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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey, guys! I'm looking for an old ferry lot called the Basic Ferry Pontoon by CSGdesign. I know it was only available in the CSG exchange, and that went down, but I was wondering if anybody still had it.
  2. Mosque

    One thing I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned... Someone should make a version of this mosque, but at an angle. Not all place are at the same latitude or longitude as Mecca.
  3. BAT Request Thread

    Nook n' Go Description: A convenience store found in Animal Crossing. Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: We can always use more convenience stores in SC4, and Nook n' Go looks like it would blend in well in SC4's surroundings!
  4. Introduction

    Try the TLD .rm (República de Magallanes) It is not taken.
  5. Helicopter tour

    Where did you get those sweet parking lots along side the OWR-1?
  6. BAT Request Thread

    Golden Corral www.webchicklet.com/golden_corral_coupons.jpg indyposted.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Golden-Corral-2.JPG www.celebritysentry.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/1289870411-39.jpg www.advmsnry.com/images/Restaurant%20Projects/Golden%20Corral.JPG upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/2008-11-20_Golden_Corral_in_Durham.jpg Description: Golden Corral is an American family-style restaurant chain that features a large buffet and grill offering numerous hot and cold items, a carving station and their Brass Bell Bakery. Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: It never hurts to add more sit-down joints. And what better than the place I was addicted to every time we went to Orlando? Best. Buffet. Ever. DDes
  7. *teaser

    I find it interesting that you've got two McDonald's right next to each other. I know we're talking about Natural Growth, but you need a quirky excuse for that.
  8. BAT Request Thread

    @Aaron Graham That honestly looks like it would make a great building for SC4!
  9. Vermillion City

    So how's the food at the Vermillion Gym restaurant. I hope they serve good riceballs... I mean, sandwiches. Hehehehehe...
  10. Cerulean City

    How's traffic from Pewter City to Cerulean City? I bet it must be hell: I never saw a highway or avenue between them!
  11. Why the cities look brownish

    So how do you convert those dirt roads into tarmac? I always try to, but can't get the the streets to turn tarmac! They always stay dirt roads!
  12. Entry 10: Pandora Upgrades (Part 1 of 3)

    The land reclamation looks nice? How easy is it to do it? I've never seen a good tutorial on land reclamation. We need one.
  13. Isla Sucre

    You know, I just thought of something: does Mesías have a national anthem? If not, you should totally steal Equatorial Guinea's. It's too beautiful to be wasted on some petty improverished African nation. Just replace "Libre Guinea" with "Libre Mesías", or maybe "Viva Mesías."
  14. BAT Request Thread

    Ponderosa Steakhouse: Description: Ponderosa is a chain buffet/steakhouse found in some U.S. cities, and all over Puerto Rico. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponderosa/Bonanza_Steakhouse www.ponderosasteakhouses.com/ponderosa/ Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: In my opinion, we don't have nearly enough steakhouses in the STEX, and this is a good place to start. Not only that, but this particular design I find very intuitive.
  15. BAT Request Thread

    Church's Chicken: http://www.madisonind.com/uploads/gallery/165_Churchs_Chicken.jpg Description: Church's Chicken is, of course, an American fast-food chain, serving, well, fried chicken. It is also famous for being the subject of a well-known Ricky Smiley phone prank. ( "What time y'all's service? Don't the chicken belong to the church?") http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church's_Chicken www.churchs.com/index.html www.churchspr.net/ Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: I particularly would like one of these, because it is very common in Puerto Rico, where I live. It never hurts to have more fast food (well, it might make your Sims fat, but the hell with them, it's their choice!) The first building style of Church's Chicken is very common in Puerto Rico, but as of now it is no longer built. The second building design is more modern. All the new Church's are being built in this style.