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  1. nos.17 Lot Development

    Yeah, I do have the file! He personally sent it to me a few years ago.
  2. nos.17 Lot Development

    I'm sure this will be really far down your list, but I would love (more than anything) to see his Super Kmart revamped/expanded. While all of his work (and subsequently yours, too) is amazing, this one lot has always had me wishing the building was a little larger, to be more in-line with the sizes of say this Super Target, for example.
  3. Bipin's Urban Firestation

    Looks so nice! I think nice, modern urban school would be great! Maybe a nice elementary and high school! Thanks so much!
  4. My street lights emit funny coloured lights...yikes...anyone know why? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you! simcityproblem.bmp
  5. Sioux City, Iowa

    Awesome! I don't live too far away from there, and go there somewhat frequently. Amazing!
  6. Bradley County Update!

    Check out the latest edition of the Bradley Times-Journal in the attached pictures below. The year is 2051. Almost 10 years has passed and Bradley County has grown tremendously in population. Census 2051 Population Bradley County 277,757 Bradley 222,364 West Bradley 55,393 *the city is disputing this figure, and a recount will take place next year* Education, Employment, Life Household Income: $42,300 Unemployment Rate: 1.92% Life Expectancy: 84.7 years % of Adults 25+ with four year college degree: 59% % of Adults 50+ with four year college degree: 26% % of Children 10-15 enrolled in educational institution: 98% Marital Status of Adults 25+ Single, never married 26% Single, previously married 9% Married 60% Other 5% First Language English 95.4% German 3.4% Portuguese .8% Kiwi .3% Other .1% Demographics Males 51.6% Females 48.4% White 91.6% Native New Zealanders 3.2% Black 2.7% Multiracial 2.3% Other .2% What's Happening Now Bradley boasts a brand new international airport. Before the new international airports, county residents were required to drive to Miller County for any international flights. The old airport was completely demolished and moved across the street to its new home. A new shopping area opened in the former airport's home. The county also released an official map for new and old residents alike. The cities' grid system for roads makes travel fairly easy across the county; the only damper in traveling is the New Zealand river, which separates the two cities of Bradley and West Bradley. The downtown governmental area of Bradley has been revamped. The area is much more open now and offers plenty of plaza area for festivals, speeches, gatherings of many types, vendors, tourists, and more! The city is quite proud of the downtown area. The new design was paid for, in part, by the country. News Headlnies from 2042-2051 2043 *Bradley County voted #1 place to relocate in the world. *Fire destroys West Bradley post office and city office. The fire remains under investigation. 2044 *Massive flooding effects the country when the New Zealand River overflows its banks in many areas. Damage estimates in Bradley County are over $1.6 billion. 2045 *Snyper opens fire in downtown Bradley injuring 32 citizens. Surprisingly no citizens were killed in the attack. The suspect was a former government worker distraught following the severe flooding last year which claimed his house. *City zoo adds major zebra exhibit. The new exhibit attracted zoologists from around the world. *City of West Bradley embarks on worldwide tour to draw international companies to the city. Major tax incentives are available. 2046 *City of Bradley schools adds a record 114 new teachers for the 2046-2047 school year. Student enrollment increases over 25%! *City of Bradley holds the first ever New Zealand Olympics. The event was a huge success, drawing an estimated crowd of over 6 million people from across the world. 2047 *The first ever recorded earthquake struck New Zealand. The 3.5 magnitude earthquake caused little damage but could be felt across Bradley County. *For the first time in 46 years there were no murders in the county. Bradley was subsequently ranked the safest big city in the country and the world. The city has capitalized on this since to attract new residents. *A major construction project lasting 5 years was started in July on Bradley Avenue, one of the main roads linking Bradley and West Bradley. The Bradley Ave. bridge will be closed in 2052 as the last leg of the construction project. 2048 *15 doctors from the city of West Bradley were recognized for their contributions to the uprisings in France. They saved the life of 137 villagers after they were poisened by a group of anti-government rebels and left to perish. The antidote, found only from the rare Grapple Tree in New Zealand, was discovered that day. 2049 *Taxes were cut by .7% county-wide, the first cut in the county's history. *The city of Bradley's budget surplus was nearly $425 million, a whopping $300 million over forecast. The city has the money held in various investments to earn the city interest for future projects. 2050 *New Zealand celebrates 50 years as a country! Bradley hosts a large celebration in the newly opened downtown plaza. 2051 *Major snow storm shuts down the county from January 6th through January 9th with 14 inches of snow reported at the Bradley International Airport. The city averages just 15 inches of snow every year. The storm set a new record. On January 7th the low temperature plumeted to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest ever recorded in the city. Remarkably on January 11th the high temperature reached 74 degrees Fahrenheit, causing moderate flooding.
  7. Canada

