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  1. Greece - Part II

    Daaaaaaaamnnnnn.... Very nice CJ, beautiful landscape scenes! Thanks for the support! -korver
  2. Stone Creek

    Very beautiful CJ, awesome! I like to know as well which sidewalk (cobble stone look) you've used and how it's mixed with all the other buildings which normally have those typical white tiles?
  3. first uploads

    Venlo represent! Nice work main 
  4. IntensCity

    Hi there, This is my first SC4 City Journal. So bad, because I play SC for years IntensCity Inhabitants: 1,700,000 Jobs: 450,000 Industry: 250,000 Students: 350,000 Kids (<18): 250,000 65+: 400,000 Area: 219 km² (85 sq mi) Public Transport: - Railway (Blue line) - Light Rail - Elevated Rail - Highway - Ferry ports City overview: City details: InnerCity: Thank you for reading this post. ps. SimCity4Life Tim Martens Intens-design
  5. NYBT HBS The New York Times Building

    [i][b]B - e - a - u - t - i - f - u - l[/b][/i]
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi all, My name is Tim, i'm from The Netherlands. 18, living at my own and spend much time at work and games. I started to play SimCity 2000 years and years ago.., 3000 and after that 4/Rush Hour.. I really like the game and I signed up here at this forum to check cities from other members and to learn more about BAT etc. Greets,