union based on Earth founded only recently by one of most powerfull nation Hiigara.

So the purpose here is to witness and document the growth of the nation as it rises. But before we see what is in development, let us have a look at what has already been established.

And thus we begin our journey from the space port, and we welcome you travellers to this humble land.


Our first stop, the capital city of Jenova,



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