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  1. PSA: Gobias Mods are Back!

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and you have laid the first tile. Yes. It is acceptable to me. A dependency pack is not public properly unless made explicitly so by the creator or through contractual obligations. More importantly, it is not yours. When you begin rationalizing why something becomes yours without indication of the creator's cessation of existence, you demolish the most important tenant of free association; The ability to withdraw from it. People become bound to what the tyrant wants, not their own diversions or desires. What you have done is set a very bad precedent, based on bad logic, that inevitably leads down a slippery slope lubed with KY. There is no stopping this altruist theft from reoccurring now that it's been accepted; every long-standing standard and rule will be abandoned in the name of saving the community, or saving people from themselves, or fighting back against the seedy underbelly of the internet. The reasons will never end. Then will come the day that you stare at someone's request to take down their files and you'll begin to write a long, eloquent post as to why you can't: Because it wouldn't be fair to the people that rely on them. Yes, that's how it's going to go from hereon, isn't it? If a creation is viewed as important enough it'd be CRUEL to the community to let it go. You're already floating the idea of hosting Gizmo's files. How many months do you give him before his files become yours? The full 8? Eh, maybe six. Wouldn't want to unduly delay your plans for saving the community. Enow.
  2. PSA: Gobias Mods are Back!

    What a merry band of thieves the administrators over at SC4Devotion have become. My membership on SC4devotion is henceforth terminated. Not that it really matters given I lost my password, still! It's the thought that counts. Sigh. Before the inevitable "You have no idea what you're talking about, read the topic for the reasons" post, yes, I have read the thread. I found the rationalizations for theft wanting, dire in their desperation, and befitting the cesspools of a torrent site. Here's a particularly salient example of what I speak: Killing his account, and closing all his files wasn't considered clear enough to the people who run the site! Oh my God. This is a joke, right? Rite? Guyz? The people involved in this decision rationalized away a core tenant of not just this community, but the vast majority of functional modding communities. This is the kind of event that murders internet communities, drives off innovation, and makes creators feel like they have no control over their creations. It's disgusting. It's the kind of thing EA would do! Yup. I hope that sort of nonsense doesn't find itself becoming policy on Simtropolis, or I suppose I'll have to be spending a significant amount of time deleting all my posts so they don't "magically" become Dirk's property after a few months. Sure, they're mostly marginally useful word spewings, but then again, I didn't think a few landscape mods would be enough to sell out principles and long-standing precedent. So who knows.
  3. Freight Path Mini Tutorial

    Quickest, not shortest (Assuming you use Simulator Z). Edit: The rest deleted because I'm fairly sure I understood transit switch entry cost incorrectly.
  4. SparkleCity: SC4 or SC13? Your Choice.

    That about sums it up, yes.
  5. Mary Millers Creations

    Nevermind, was answering a question from a page back that's been answered.
  6. Nothing in my plugins alters the Carpool Incentive Ordinance exemplar. Among other possibilities, it may be that the engine is combining properties from other exemplars into the one for the Carpool Incentive Ordinance. This would be a most disturbing occurrence if true. Without other people encountering the same "issue" I am, and winnowing down the possibilities for a cause, it'll be a hard road to hoe.
  7. <_<; A moderator will be with you shortly. They will answer all your questions. Just not in the way you prefer.
  8. I attempted that. It would appear more than one file is involved, as simply removing one half or another doesn't "unfix" the behavior. As you might expect, I found this most confusing. And now there's a topic on the subject. APSMS: No, I do not have any mods that alter an ordinance except the NAM. It appears that removing Simulator Z alone does not appear to induce the original behavior of the Carpool Incentive ordinance.
  9. *SSD Mmmm, those load times, man. So good. Anyway... I will declare will all good intent that this is a technical issue and very bug related. The game is not functioning as released, bugs and all, when one of the bugs corrects itself for no apparent reason! Granted, I'm pleased as punch the bug is fixed. But unless I know why, I cannot be very comforted in the proper behavior for the ordinance. What is fixed unknowingly can be broken again just as easily. Not sure what to recommend for a test bed. I did testing with and without plugins on a small starter town with a single road connecting residential and industrial. Without plugins, the bug works (?); no difference in the number of cars that appear on the road with it enacted and not. With all my plugins, the bug appears fixed; there is a decline of 5 - 20% in road usage numbers between enacted and not (More testing showed that the rate of decrease appears to vary, but it is not statistically insignificant). It's possible that the Carpool Initiative Ordinance is more complex than simply "Reduce road usage by X amount", and relies upon something in the simulation that, in the vanilla game, doesn't function well. This would also make finding out the exact cause of the fix very difficult given the mind-boggling number of things I've modded in my game over the years.
  10. It does the whole 9 yards - decreases traffic by 20% on any given road with all expected benefits. This ordinance has worked for me for so long that I didn't even know it was broken until I tested it out with an empty plugins suite. Hell, I thought the claims that the ordinance didn't work were based off an earlier version of the game or some such. I've already eliminated the prime culprits - The ExtraCheats DLL and any obvious overwrites of the ordinance's exemplar file or the UI file for ordinances. I'm stuck with something of a paradox. Nothing in my plugins should be fixing the ordinance, yet... here we are. If any of ya'll have a good idea to help figure this out, I'm all ears. Well, not all ears. That'd be pretty awkward.
  11. SC4: DE Win7 issues

