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Hello I updated the mod 



!!U need to start a new game if u want to make the mod work!!




What's New 2.0.0



How to install?

1. Download the RCI mod file

2.Go to (My computer\local disk\program files\Origin games\Simcity\Simcitydata)

3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.

4. Launch the game.

5. Save the game.

6. Quit the game.

7. Relaunch the game.

8. Resume the game.

This mod does not need project akar or avalon files. This is one separate mod. The buildings will be in the government buildings section(where the town hall and mayors house is). This mod has every single building in simcity 5 except the futuristic ones.

!! If you have any problems/bugs, let me know !!

 There will about 35-45 pages in the government buildings. Some of the buildings are not organized in low wealth to high wealth.

ENJOY your mod!! :)

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SimCity enthusiast

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great mod lots of potential. 

Although you cant actually plop any of the building which was a big downer.

instead of having the buildings be in the Government Building it should go into its own tab

next to the zoning tab.


Also instead of the The name being * * *  have it say "Commercial $$$" description being Debug Tool, have it say some thing like  "high density commercial". make each according to the building type, density, and wealth.



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after I have played around with mods,



RCI PLOP MOD (by coolboy_22) 2.0.0, not working.

Any idea what can gone wrong?


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This mod is a big help if you want to have skylines all over the place, but if you want to do a small town, just ZONE IT BOY.

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Baybars 07

  Edited by Cyclone Boom  

On 22/12/2016 at 1:37 AM, Drexel937 said:

How are the guys getting this to work online-    I need it online to compete on the LB.     Many are using it now- See NAW1 under Population... scope his City out.    Thy are altering the LB with it.

@Drexel937 it only works on offline according to the comments, no need to be judgemental. Mine is working on offline. And your problems goes in the comments not in the reviews because u cannot reply in reviews. And what is LB?

Mod Edit: Merged into a quote. -CB

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