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Ionica - The Shape of Things to Come II


To kick off this 2014 season I give you a preview of what to expect in my CJ over the next few months. Some are projects that are nearly finished, others are plans I have for the future.


Those who are familiar with my CJ will recognize the GIF below as Avalon, the heart of Ionica. I've almost finished rebuilding, all that is left to do is add a few more buildings such as The Shard London Bridge by Xyloxadoria and IFC2 v3 by paulvmonfort. It is still going to take a while for this tile to be complete. Even after I press the play button and allow buildings to grow I am going to have to go in and manually place a few buildings. If you look closely you can see my custom lot of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower which uses the base texture of the red brick walls that have become part of Ionica's style.


GIF below may take a few seconds to load.


This is a closeup of some of my zoning in Avalon. Some buildings are placeholders, others are non-functional landmarks and space-fillers. I recently pressed the Play button and I've realized that I've zoned too many commercial areas. I usually like to have an even ratio between commercial and residential but right now my commercial is much too high.


New City Hall and Government Administration Center in Veritas

Veritas used to be a very cluttered and dense metropolis much like Avalon. Now it is being rebuilt from the ground up as much more neatly organized and spacious area. There is still a lot to be done in this tile. I'd say it is only 30% complete and it is going to take quite a while to finish because many of it's elements are very ambitious. I also just acquired NAM32 and that has added a whole bunch of new things I have to learn how to use.




Simlympic Park in Veritas

These are a couple of close up shots of the area around the main Stadium. Can't show you that much right now because it is in a fairly raw state and I don't want to give away everything just yet.



Suburbs/Low Density Residential Areas

If you've been following my CJ then you've seen a few attempts at making low density residential areas. I intend to have more of these this year even though I haven't started work on any yet. There are a few things I need to get sorted out with SAM; just need to delete a red brick override mod I'm using. Shouldn't be hard.




My next few CJ entries will focus on three tiles in which I experimented with nbvc's marinas. Some of you have already seen parts of them in my Christmas CJ entry. I need to re-download some PEG marinas because I have missing dependencies and need to figure out what they are. I also recently downloaded Olscare and Benoit's Mediterranean Marinas along with all the dependencies. Not sure when and where I'll use them.


This is a bigger scale marina I have in the works but it is going to take a while for the rest of the tile to be finished so you probably won't see it for a while.


Little J-Town

Ionica features a lot of Asian W2W buildings but I've never really made an fully Asian area before. It is kind of a small homage to the all great Japanese style CJs. This area has been finished for a while, just waiting for the right time to show it.


Ogma University

Another big project for this year, as mentioned in my previous entry, is Ogma University. I want to start rebuilding it soon, but I also don't want to get sidetracked from completing other things I've nearly finished.


Industrial Seaports

Currently the only industrial seaport in Ionica is in Avalon. My city needs more, a lot more. After I download a few more modular seaport sets I'm going to start construction on a few test tiles where I will experiment with certain construction styles and determine which are the best. This has a very high priority and I should be starting pretty soon. Hopefully you'll see more examples of industrial seaports in the next few months.



Industrial & Agricultural Areas

This is another element that is lacking in Ionica and is on my high priority list. I want to do something like in the pictures below but done on a really massive scale. Just have to figure out where I want to put it.




A while back I was working on an Airport which I later abandoned in favor of another idea. I'm still acquiring the materials necessary to construct it and it will probably take a while for me to get to it. It is quite a daunting task because I know it will be very difficult and will take a lot of time but Ionica will not be complete until I have constructed it.



The Military Industrial Complex

Ionica is not a nation of war but I do believe it should have the means to fight them if necessary. This is another idea I probably won't start working on for a while, but it is always in the back of my mind and I'm on the lookout for modern and futuristic military BATs.



That's it for now. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks.


Lord Branham: I rather like it!! Just out of curiosity I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the colored building at the bottom of the first picture and the name of the white marble house in the second picture near the top?

I think the first building you are talking about is the Old University and the white marble building is the NYTB Metropolitan Club.

nos.17: I absolutely love it! I have never seen the university pack used to this extent. I would suggest that you add a lot more parking, whether it be above or underground, and some mid-rise on-campus student housing/dorms. Definitely +1

Thanks for your suggestions. If you look in the last pic where you see the whole layout of the University you will notice that I had already started a few mid-rise residential areas for the students. Good call on the parking.

