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  1. Mushy's Random BATs

    Thank You! This is very helpful for me ...
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    We see again the excellent Korver's work
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    Yes - I work with Great NAM and with simple JENX POSEIDON Water Effects... No More
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Once more with some winter pics ... Fine Thaks to All ... Thanks SM2 - I work with Your Models - You' re GREAT ARTIST !!! YOUR Rusty roof is a great thing!!!
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    This is a forestry development on the wild Santana Island. We have only the forest, but need bricks and coal too ... 1. 2. 3. 4. No more today - sorry ...
  6. Modern Freight Cars Props

    May be some English for all ???
  7. I'm here from 2006 ... I saw many and tremendous things here. Today there are wonderful parks, but there are so many props... This did not allow themselves brilliant writers STEX
  8. In the most General terms: 1. IliveReader (Tool). Extracted from existing model figure 4 FSH and save them as PNG (this is usually the Instance with FSH 00030400, 00030410, 00030420,00030430). 2. Adobe Photoshop (Tool). Repaint and add new elements on all 4 PNG figures and save them. 3. PNG to FSH Batch (Tool). Translate 4 new PNG as a new 20 FSH files. 4. IliveReader (Tool). 4.1. Remove 20 old FSH files from the model and insert a new 20 FSH. 4.2. Link value Group, Instance and save this as a new model file.
  9. SANTANA ISLAND - Traditions die hard Chapter 01 - Introduction DEDICATED - OP4 (Onlyplace4 aka Mike) NOTE: This is a conservative City Journal in the style of classic 3RR by Dedgren (David). I will expand this step by step page. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This unit is for my words of gratitude. Sorry if I can't remember them all. But (sites, programs, teams, and people, names and logins): Diktator, Jeronij, Pegasus, SC4 Polska, OP4, NAM Team , VIP Orange, JES, Ilive Reader, SC4PIM, PNG to FSH, Dat Packer 2008, SC4 Model Tweaker, Tool SC4, SC4 Icon Creator, HHarbor Team, DocRorlach, Dedgren, Ionionion with "OMCo Serial", NBVC with "All His Objects" too... etc. New day - new names: 2017-04-25: SimForum BAT Team (SFBT), FANTA, SM2 and ... 2017-04-26: CP 2017-05-06: Krasner The list is very large - sorry - I'm going to continue it ... _______________________________________________________________________________________ The story began in 1949, but more on that later. Today 09-01-1950. This is Gent Region, city - B-07-07. Twenty years ago, someone built a village here. Then she left him. 01-01 Now we come to the island Santana on a light aircraft. 01-02 01-03 This is a map of flight from Gloria state to Santana Island. 01-04 This is Osbourne City 1949. The continuation very soon ... Thank You, Silur ...
  10. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    Thank You very much!
  11. Hi, Fantozzi ... It's crazy, but it's fun No any depression - only smiles
  12. Yeah, Fantozzi ... I really like Your message. SC4 - is a way of life. Little we have left, but we will still live !!!
  13. Yes T Wreck ... I agree with You. But I wrote about 2009 not 2006. 2008-2012 - this is the dawn SC4. This is a Golden time. I am an old and sick man. I sometimes (12 hours / day) sit and do the damn SC4 since 2004 I have 4 double CD. I was surprised to be talking about 20 or USD 4 on a single disc. I destroyed the house HPx64 for Windows 10 and put Win8x86 for SC4. It was a HP for $ 3000 ...
  14. Yes it is. In the game SC4 there are very few artists and creators today. You can take STEX 2009 and 2016 - we will see the difference. That's life. I want to be with Simtropolis - this is my cross
  15. Hi, Corina... I wanted to say that a lot now props and very little of artists and creators with real models now. Just gone are the days of those people who raised SC4. Left the team NAM. There are still a few people with models. And also working with other people's props. That's life. Thank You.
  16. My inspiration is to build the city from scratch. I want to build a railway, but I have no sea port ...
  17. We all have to admit that SC4 is a game ancient. She has no future. It rests only on the great SIMTROPOLIS and SC4 DEVOTION. There are several rustic sites - but they exist for a narrow communication... I am very concerned about the future of SC4 ... I and my piggy Bank had more than 40 sites on SC. I got downloaded even all props and lots of Korean sites, it was very difficult. I don't know Korean language. I don't like war - but 90% of these sites are military equipment ... I am very concerned about the future of SC4 ...
  18. This old game SC4 is not worth $20 today ... MAXIS must us to pay $10 each for SC4 every month !!! I think MAXIS and all offices that sell have to pay SC4 Simtropolis, SC4 Devotion, Japan Artists, GERMAN MASTERS, PEGASUS and etc. MAXIS created the crude product was not able to support it. SC4 lives only through fan sites. These sites almost there!!! This is a story from 2003... Anyone knows the codes to the end - some do not. But the game lives but MAXIS no...
  19. I want to remove all the pedestrians from sC4. But it is very difficult.
  20. Simmer2's Lots and BATs Lab

    This is an excellent work. Good luck!!!
  21. Introduce Yourself Here!

    CorinaMarie, thank You for Your attention to new players
  22. I'm a Mad Modder: More time spent making stuff for the game than actually playing the game. Never saw CS$$ objects in my game from 2005...
  23. I like to work with SC4 Tools. This is a very handy tool for TE textures, to view the original MAXIS properties and to install any of the properties in my lots. Many thanks to the authors...
  24. London - Canary Wharf

    I don't like tall buildings. I love the city in six floors. It's my choice. But I like these pictures ... I like Your works on Simtropolis - this is tremendous !!!
  25. Hi, spiritualfire When I push Diamond uploaded a file to Lots - I have all.