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About this City Journal

A place where people work. Where people love. Where people believe. Where people live.

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Dear readers,

Oracle is getting more and more sophisticated, which is a good thing - especially for the market value of properties.

Remember the planning for a new park + museum area?


Well.. Seems everything went according to plan. With the demolishing of the old police station, nothing could stop the Mayor from designing his dream oase:


The religious area of Oracle really liked the cross-shaped pond. All around the pond was a narrow path with lots of benches and high trees: providing privacy and shadow during those sizzling summer days.


In the evenings, the Oraclers get their romantic hat on...


Soooo... Next to the park, connected via a pedestrian skywalker, we find the Museum Area!


And since it houses a real tram museum, the mayor thought it'd be fun to actually have a tram running around throughout the museum area.

The location is perfect: next to the train station, and sandwiched between main avenues.


The area holds 6 museums..


Especially the Gugenheim is very popular.oracle009.jpg

And to finish this update: a night shot of the new leisure area:


The park is easy to recognize with its lit palm trees, and the museums can't be missed either. On the right, we find the residential skyscrapers. All up in the north we can just catch a glimpse of the yacht marina.


Dear Simcitizens,

I would like to share some new images with you.

We start with a view on two areas: In the far left, you see the "cheaper" area of Oracle. In the right, around the lake, we find the "rich" neighbourhood. The red area will become a big park, with lots of bushes, trees, flowerbeds, rural sidewalks, etc. The blue area will form a new avenue. Opposite the park, at the other side of the future avenue, a true science-area will be created: museums, schools, art centers,  galleries, theatres.. 


So, since this picture was from a few months ago, the Mayor grew a lot of trees in a short period.

Also note the new neighbourhood, connecting the light-commercial zone with the richer area. 


Please note the boulevard underneath the iMax-theatre and along the rail track: there has been a rumor that the two will be connected, so that the boulevard will form one, long L-shaped walk of elegance.

Speaking of the iMax-theatre: it's pretty clear where the entertainment can be found in this city. But: just wait untill the cultural area next to the new park will be developed!


So. Let's cross the river once again, heading north-east. Here, I proudly present you our new freight yard, in the heart of the ever-expanding industrial sector:


All these valuable goods will soon find their way into the expensive windows of the Four Seasons shopping center


Ahhhhh - the sun goes down and the cars light up the narrow streets in the rich area. 

Only some over-ambitious clerks are still working in the financial district Pecunia..............


............the factories are already closed. A freight train howls in the late evening........


..........and a happy few are heading towards the theatre



Helicopter tour

 Since it's going so well with the planning of the brand new Oracle, the Mayor decided to treat y'all on a ride with his heli. 

As we fly over the rather dull yet religious borough Holy Hill, we are treated on a perfect view of the small, German-style church.


While steering to the right, hence the movement blurs, we're entering the light-commercial area, with the brand new iMax-cinema. Today, Inception was shown for the first time in Oracle.  It's a good thing that there is plenty of parking space around the complex.


Can you imagine that the waitresses of that cute café on the corner have to cross the road every time someone wants to order another drink?

Aaah yes - zooming over the secluded area for the happy few..


This small canal, which finds it's origin in the artificial bay where the yacht marina is located, flows into the Dorian river.. 

That sun sure likes to reflect on those swimming pools..


So: the new La Defense, as the Mayor calls his commercial opus.


There's a big station on the left, a small one-track on the right and of course a big subway-hub in the heart of the financial district Pecunia.

The Oracles sure love their squares, boulevards and trees.. Especially during lunch break


Hoovering over our simple yet efficient infrastructure, we're setting course for the dirty part of Oracle: the industrial sector


*cough* The smog takes your breath away...

Our water purifying system: the pride of the city. The new office for Water Connections is being built across the road of the rinsing complex.


Yeah, we know: why don't we just remove that ancient rail track that's not getting you anywhere? 

It's getting dark quickly: we better head back...


Dusk already fell over the region. Industry looks so much softer in the dark..


One last glimpse on Pecunia..


Thanks for flying with me :-)


Oracle 2.0

 Oracle is dead. Long live the new Oracle!

The mayor is Dutch, hence the waterworks, bridges and funny infrastructures..


A sattelite overview of Oracle. The river has been transformed into a canal, with a sidearm that leads to a small, artificial lake. This will become a popular, seculded area for the happy (and rich) few.


A detail-shot of one of the many bridges that cross the river. Oraclers don't like messy riverbanks, so everything is neat and tidy.


A closer look on the infrastructure along the river.


Trees at both sides of the road and an almost unguarded railcrossing: typical Dutch.


The highway that crosses the river will lead you to to our neighbours...


...through the woods, with a ramped-off, curvy road that will bring you to the farms..


..only a bit of dirty industry is to be found in front of the rural area of Oracle. The mayor would like to keep it this way, and eventually turn it into high-tech industry. 


Left from the highway, we find the mayor's vision of a new La Defense.. Expensive $$$-offices are expected to start building their capitalistic symbols soon.


One of the many (to come) churces in Oracle: it's not the religion that seems important for the Oraclers - it's the quietness that you will find within their thick, cold walls that lures the inhabitants to churces like the St. Felicity, located in the midst of the river, on Felicius Island.


This here is the modest beginning of Oracle: a church, railway station, some schools and a big-ass Hospital.


Ah yes: Oracle Exclusive: the soon-to-be gated, private area of the oracles. Since the Mayor is a true hedonist, he decided to locate the city hall inside this excluded community. Opposite the church, along the river arm, you'll find quite the cathedral. 

The small yacht club will soon be replaced for a bigger one. This will surely lure the rich and famous into Oracle.

Stay tuned: blueprints are being drawn as we speak..!

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