TekindusT: I concur with your opinion, I also find it really tight. With that variety of BATs you could perfectly cover a 4x4 tile only with university-related stuff, why not trying it? I'm sure it will be epic.

Thanks TekindusT, part of me really wants to do it on a really big tile, but at the same time I realize the bigger the tile the longer it will take. I'll have to think about it.

Huston: That's quite the university you've built, and Tekindus' suggestion of building it on small city tile. Very ideal. :)

Hey Huston, thanks. Like I told TekindusT, I'll have to think a bit more about the tile size. One thing I didn't mention in my University entry is that I want to have a Prothean Reaserch Department area where I use some of your ME BATs.

SimRico: Very nice


47ply: I like it good job

Thank you. Stay tuned.

Basilins: A castle in a university ? I'd heard such a thing, so I suggest that you can put something else instead of the castle. Yet, it looks well. And in first picture, there is a huge walking way between the building. You can put a forest park in there. There are trees but if you put forest in or around the campus it would look better, I think. It looks the university more "green". ^_^ Good job..

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I definitely want to have a forest somewhere in or around the campus. You and a few other people have commented on the castle in the University; I'll think long and hard before placing it in my new one.

Schulmanator: Looks cool. I like it!

Hey Schulman! Thanks.

John2098: It looks great! You should post is on the ST/Exchange.

Thanks John2098. Unfortunately for you this University is not a consolidated Lot that can be downloaded. However, you can download the Clayhurst Starter Pack which i advertized and make your own unique University.

#1SithLord: Nice University! What majors are offered? :P

Thanks. If I had to make a list of all the Majors it would be way to long.

Ace❤: Great University Militant! Having visited Harvard, Emory, and M.I.T campuses recently, I totally see what you're going for. :thumb: Only thing I'm hesitant on is that castle. It just looms over everything... :no:

Good suggestions. The reason I have the castle is because of the European/British element I wanted to add. I had this idea that the land the University is on was donated by some royal family or nobility which is why there is a castle on the grounds. If I decide to keep the castle I will certainly think long and hard about how and where to place it. Maybe it shouldn't be directly in the campus but further away, maybe overlooking the campus would be nice.

Lord Branham: Thank you very much, and once again Marvelous work!!!

My pleasure.

Fox: Stunning layout of the university .. and I love the choices for the sporting facilities.

Thanks, I hope to stun you even more with the next one.

Hazani Pratama: Great University!

Good to see you Hazani, thanks!

KonstantinII: It is realistic. Are the gray streets functional? You can use these buildings for your university

I'm pretty sure the grey streets are functional because they have a piece that connects to streets and roads. However I have never pressed the play button on that tile so I don't know for sure. Thanks for passing along that list of buildings. I had most of them and some of the ones by kellydale are the reason I decided to restart my University.



Recommended Comments

You certainly did stun me with with update!


Love the university gardens and the marina .. amazing as well as the Olympic area.


I love the .gif at the start, really shows how drastically you've changed the place from the original, but some of the ideas have been good.

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So the airport has been abandoned in favour of a spaceport? Not the worst idea, but I still believe you'd need an airport for more "local" trips.


And yes, they are daunting, especially the runways which you are likely to need anyway... But remember BriPizza has made us wide-runway tiles (finally)! Maybe a bit more work, but the result is infinitely better.


You ought to move the spaceport (and especially launch pads) away from built-up areas though... Just in case they trip over and explode. What about a major air- / spaceport and minor airports in cities though? Unless you're a fan of HSR of course.


The suburbs looks quaint and liveable - and a lot better than they do up here in Copenhagen! And the marinas... Those are looking really good. I'm used to large systems of piers and boats close up to cities, so any wealthy areas with lots of water and islands around would have lots of boats floating around.

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I've never attempted a large metropolis myself. Maybe you can zoom out a bit, and show us a mosaic of the whole region, how everything looks as put together?

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Amazing!, though where did you get the red asian monument and trees from the park in the 12th picture?.


I've answered your question in the Can't Find It forum thread.

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