    "The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block." indicates a problem with either the CD-ROM drive or the disc itself. I find it unusual that you can install the game without error, but can't get past the disc-check. Well, we work with what we have. I recommend, based up the information available, that you clean the disc and the drive, and then possibly re-install the game to preclude the possibly of a corrupted install. Check the integrity of the disc while you are cleaning it. Large and/or deep scratches may mean it's time to move onto a new copy. Might I recommend the GOG version? A digital copy with no DRM that you can always redownload from the site in the event of occurrences. Edit: Cart before the horse, perhaps. It is possible you have an update installed that is preventing the game's DRM from functioning correctly. As well as DRM can function, anyway. Other possible issues: 1: Your game is not updated. The latest patch for Rush Hour/Deluxe can be found here after accepting the agreement. Your copy is likely in SKU 1 territory... 2: It is possible that Simcity 4 doesn't correctly close when exited, and the process still runs. Kill it via Task Manager. While I doubt that is the issue here, it is something to keep in mind for future troubleshooting.
  12. That Unused Moisture Data View

    It is (...probably) possible to add more buttons to the data view selection screen, so you don't need to replace the air pollution data view. Look at instance EA287193 in SimCity_1.dat - that appears to be the UI file for Data View. Editing it may be problematic given how it looks in iLives Reader 0.9.3 and Tropod's updated version. iLives 1.4, if I recall, renders complex UI elements correctly. It also has a nasty habit of corrupting files, so keep back ups. The number next to "DataView Legends Key" corresponds to a LTEXT file, likely within SimCityLocale.DAT. Edit: I should note that you don't NEED the UI file to be properly rendered in order to modify it - though that makes it easier to see what your changes are doing. Most of your time will be spent fiddling around in the data graph that makes up the UI.
  13. Edit: A long post by the CEO of the company EnodoGames, Jean-Baptiste Reynes, who explains in detail the design and gameplay goals of the game: https://www.facebook.com/TheArchitectParis/posts/1747021032248626?_fb_noscript=1 It's a good read. Everything I said below was before I found and read this post. Weigh my words accordingly. And should Raphael himself want to bump the topic with a link to said post, he shouldn't let my edit stop him. It's his game, and all. (Most of the below is a rehash of what I said to Raphael in the chat...) The trailer is lacking in details - no gameplay. No user interface. A few icons here and there, a fairly nebulous scene with a blueprint background, but nothing I can sink my teeth into. I do not understand the "idea" you're trying to flesh out and give unto the world. If the game has not advanced to the point where it is possible for you to do gameplay footage, perhaps it is too early to be making trailers for it. Even your Facebook page does little more than gloss over what is the most important part of any game, let alone a city builder! The game looks great, but calling it a game at this point is a field too far from my perspective. What I have experienced so far is a series of loosely connected scenes from a movie. I wish you and your team all the luck and ability to get this game finished and released, but please, the next time you upload a video to amaze us with, have it show a significant depth of game play.
  14. Corner buildings not on corners ?

    Based on what Matt says, contiguous zones that are connected to a corner will exhibit this behavior when they sub-divide. A 2x2 zone for example, in the middle of a block and not touching a corner, will not.
  15. Corner buildings not on corners ?

    It is an intriguing look into the ruthless heart of the Gozzo-Ronzo engine. As I noted earlier, you can easily break zones up to ensure that the corner settings are adhered to for these teeny-tiny buildings.