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Bronzo City

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About this City Journal

The gleaming white jewel of the west, A city of jazz, Love, Noir, Extravagance, Luxury, And skyscrapers,


Entries in this City Journal


Old Town


Old town wasn't anything 20 years ago but a couple of shops, the high school, and the RKO building but now the first street market sells the freshest veggies in California and new hotels and offices have been built with the rising economy. Its still a dingy and rustic neighborhood but it has it's charms.


Some Updates

I've been out of the CJ game for awhile now because of some personal things and school but I'm ready to start regular content creation again.


This is a nature scene meant for the Catalina Hills post but it didn't make it in.


Spring shot of the newest department store in town.


I also decided a University was needed for a big city so the Piedmont University was born.


Further WorldBuilding


Further WorldBuilding


I'm going to use this entry as a way to explain some things and add a little more depth to some of the districts of the city.

The name "Bronzo City" comes from settlers from Italy who founded the town after finding an unusual amount of bronze ore north of their camp. The mines that helped grow the city are now covered by pavement and skyscrapers but you can still find bronze built into the buildings as decoration.


Since West Midtown was supposed to be the slums district I added some Goofyguytpa w2ws to make it more rundown.


Palais Plaza is the biggest plaza within the city and consists of an underground shopping mall.


The Retail district (Inspired by old Downtown LA) is the shopping capitol of the city with high end fashion to classy jazz clubs at the bottom floors of the area's offices. Even though its not the fullest its been after Vu Tower and Radio City Music Hall broke up the district the tram and tourists coming from shows have given store owners the customers they needed.

Earlier I made the Hotel Boom post which I want to explain a little more. In my home of NYC there is an epidemic, Not a virus but the plague of condo conversions; The Waldorf Astoria, 70 Pine, One Wall Street, Barclay Vesey Building, and even The Woolworth Building are being gutted to be turned into condos. While its not the same thing I made that CJ post to reflect it since its shameful what these companies are doing some of the first and beautiful skyscrapers.


Hotel Boom

The newest phase in 2017 Bronzo is the luxury hotel keeping in with the city's extravagant culture


Clad in a green terracotta facade with gold plated accents the new Waldorf Astoria Hotel looms over the Old City Hall.


If your budget is in the midline across from Carson City Plaza is the 16 story Marriott building in the Justice District


The Gothic Hotel built last year is another tall expensive hotel but what draws tourists to this one is the reported ghost sightings of the several workers who died from a series of accidents.


One of the reasons why these hotels are being built is the newly a new park scaped in Alameda which is bringing tourist from nearby and far away to see the imported hanging trees and reflecting pool at the peak of the hill.


La Mirage is located on one of the larger hills near Bronzo City and is the largest streamline moderne building in California.



After 50 and a half years Bronzo City was just hit by its second recorded snowfall. The Tram, Police, Fire Department, And other services weren't able to get out after the the huge snowstorm came in without warning and blasted the streets with snow leaving people unable to leave their jobs, schools, and apartments beacause of the city's lack of proper precautions and equipment.



Union City

After the Billionaire playboy Howard Mcallister bought the large piece of land from California he gave the most famous and rich property developers free reign to build in his Union City as long as it fit his vision of an Art Deco Future.


In the center of his luxury kingdom is the largest rail station in California bringing in thousands of people each day to frontier point. 


Inspired by the visions of the future in the 1930s Howard placed spotlights on buildings and in the air to draw attention to visitors. At night casinos and swanky nightclubs atop skyscrapers are one of the only places to see people breaking loose since in the day hours its a family friendly tourist town. Though the town is one of the highlights of the west Bronzo natives call it the American Dubai and insist if you wan't to see real culture come to Bronzo instead.



Frontier Point

In 1850 Frontier Point was the end stop of settlers heading from Arizona to Northern California in search of fertile soil and wealth. Of course they didn't reach Nocal but they did land near the up and coming mining town of Bronzo City; During the 1800s Frontier Point and Bronzo traded resources until Frontier Point and Bronzo City conjoined into the same city after growing problems with budget and Jurisdiction and Frontier Point became a Major District in 1892. 


Though it is not as big as Bronzo's Midtown area Frontier Point's Financial district is a major force in California's economy. ADPA Regulations still exist but allow for modern building styles if you cough up money for the license.


To revitalize the surrounding area the Works Progress Administration built the Rosemary Park Baseball field for the Local Frontier Greasers team.


In order to get into the very exclusive Chateau California Country club you must pass the Net worth check of $800,000 dollars as the locals won't allow filthy peasants to be in there presence.


Not long ago Billionaire property developer Howard Mcallister bought a large parcel of farmland and a huge chunk of state owned land just near downtown. No one knows what it's gonna be but we can assume it's gonna be big.



Outer Bronzo

Outer Bronzo- A place to live


Outer Marrow is a very slowed down quiet town compared to its bigger brother and is why its the most heavily rich part of the suburbs.


The very controversial White Rock Hill condo development was heavily protested for visual pollution and building over nature zones but I hear the penthouses have nice views of the city.


Near the development is a Californian feat of engineering,


The ADPA Building code still applies to the suburbs but is a little more lax and allowed a Bauhaus styled housing tract with a Streamline Deco shopping row back in 94'


One of the more interesting parts of the suburbs is the Muerto Woods. For some unproven reason the entire is unable to grow trees or any kind of flora besides grass only during the summer leaving it a very creepy area to walk around at night or without someone with you. Back the good old days when Spanish settlers lived here adjacent to the now Downtown area owned by the Italians at the time it was a local myth that the Devil lived there and would snatch kids up if they went snooping around the woods thus Muerto Woods; But since we don't live in villages anymore edgy teenagers take group pictures in it for cover art for their bad punk album.



