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Ionica - Marina Fun pt.1




Those of you who visited my Christmas CJ entry have already seen bits and pieces of what I am about to show you. This entry is the first of a three part series where I will show you some Marina styles I experimented with.

To create these Marinas I used nbvc's Marinas, nbvc's Modular Breakwater Set, JENX Quais de Seine (revisited) which I don't like as much as the originals, paeng Castle Walk and Castle Walls, kazuki's Red Brick Walls, Walls Pack 2, and a variety of underwater mmps mainly by nbvc. Enjoy!

Click on images to see full resolution.









Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


TekindusT: I would love to see some Simlympics coming from you! With that mix between the realism and the impossible that has amazed a lot of people here!

Thanks, I hope my Simplympics can live up to expectations. I've already seen some really good ones in the past.

gigius76: A bigger scale marina is amazing! I like the symmetry.

Hey gigius76, glad you like it, thanks. If you look closely and from another angle you can see the symmetry is only 90%.

Schulmanator: A seriously ambitious project! I look forward to seeing how it goes. :D

Thanks Schulmanator, good to have you along for the ride. Stay tuned!

KonstantinII: Very impressive

Thanks for your continued support KonstantinII.

Fox: You certainly did stun me with with update! Love the university gardens and the marina .. amazing as well as the Olympic area. I love the .gif at the start, really shows how drastically you've changed the place from the original, but some of the ideas have been good.

Thanks. Last time I actually meant that I hoped I would stun you with the next iteration of my University, not next CJ entry, but I'm glad you were stunned anyway.

Lord Branham: Absolutely marvelous!!! Cannot wait to see more of your wonderful world!

Thanks. You won't have to wait long.

Ln X: THIS. IS... simcity!?! I've got to admit you seem to have all the styles dialed.

Fully modded SC4 certainly is a whole new monster. Thanks. It has taken me a while to get to this point. If you go look at my earlier entries you can see that.

Huston: Ahh, I can't wait with all the stuff you've prepared for future updates :D

Thanks mate.

krbe: So the airport has been abandoned in favour of a spaceport? Not the worst idea, but I still believe you'd need an airport for more "local" trips. And yes, they are daunting, especially the runways which you are likely to need anyway... But remember BriPizza has made us wide-runway tiles (finally)! Maybe a bit more work, but the result is infinitely better.You ought to move the spaceport (and especially launch pads) away from built-up areas though... Just in case they trip over and explode. What about a major air- / spaceport and minor airports in cities though? Unless you're a fan of HSR of course. The suburbs looks quaint and liveable - and a lot better than they do up here in Copenhagen! And the marinas... Those are looking really good. I'm used to large systems of piers and boats close up to cities, so any wealthy areas with lots of water and islands around would have lots of boats floating around.

Whoa mega comment! I love it. The airport has been abandoned in favor of a spaceport/airport. It is going to be two things in one I hope. The spaceport you see in those pictures are really outdated concepts. I will make sure to have any rocket propelled spacecraft away from built up areas. Thanks for passing along those BriPizza wide runway tiles. I will use them for sure.

dossenaandrea: WOW!!! where did u get that pedestrian bridge in the 5th picture? thanks

I believe it is the Bendy Bridge by Murimk.

Bipin: Great work! I love how you've used my turbo roundabouts, just as intended!

Thanks. When it is finished you'll see that there is a turbo roundabout on each side of that bridge and when surrounded by buildings it looks pretty damn cool. Only problem is that the night lighting is too dark for Maxis Night. I still need to take a screenshot of that for you.

Gannet: I've never attempted a large metropolis myself. Maybe you can zoom out a bit, and show us a mosaic of the whole region, how everything looks as put together?

Still needs a lot of work. My region in currently composed of 29 functioning tiles that are all precisely connected and maintain continuity.


#1SithLord: Simply amazing. The amount of detail that went into each aspect of your city is simply incredible! Awesome stuff!

Glad you notice it. Thanks.

Xander Dax: Amazing!, though where did you get the red asian monument and trees from the park in the 12th picture?.

Thanks. I provided a link for the Asian Monument here.



Recommended Comments

Awesome regional picture, really puts things in to perspective.


Love the waterfront area, every piece from the plazas, marina, harbor walls to the coral.


Love the sunken rail too, great job with those bridges.

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Mega comment because I like building airports, and like seeing them realistic :P


Oh, and because it's your fault I downloaded the marinas. I'm usually no fan of the all high-rise mega cities (since they tend to look bland from the air, and even blander on the ground), but your neighbourhoods really do look nice. The riverworks are especially good.

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Great pictures as always, but that region shot...WOW. And all interconnected, you say? Continuity maintained, you say? Color me impressed, that's amazing! Keep up the good work.

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Great work!

You can make som small towns around here and there on your map (it wil not take much time) with some farm lands and forests, just so you don't leave thos empty tiles. Your map will look more realistic too, and you'll be developing towns and changing roads and stuff one by one just like real life :D


I really like this city! :D 

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