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Ionica - Marina Fun pt.2



The fun continues. Enjoy!

Side Note:

My progress just got set back by a week because I ran CHKDSK on my computer and that totally messed it up for some reason. Data gone! So weird 'cause I felt like some computer related catastrophe was going to impede my progress and in an attempt to make sure my computer was in the best condition I ran CHKDSK and that ended up killing it. Such a shame because I had designed some really amazing stuff for y'all. Remember to keep up to date backups of your region and your plugins.











Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.



Ln X, TekindusT, zlotka, Lost Realist, Terring, Cottoncandy Cyanide, Huston, UndercoverNinja12, Republic Master, tankman, Hazani Pratama, CGMozart118.

Thank you for your comments and support. Stay tuned.


zlotka: On your last picture (not the region shot), where could I find the building on the right that has MNC on it?

It is the MNC Tower by roe99.


blunder: Interestingly, out of all the stuff to notice what struck me is the use of the curves in the nbvc marina wall for the harbor egress. Nice touch :D

Thanks for noticing. I was inspired by marina walls I've seen in real life.


Lord Branham: I am in love with your water!!! It is so beautiful!!

Thanks. It is the PEG Brigantine Water Mod.


KonstantinII: now I must look at your images and study your building style for my own city.

Study away bud. I always pay attention to building orientation. I also always start a tile with a concept or BATs I really want to use then I create the world around them. Best of luck.


Schriefer: Wow, really nice! I loved it!Btw, that clouds are effects or MODs?

They're only effects. Wouldn't it be awesome if SC4 full fledged weather engine.


Fox: Awesome regional picture, really puts things in to perspective. Love the waterfront area, every piece from the plazas, marina, harbor walls to the coral.Love the sunken rail too, great job with those bridges.

Thanks. A lot of people seemed to enjoy that region shot which totally wasn't part of my CJ entry. Gannet simply asked to see the region and I delivered. Worked out i guess.


krbe: Mega comment because I like building airports, and like seeing them realistic :P Oh, and because it's your fault I downloaded the marinas. I'm usually no fan of the all high-rise mega cities (since they tend to look bland from the air, and even blander on the ground), but your neighbourhoods really do look nice. The riverworks are especially good.

Hahaha! Everyone should have nbvc marinas. I'm glad my mega-city catches your eye.


IL.: Great work! You can make some small towns around here and there on your map (it wil not take much time) with some farm lands and forests, just so you don't leave thos empty tiles. Your map will look more realistic too, and you'll be developing towns and changing roads and stuff one by one just like real life :D I like the idea of the ancient buildings and remaining like the city walls and the temple (y) I really like this city! :D

Thanks for your great suggestions. I will certainly fill up some of that land with some forests and farms. However I play with a central planning method. I don't build tiles small parts at a time, I build it all at once. Glad you like my eye for history.



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Damn, hope you can break some ground on progress, losing data is always #####. But the work on right now looks really great. Now you're making me feel the need to start backing up my files (got no back ups yet and my last ext. hard drive was practically fried so I lost any backups I had there too :P)

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