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Ionica - Autumn Dank

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Welcome back to


Autumn Dank

I haven't finished the tile I'm working on right now so I've just put together a few new mosaics of some old stuff. Enjoy.

It's unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly. It's Autumn Dank.








Schulmanator: Impressive! Their effort is a great success.

Thanks Shulmanator, glad you enjoyed it.

Jacob Guajardo: Wow I am speechless great work.

Sweet, thank you.

10000000000000: Simply gorgeous pictures! Great photoediting effects to accompany them :thumb:

Great to hear that from you, thanks.

Simul8ter8: WOW........................ the end..... hey...hey you.... what building is that at the end?

Thanks Simul8ter8, I think the building you are talking about is called Equity Tower and you can find it on the ST/Exchange.

dubaidude303: Great work agian dude! :)

Hey dude, thanks.

ggamgus: Yet another epic entry. :) BTW, Daniel Craig is mah favorite! Brosnan and Connery can't compare! >:-D

It certainly turned out that way, thanks ggamgus. BTW, that's blasphemy! :D Can't wait to see the new Bond film.

spursrule14: James Bond is my favorite film character and movie series EVER. I grew up on Bond, and am still pretty much obsessed w/ Bond...and still pretending I'm Bond myself lol.........I grew up w/ Pierce Brosnan so he will always be my favorite...but Daniel Craig may be the coolest Bond of all of them, although I always wished they wouldn't make him have to be so built. But Connery was big too...Craig is definitely a Connery-type. I think the reason DC seems strange as Bond to some people then, and still, may be because he came after PB, which is a very different contrast. If DC had existed right after Connery then I think no one would think DC as Bond is strange.............oh, and excellent work on this entry lol

Thanks spursrule. Still pretending to be Bond, jokes. Who doesn't want to play Bond once and a while? But be careful with that license to kill. I feel Daniel Craig had the good fortune of being in a great Bond film, Casino Royal, but I don't think he really embodies Bond in the same way Connery and Brosnan did. It's not that I have i problem with Bond being muscular, that's cool, but I also want Bond to be really suave, I don't think DC had that. Also, Quantum of Solace is pretty bad, not the worst Bond, but down there. I really like Brosnan because he was kind of a prefect cross between Connery and Moore. Unfortunately, PB was in a couple of terrible Bond films (World is not Enough and Die Another Day) and that shredded his Bond cred a little. See you at the next Bond film :}.

Mayorjacks: O_O oh...my.....*faints* BTAVO SIR :)


Jetty Jockey: Wow ! Very modern, very colorful. Great stuff !

Thanks Jetty, glad you enjoyed it.

Hazani Pratama: Beautiful,I love it!

Thanks for your continued support Hazani.

IL.: it is very inspiring :D

Glad it inspired you IL.

blunder: Loving the canals! And you would take Dalton and Lazenby over Craig? Eh....that would be tough to do for me, i hated those 2.

Thanks blunder. That's just my opinion. I don't necessarily blame Craig for his portrayal of Bond, but they toned down the charisma way too much and it hurt him I think.

SimCoug: Yes, Connery is the best Bond... hell, he's the best everything. Those canals are awesome - makes me want to take a trip down them in one of those fancy boats. :)

Thanks SimCoug! You're frikin' right, Connery is the best everything. He's a regular Midas, and he ages well like a fine wine!

Ryno917: Gorgeous! Where did you get the avenue pedestrian overpasses? I haven't seen any ped bridges that large before. :)

Thanks Ryno, bripizza is the answer I believe.

Haljackey: Good work! Very vivid images!

Thanks, glad it added some color to your day.

hammysonata:Amazing work! I love the humor you use also ("Free pedal boats for everyone") :D

Well, I mean, who doesn't want a free pedal boat? Thanks.

stocktons_pimp: this is inspirational... i think i'll put some canals in my downtown like that

Glad you were inspired! Do it!

hahei: Nice! Moore More, I say when it comes to James Bond. I hate Craig, he's just a hunk of muscle with barely any personality.

We certainly see eye to eye on this subject. Moore was a great Bond, some of the films he was in weren't, but that doesn't matter. Man with the Golden Gun is one of my favorite Bond films. Did you see the graph that came out recently that shows the kill count from each Bond film? In Man with the Golden Gun, Bond kills only one person. Frikin bad ass!

NMUSpidey: I'd argue that Lazenby was actually in one of the better Bond movies, the greatly underappreciated "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". It had an interesting, complex plot, good locations, it followed the book almost word for word, and Lazenby put in a pretty good performance in the saddest ending for the franchise. I'm fine with Daniel Craig, his coldness matches up with the character from the books quite well. Roger Moore was goofy, but I can't help but love all his movies, too. At some level, all of them work for me!

Anyways, have I never visited this journal before? If not, I am ashamed, because these are amazing pictures, and this entry is especially beautiful with the canals being featured. Did you include the Morris Marina? I hope the people there watch out for falling pianos...

Glad you stopped by Spidey. I am a huge fan of OHMSS and I totally agree with your analysis even though I didn't read the book. I feel Lazenby gets a lot of flack because he was basically replacing Connery at the time and had he just been Connery's successor rather than his replacement he would have been recognized as a great Bond.

Liszak: My god that....that's just you know...WOOW!

Thanks Lisazak.

whistlewind12: wow....


peep12: where did you get that tower in the 9th picture great work.

Thanks for your support, that building was acquired on the ST/Exchange.

mk11232: Which street mod is that in the 13th picture? The one where the street goes to elevated with the separated lanes in the very bottom of the pic?

Thanks for your support mk11232. (I've answered your question in a message)

Benedict: Great update - and congratulations, you're back at number one on BTT this week.

Wow, that is...terrifying! :P

Thanks for stopping by.

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[quote name='Kruness' timestamp='1351328063'] is that autumn of Ionica? or is it the last summer in The Netherlands? no just kidding, awesome photoshopping, and the city afcourse. [/quote] I wish that the netherlands is a metropolis.

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