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A Latin american island nation off the coast of Chile

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The dam of Estiguarria


Oh My Gosh. That is truly amazing. very realistic

Thanks a lot!

Reminds me of Arizona, with less trees and living plant life in general. (Besides the cacti, of course)

Very beautiful little own and surrounding area. Nice job!

Yep, it does look like Arizona because I was inspired by it and some other regions as well. Thanks.


Thank you.

Yes, I like this update as well It's very realistic and very beautiful, so I'll keep keep an eye on it

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Very nice. One suggestion, maybe try turning off the street tree mod you are running, those big bright green trees don't really suit the region. Other than that it's really good.

Yeah, hadn't thought about that. I'll make sure those trees disappear...Thanks for the suggestion!

I have rarely seen south american stuff, this is great

Yeah, south american CJs are pretty rare. However, I've NEVER seen an african CJ (no, not north african, but equatorial). Thank you.

Awesome Flora! Didn't even realise u cud do that with SC4

Ah, yes, the possibilities are endl-, almost endless! Thanks for commenting.

Incredible! That looks incredible! Although I was thinking the same thing at jmarshall about the tree-lined streets.

Thanks a bunch! Those trees will go away... ;)

Amazing work! Realistic and original. I love the rock mod you are using!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I've decided that I should post unusual entries, to make my CJ more original. :D

Wow, beautiful, it looks like a small latin american town!

Thank you, that was my goal!

The dam (which is on the same tile as the mines on the last post) may not be that large, but It serves its purpose: to create electricity for Estiguarria. There are plans to expand the dam and distribute the power to nearby towns. However, there's always opposition, and this time some people think it will endanger further the ecosystem.

La represa(que esta en la misma area que las minas que vimos la vez pasada) no sera muy grande, pero cumple con su trabajo: crear electricidad para Estiguarrai. Hay planes para expandir la represa y distribuir la electricidad a pueblos cercanos. Sin embargo, siempre hay gente que se opone, y esta vez, creen que atentará aún más contra la flora y fauna.


What? I had to do it...:

¿Que? Tuve que hacerlo...:







The mine of Estiguarria


I'm guessing its some sort of mine, which to me is very realistic, what are they mining for? Nice work with the flora, could you please tell me what flora mod that is, thanks I'd appreciate it.

@escilnavia: Thanks for commenting and, yep, it's a mine, although it didn't turn too good IMO :/ . It's no mod, they're plopable. You can find them here and here

Nice Mines! Reminds me of the Chilean Miners

@111222333444: Thank you, and I hope nothing similar happens again.

Wow, that looks amazing. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of that!

@NMUSpidey: Thanks, I'll probably show you guys more semi-desert stuff in the next update, not sure yet.

It has that Arizona look to it. Nicely done.

@Schulmanator: It does indeed! Thanks.

Interesting. You really caught my attention. Looking forward to more pictures.

@heitomat: I'm glad you liked it!

I'm very interested, can't wait to see more

@Soer_II: Thank you, I hope you like this update as well!

Today we'll take a look at two mines and the nearby mining town. The area is located in the middle of the country.

Hoy, vamos a ver dos minas y el pueblo minero cercano. La area se encuentra en el centro del pais.


The "freeway" passing through some shops, which only have basic supplies. Coca-Cola and Inca Kola are considered essential by everyone. :P

La "carretera" pasando por algunas tiendas, que solamente tienen lo necesario. Coca-Cola e Inca Kola son considerados esenciales por todos. :P




The second largest iron mine in the country:

La segunda mina de hierro mas grande del pais:


...And a depleted mine:

...Y una mina agotada:


Recent industry as a result of mining:

La industria ha recientemente surgido gracias a la actividad minera:



Finally an artist's representation of the landscape:

Finalmente, una representacion del paisaje de un artista:


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How I rank it will be shown on the first edition of the Times of Troix Magazine... New formula

Nice Rain!

@111222333444: Thank you, I'm eagerly waiting for the Times of Troix Magazine!

Looking good... despite the bad weather!

@Schulmanator: Thanks, rain does have its charm sometimes...

I do love me a good rainstorm. Fantastic update. I do hope there is some more prosperity for your Sims down the road...

@NMU Spidey: Hehe, sometimes the government can be quite...incompetent. Thanks!

This look SO real! Awesome effects

@Blakeway: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

I've been really busy these days, had an exam today and before yesterday...hopefully I'll pass ;D. Thankfully, I have two days off (monday and tuesday) and I'll have some extra time for SC4. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see these next days...

He estado bien ocupado estos dias, tuve un examen hoy y antes de ayer...espero que pase ;D. Por suerte tengo dos dias feriados por Santa Rosa de Lima (lunes y martes) y tendre un tiempito extra para SC4. Les presento un par de fotos de lo que veran estos dias...





@Dethsrow: Thanks, you can get them here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/24192-hbs-californian-mediterranean-tree-mod/

@ggamus: Haha, thank you for being sincere.

@NMUSpidey: I wish I were where you are...at least for a day or two. Thanks for visiting!

@111222333444: Thank you. Btw, how do you score a CJ with those precise points?