    Welcome to the beautiful country of Canada! The western part of the country is just beginning to develop. The current major economical center of the country is Linn County, home of the city of Cedar Rapids. The country is divided into counties. The terrain varies from flat to quite rugged. Farming is not a major economical factor of this country, as the soil is surprisingly quite poor. The country relies heavily on its neighbours for a variety of resources. Canada offers the quality of life that most other countries are jealous of. While taxes are quite high, the government takes very good care of all of its citizens. Watch as our wonderful country grows!
  8. Bradley County

    WELCOME TO BRADLEY COUNTY! The county of New Zealand is broken up into counties. The country works in a way that’s very similar to most states in the United States. Each county has a county seat with government offices, and one city (Bradley) serves as the capital of the country. The first county we’ll explore is Bradley County. The county is made up of two cities, Bradley and West Bradley. It is currently the most populated county in the country, but only beats out Miller County by a few thousand people. One thing the county lacks is a large, international airport; however, the neighbour (Miller County) serves those needs with a large international airport. Both cities' road systems were created based on a grid system. This allows for easy traveling across both cities. There are two ferry terminals in the county, one in each city. Aside from this, there is no other public transportation in the cities, but the idea has been discussed to develop one. The county boasts a population of over 200,000 people, and still has plenty of residential lots available in both cities for further expansion. Both cities lack major zoning areas for larger residential projects, but both cities are working on changing this. Available commercial space is limited in most of the city of Bradley, except for the west side of town near the airport. West Bradley still has plenty of available commercial areas in the downtown area. There are three main industrial areas in town. One on the southeast side of Bradley, and there is another on the southwest side of Bradley. West Bradley boasts a very productive industrial area which caters more towards high tech industry. The main big box shopping area of town is on the south side of Bradley, just off the interstate. The county boasts 4 Kmart stores, 1 Super Wal-Mart, 2 Super Targets, 2 Lowe's Home Improvement Stores, 2 Home Depots, 1 Kohl's, and 2 Sam's Clubs. To create a better image for the city, West Bradley created a large water fountain in the center of town. The city has taken on many construction projects through the course of its life. The newest project is the interstate system that runs along the northern fringe of the county from Bradley west through West Bradley. Bradley County draws thousands of visitors every year. Surprisingly, the biggest attraction in the city is the shopping venues. The city’s zoo attracts thousands of people each year, as well. 2042 Population Census: Bradley County 227,503 Bradley 160,090 West Bradley 67,413 Let’s take a look at a few pictures of the cities. Here is the central part of the two cities. Here is the west side of Bradley and most of the city of West Bradley. Here is a view of the east side of Bradley. Here is a view of the Bradley Airport and the convention center. This is the New Zealand State University at Bradley. This campus of the New Zealand University system has more students than any of the other campuses. The most popular major at the school: Zoology. The main government and downtown area of the city. Thanks for checking out Bradley County! Watch for further updates. Any comments or questions, please do NOT hesitate to leave them! Thanks!
  9. Can't Find it? Ask Here!

    Does anyone know where I can find the Kmart Super Center, Ames, Shopko, and Sears Grand stores? I've tried searching everywhere online with no luck! I've read in other forums that they exist they're just really hard to find. Thanks in advance!