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  1. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    If you liked the first one, you'll like the second one. Some good jokes for people who loved the comics (especially 90s X-Men like me). Back to Star Trek tonight, but tomorrow night might be the second season of Hitoshi Matsumoto's comedy challenge on Amazon Prime. The first season was an absolute riot.
  2. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    In honor of sitting down to watch Deadpool 2, chimichangas for everyone. Tacos. Burritos. Those little things filled with cheese. And what the heck, why not: churros.
  3. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5946 I get the feeling they're constantly filming stuff in New York. It was the same when I lived near Tokyo. Any time we went into the city we saw film crews hard at work.
  4. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Such a nice splash of color! I do like those daffodils. Aren't they also called narcissus? The Downtown Development Authority in town here keeps our streets lined with big, colorful bouquets, both along the streetsides and hanging from streetlamps. My wife, being Japanese, finds them to be too chaotic. I guess they aren't planted with ikebana in mind. I'm not sure what kind of flower they are (I suppose there are geraniums and pansies among them), but I am sure that they are at the end of their lives.
  5. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    I love the changing seasons, whenever the next one comes there is always something fun about it. There are a few trees around us that are starting to show their fall colors, and next week we'll have temperatures around 10C. That'll be some good hot chocolate weather. Blooming spring flowers sound so nice. I'll be looking forward to that in six months!
  6. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    It's gotten warm again *sigh* and will probably stay warm through the weekend, but I'll survive. I suppose it's going to take this whole gallon of cookies and cream ice cream, but I'll make it. (I whined about the weather a lot this summer, didn't I?) How's the weather where you are?
  7. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    I just love GOG. Also, welcome back, Empowered One.
  8. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Neelix cooks up some weird stuff on Star Trek Voyager. I am curious as to what his concoctions would taste like if they were real, instead of just decorations put together by a prop department for a fictional TV show. We had fried rice for dinner, and it tastes especially good with a generous portion sri racha sauce on top. Pull up a chair and have some. Don't forget to wash it down with some barley tea.
  9. Recently I've discovered that Meg Myers exists and I rather like her music.
  10. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Hopefully the last hot, humid, stagnant air day is behind us, although I doubt it. September still stretches 30 days ahead of us. Still, here's hoping! I feel like eating some of the lesser-known but more-unhealthy Japanese fare. How about we grill up some okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and takoyaki. Oh, how about some ikayaki, too? Oh boy, that sounds good.
  11. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Well, since life must go on, we've decided to proceed with Star Trek Voyager. While I don't have the fondness for this series I do for TOS, TNG, and DS9, I still think Janeway is a great captain and I kinda want to hang out with The Doctor and Tom Paris. I think we'll have some cookies tonight. Oreos, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sugar (with and without frosting), maybe I'll even rustle up some fudge rounds. Help yourselves!
  12. Is Buying a MacBook Pro Worth It?

    Please be patient with replies. Creating a duplicate topic is not the solution to a lack of replies. I don't know anything about Macbooks, but I've had good luck with the longevity of my HP laptops. It sounds like you want a Macbook, so do what you want.
  13. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    My beloved Granny has passed on this week, so I'm in my hometown for a few days. She grew up during the depression and was told she would not have kids. She had 5 kids and shared every last dime she had with them and with us, her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her influence stretched all the way to Japan, thanks to me. So let's have some stuffed green peppers (she made excellent stuffed peppers) and pecan pie (her favorite) in celebration of her life.
  14. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    My daughter recently got interested in space stuff, so we're reading through an astronomy book she borrowed from the library. It's interesting, although probably 10 years outdated at this point. Still, I'm glad she's showing an interest in stuff like this. Let's raise our glasses in a toast for knowledge!
  15. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5943 I, too, have a cousin Allie. She spells it differently, however.