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  1. Muito legal este mapa.  Vou baixa-lo imediatamente.

    Obrigado pelo mapa.

  2. Anthony Bikes

  3. MP - Rio de Janeiro

    Great! The marvelous city.
  4. Central Bank of Brazil

    Excelente ! Faz o prédio do BB tbm :DD 5/5
  5. Maloskero's Brazilian BAT's

    Nice! "Sobrado" in english is "two-story house".. If your building have ten floors, you can say "ten-story building".
  6. Maloskero's Brazilian BAT's

    Great work !! You can make ploppable comercial versions for this? I'm from São Paulo and needing help, I am available.
  7. Villavicencio: A trip to the countryside

    Spectacular! What's the mod of the highway?