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This is a very simple relot of two BATs, turning them into 'police stations' for an efficent fight against crime:

- a drug enforcement administration (small, original bat by gutterclub)

with 3 cars,14 cells, maintenance cost $90.


- criminal investigation department (big, original bat by jsteed)

with 7 cars, 40 cells, maintenance cost $280


Both work as police stations in game. Please don't forget to endorse the original models creators



nyembassy3-0x5ad0e817_0x323eb6fa_0x110000.SC4Model (you only need the model file contained in the zip)

54TeedStreet-0x5ad0e817_0x411658bd_0x30000.SC4Model (you only need the model file contained in the zip)


BSC Textures Vol01

BSC Textures Vol02



Happy gaming.

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T Wrecks

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Good eye! Both BATs actually look pretty police-y. Very structured and strict, in dark and sober colours, and slightly intimidating/oppressive. :lol: I think you really found BATs that radiate a suitable character.

The lots are plain and simple, and that's precisely why they do the job just fine. No frills, no fancy stuff (move on, there's nothing to see here!), but plausible, realistic and with that "official" vibe (as opposed to any playful details that would just not convey the right mood).

I'd also like to thank you for reminding us all of two BAT artists that tend to be overlooked and underrated a bit IMO: gutterclub and jsteed. For those who are not familiar with these names, I do recommend searching for more of their stuff - you might just be surprised!

My conclusion: Thank you very much for sharing this one, and I'll say that we need more of this kind of re-lots in general. So many great BATs out there, so much potential...

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Lost Realist


Much appreciated civic relot.


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Great concept and fantastic choose of buildings to lot. Police stations are in much need, particularly when adequately modded. This is gonna be an staple of mine, surely.

Only one detail: as the file is a 7z, some users could have problems decompressing it. Maybe it would be better to reupload it as a zip file.

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