@hijodecordoba: Si, si vieras todo lo que se puede hacer...Solo hace falta paciencia, dedicacion, y, claro, los Bats y Mods. Gracias por comentar!

Ah, Huasco...what an ugly city...well, it's part of the city of Nuevo Leon. I told you weren't getting anything special. Huasco is somewhat of an important industrial hub, at least for the southern part of the Republic. The living conditions there are not that bad :uhm: ...Take a look for yourself.

Ah, Huasco...que ciudad mas fea...bueno, es una parte de la ciudad de Nuevo Leon. Les dije que no verian nada especial. Se podria decir que Huasco es un centro industrial, por lo menos para el sur de la Republica. Las condiciones de vida ahi no son tan malas :uhm: ...Mirenlo ustedes mismos.

Let's start were we ended previously. Mother Nature at work:

Empezemos por donde terminamos la vez pasada. Madre Naturaleza haciendo lo que debe:


A couple of kilometers more and we are welcomed by slums:

Un par de kilometros mas y las barriadas nos dan la bienvenida:



Thankfully, the country's GDP is expected to grow about 6.5%. Let's hope the government continues to do whatever it's doing. Construction projects:

Felizmente, se espera que el PBI del pais crezca un 6.5%. Esperemos que el govierno siga haciendo lo que sea que este haciendo. Proyectos de construccion:


Part of the industrial area:

Parte del area industrial:


A recently built housing project. Is that an Hugo Boss add? Ridiculous.

Un complejo de viviendas recientemente construido (se dice asi?). Es eso un anuncio de Hugo Boss? Ridiculo.


From the communist era:

De la epoca del comunismo:


Finally, two more pictures showing part of the district:

Finalmente, dos fotos mas mostrando parte del distrito:




Hey there. After more than I don't know how many months I'm back.

I present to you Astete, another little town (I promise I'll do something else next time).

PS: >.< Something went wrong with the mosaic...ignore it.

Hola! Despues de no se cuanto meses, estoy de vuelta.

Les presento Astete, otro pequeño pueblo (prometo que hare otra cosa para la proxima vez).

PD: >.< Algo salio mal con el mosaico...ignorenlo


Astete mainly depends on fishing, as well as farming. The people there are humble and are proud of their little beach.

Astete depende de la pesca y tambien de la agricultura. La gente ahi son humildes y estan orgullosos de su pequeña playa.







The grim power plant. Essential for a big zone of the southern part of the country, but as you can see, it is slowly eliminating the flora surrounding it. Where do the power lines go? That place ain't pretty at all. You'll see.

La lúgubre planta eléctrica. Es necesaria para gran parte del territorio sureño, pero como puedes observar, esta lentamente eliminando la flora que lo rodea. A donde van las lineas electricas? Ese lugar no es atractivo para nada. Ya veran.



*updated 03/31*

Hey from now on I'll make updates in English and Spanish (should've done that a while ago, eh?).

Just images...

*actualizado 31/03*....(porque en ingles el mes va primero?!)

Hola, a partir de ahora voy a tipear en Ingles y en Español (hubiera hecho eso desde antes no?).

Solamente imagenes...



My warmest wishes to all of Japan.



Las Higuerillas is a small and desolate province and much of its terrain is composed dry forests and scrub-land. Since there's pretty much nothing to say, I'll just let you see the few pictures I've posted. Enjoy!





Tierra Del Norte


               cjtierradelnorte2.jpg                                                                                                                                cjtierradelnorte3.jpg      cjtierradelnorte4.jpg                                cjtierradelnorte5.jpg


Hope you enjoyed this! :D


Hey, today i'll be showing you some images from the first colony established in the island (originally by the portuguese). Remember that I would like you to critique as much as you can! 

Another note: Sorry for the rather small pics, I'll post some larger ones on the next update.



Thanks for stopping by!



This CJ has officially started as of january 28, 2011!

(Note: Since I still haven't finished the region yet, don't expect me to post region shots or some pictures of the capital any time soon. And, don't even think about airports...20.gif)


                          cjlocationoftheisland.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         cjfacts.jpg              





What mods I'm using (and BATs in general): 

Region: Gran Canaria by Dobdriver (yes, I know, I was too lazy to make my own map9.gif)

Terrain: California Terrain mod by Heblem

Flora: Californian Mediterranean Tree mod by Heblem

Water: Clipper water mod by Pegasus

BATs: Most of LBT's BATs and countless others as well

Other mods: NAM (who doesn't use it!) and CAM

 First of all, I wish to thank every "CJer" on Simtropolis for showing their work and inspiring others, like me, to start a new CJ. I've been specially inspired by panthersimcity4's CJ, since I'm working on a Latin American styled region.

This CJ will be showing a fictional Latin american island nation in the Pacific, near South America. It's called: "República de Magallanes" in Spanish, and "Magellan Republic" in English. I haven't finished yet; there's still a long way to go. But I thought: "Why not show the parts that I've finished?"

Here's a "teaser":

ImageShack, share photos, pictures, free image hosting, free video hosting, image hosting, video hosting, photo image hosting site, video hosting site

This is supposed to be part of map from the 16th century showing part of the region ( I hope it looks ok).

I'll explain everything on the next update!


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