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Ionica - Canal Fun



Welcome back to



blunder: Hahaha! I loved the Center for kid's who can't read good, and want to learn to do other good stuff too. I notice there are no gas stations near it, thankfully. ;)

No, but you can find some orange mocha cappuccino's right down the street. Thanks

Altec: Che FC, awesome x)

Heh, wasn't sure if people would notice that. Thanks.

Benedict: Insane update! What is the cube building with the round windows (in front of the tetris plaza building)?

Thanks Ben, the sweet cube building is the Kring Seoul and it can be found on the ST/Exchange.

dubaidude303: WOHA!! Great work dude! :)

Hey dude, thanks.

10000000000000: that's pretty sweet 8)

Glad you enjoyed it thanks

IL.: What an amazing CJ and BATs, did you get most of these BATs from somewhere specific other than simctropolis and sc4devotion?

I'd say 80% of BATs are from Simtropolis and SC4 devotion and recently I've been getting a few BATs from more 'obscure' sites.

SimCoug: I saw that first mosaic, and thought "wow, great mosaic!" - then I saw the next one, and the next one, and the next one - they just kept coming!

Heh, I myself didn't even realized I made so many mosaics until I saw the whole thing in CJ form. I guess I went wild.

newyorka: This is awesome! But where do you get most of your downtown buildings and the under highway parking?

Thanks, lots of those buildings can be found on the ST/Exchange. Check out Nofunk and Scotty222, for a start.

hammysonata: haha: "Zoolander F.C" Beautiful work!

A soccer team made entirely of male models.

Blakeway: Amazing work!!

Thanks Blakeway

ggamgus: Loved it! :D LOL, Center for Kids who can't read good... :P But you put a picture of Pierce Brosnan for Skyfall. That's supposed to be Daniel Craig. A blasphemy against the 007 Series, get him!!! *James Bond fans rush at Militant* :P

Thanks ggamgus, but in my alter-verse Pierce Brosnan is still Bond. Also, Daniel Craig is my least favorite Bond. o.O My bond list goes as follows: Connery, Brosnan, Moore, Dalton, Lazenby, Craig. Craig has no charisma, he's just a hunk of muscle. Heck, I like George Lazenby a hell of a lot more as Bond than Craig. :ONonetheless, I am looking forward to Skyfall. :}

This one is for you (I initially wanted to put Connery's head but I couldn't find the right pic to match):


Schulmanator: All-around awesome! from A to Zoolander!

Lol, great tag-line. Thanks. If my CJ was a DVD cover it would say that on the front!

Hazani Pratama: Very Cool!

Thanks Hazani.

westy177: So awesome with quirky comedy as well this is an excellent update.

Thanks, I wanted to find somewhere I could use the BAT of the Center for Kids.

urbanconstanta: speechless!!!! great work

Appreciated, thanks.

987654321: охуитительно!!!!!!! просто пиздец как клево!!!!

Спасибо Вам большое (Thank you very much, according to google translate).

Bluthlucidity: Quite the collection of custom content!

It's what you have to have when you block Maxis buildings.

pspfat: Another blasphemy against Apple this time :D

I don't really see how, but okay...

Ionica - Canal Fun

Since it's inception, city planners have been trying make Ionica a modern paradise on earth. The city, in partnership with some of the it's biggest companies, have been pouring billions of Ionican Sovereigns into Park and Recreation services.

The basis of the Ionica's modern design is human centered and user friendly and it's philosophy is: Conceptual simplicity and structural complexity achieve the greater state of humanity. The result has been a drastic increase in green spaces in all Zones of the city giving citizens plenty of space to stretch their legs in an otherwise densely packed metropolis.

The canals you see here are a series that stretch across five small zones right above Avalon. They have no true commercial purposes because they are for the most part too narrow and the bridges are too low to allow commercial vessels to pass through. However, they do allow citizens who own their own boats to leisurely cut from one body of water to another. There are also water taxis that can be used to get from one place to another, but don't expect to get far fast because there are quite a few canal locks that separate the canal styles.



L. Baron's newest luxury condos by the canal. So expensive!



The canal system is has three levels. One above ground level, one at ground level, and one below ground level.



I can see the canal from my pool!


Everything is quiet at 5am.


Bird's Eye view from atop the Corolian tower.



Free pedal boats for everyone!



Red dusk.






Lovers on the water at midnight.


Thanks for visiting!


Recommended Comments

James Bond is my favorite film character and movie series EVER. I grew up on Bond, and am still pretty much obsessed w/ Bond...and still pretending I'm Bond myself lol.........I grew up w/ Pierce Brosnan so he will always be my favorite...but Daniel Craig may be the coolest Bond of all of them, although I always wished they wouldn't make him have to be so built. But Connery was big too...Craig is definitely a Connery-type. I think the reason DC seems strange as Bond to some people then, and still, may be because he came after PB, which is a very different contrast. If DC had existed right after Connery then I think no one would think DC as Bond is strange.............oh, and excellent work on this entry lol

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Nice! Moore More, I say when it comes to James Bond. I hate Craig, he's just a hunk of muscle with barely any personality.

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I'd argue that Lazenby was actually in one of the better Bond movies, the greatly underappreciated "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". It had an interesting, complex plot, good locations, it followed the book almost word for word, and Lazenby put in a pretty good performance in the saddest ending for the franchise. I'm fine with Daniel Craig, his coldness matches up with the character from the books quite well. Roger Moore was goofy, but I can't help but love all his movies, too. At some level, all of them work for me!

Anyways, have I never visited this journal before? If not, I am ashamed, because these are amazing pictures, and this entry is especially beautiful with the canals being featured. Did you include the Morris Marina? I hope the people there watch out for falling pianos...

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