When the sun goes down and the shops shut down Bronzo is still awake.


At night lights coming from windows create man made valleys otherwise not seen during the day and spotlights bathe offices in beautiful light


In Alameda Ciro's nightclub attracts plentiful visits from celebrities and paparazzi waiting to get a scoop on whatever vapid or uneventful thing they are up to.


If you're are looking for somewhere more hardcore to party at the Aqua club in the theater district is a huge concert venue and if you talk to the right people its a illegal casino racket but hey I don't know nothin. A block away is the Wisconsin Gas Building which has a Flame as it's crown to tell residents the weather through flickers and colors.

"When the flame is red, warm weather is ahead.

When the flame is gold, watch out for cold.

When the flame is blue, there's no change in view.

Where there's agitation, expect precipitation."


City through Time


All throughout the early 20th century Bronzo City was a thriving small city in Central California and was apart of all American cities when the Great Big Depression hit. Once this happened contractors built massive (Now demolished) tenements downtown which held thousands of poor families and gambling fronts. In 1938 the WPA funded the Bronzo City Power & Light Tower. It was a major step to economic prosperity in the great city but that would only come after the war.



Post war BC was the second biggest city in the western US and a gleaming example of the american dream. Skyscrapers such as City Spire One (Pictured right) and  Carew Tower (Not pictured) would blow Los Angeles out of the water.



Back in the '80s everything was totally rad! but the West Midtown neighborhood of Bronzo wasn't that tubular. Compact housing and crime along with hundreds of cases of arson made it one of the most ghetto places in California.



After 3 years the tallest building in California is now finished, The BC Memorial Tower makes the city look more like a metropolis than it ever did.


To combat car traffic in the city a new form of public transport in the city is the new Tram system. The system connects East to West Midtown with Bogart Heights in the north and the Theater District to the south.


In Overview:

When compared to the now economic superpowers like New York and LA you can say Bronzo is a very humble city but everyone knows Bronzo did it first.


Caterina Hills

Is your life a mess? Work stressing you out? Why not take drive through the beautiful landscape of Caterina Hills


Just a Little southeast of the city lies the industrial District of Bronzo and the Lakefront Casino which is one of the hottest casinos in the city even if its next to a chloride factory. Adjacent to the district is the St Aquinas cathedral and Valhalla cemetery which holds one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Calafornia.


Overlooking the city on the Caterina Mountain top is the Lacerta Observatory and Botanical Garden which is home to the most beautiful plants from across the nation.


During the Fall the colors of the landscape bring out the color in the Watts Point Coal Power Plant, The biggest non nuclear power plant in the state.


Thanks for reading as it took me a while to populate the tile with seasonal trees for this project and I'm happy i did since it looks amazing now. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as i did making it.


Red Vs Blue Parade

Even since it started back in 1894 the Red vs Blue festival has been something that brought the entire city together. The premise is simple two groups stand from opposite sides of the road yell at each other drink beer and have fun. Back when it started it was almost an all-out fight between the teams but now, well they still fight, why? no one knows but it's still an amazing sight to see out of a window or in a helicopter.



Tragedy in Midtown

On a hot summer day in Midtown a huge explosion flew out of the Gene Ebert bank tower and blew rubble across Palais Park and was at the time was suspected to be a gas line explosion.


Not too long after the explosion smoke and fire billowed out of the tower incinerating through 14 floors and across all sides of the building.


Sadly the efforts of fire fighters and Emergency officers proved to be inadequate and after fire ravaged through the building the old inner skeleton was melted down to liquid and the building collapsed killing 174 


As it turns out the Hawaiian revolution claimed the the explosion as an attack on America and the Navy and US Marines are putting more troops to restoring order in the major cities.


After a quick 4 months of clearing rubble the lot is cleared for redevelopment for a memorial tower that the city is voting for.


High above the Sky

On their way to Edwards AFB two US Navy Blimps were seen above Bronzo City. though they could be just cargo ships (Which the Navy uses frequently in SoCal) many are thinking it has something to do with the Armed revolution in Hawaii but none can be too sure. What we do know is the Hawaiian police force and citizens are rioting in Honolulu and Maui after the increased taxes to import and export in the state. Hopefully the military will settle down and stop the madness before things get out of hand.




Carson City Plaza

With tourism fluxing in Midtown Mayor Carson decided to give the same treatment to downtown. 

The often overlooked BC Power & Light Building was the tallest building in Bronzo when it was completed in 1931; Which is a sentiment to how much the cities' skyline has changed overtime. But with the New Carson City Plaza which includes an underground shopping pavilion and an ice skating rink and Christmas tree during the holidays downtown's small businesses are having a huge boom in sales from frickin' tourists.





Radio City

In a boardroom high above the city Bronzo City Officials were brainstorming of ways to draw tourism back into Bronzo and one suit thought of a brilliant idea:

"People like theaters right? how about we build the biggest one?"

And thus Radio City Music Hall was born; Being the biggest theater in the world at 87,120 ft investors are making a mint from the tours of the hall and the shows that rake in thousands of dollars a showing.



Theater District

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Bronzo the Theater district is home to many Big brand and Independent movie theaters. On Broadway beautiful offices like the Wisconsin Gas building, Eastern Columbia Building and the Title trust & Guarantee building are some of the center pieces of the area.




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