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Pegasus Productions has finally decided to join the farming craze with this initial offering of a tranquil poultry farm for your rural and agricultural regions. The classic Victorian style ranch house graces the 3x3 lot which abounds with plenty of aggie charm in a down-home country setting.

And if you are buying any of this tripe, I've got some prime swampland to sell you... and I'll even toss in the Brooklyn Bridge. "The" Chicken Ranch, made world-famous by the hit move, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, is a Texas institution that dates back to the early 1900s. Although illegal, a beneficial relationship between "the lady of the house" and local law enforcement allowed The Chicken Ranch to operate continuously until the 1970s. Throughout its years of operation, countless criminals were apprehended from tips provided by the staff to local law enforcement. Always a "high class joint", the Ranch's patrons and frequent visitors included many of Texas' upright & respected citizens, including judges and state Governors.

The house on the lot is modeled after the house that was used to film the movie. There are ploppable farm & growable versions included... each with a handful of Industrial Agriculture jobs... and it actually does have chickens and a chicken coop. If you keep a close eye out, you may even see Burt & Dolly come out from time to time to say Howdy!

The lots feature a custom query and custom sound effects... and are BTE Sleeze Reward enabled. Both ploppable and growable lots are also transit enabled and generate kickbacks... er, income. The lots use the PEG Seasonal Trees which requires that the PEG Seasonal Woods be installed. All other props are included in an included resource file.

Well, everyday around this time the party is just getting stated down at The Ranch. So git 'er installed, and head on over for some fun & frolicin'. Can y'all say,  "YEE HAW" ?  Sure ya can...

** Special thanks & recognition to BarbyW who co-authored the growable version of this lot. Her expertise with growables and agricultural lots was absolutely invaluable.

The Chicken Ranch requires the PEG Seasonal Woods to  be installed.


**This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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maybe if the writing would be smaller and not so directly on the picture, we could see better what it looks like, no? I personally I like to see before I download. Looking good though Peg.

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This is a superb lot that I am proud and honoured to have helped with. It looks excellent and the query and sound are brilliant. Now I await the silly comments.

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BTW... Burt and Dolly do come out to say Howdy. Keep an eye out in the late afternoon. Sorry... no autographs! ;-)

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Noooooo - I didn't read the release notes. To be deleted (I make my cities idealistic rather than realistic). nice model though.

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As usual, my dear Pegasus, you have created another wonderful addition to our gaming pleasure. Truly a great lot! Thanks, as well, to Barby for her help. This will look great sittng just outside of town on the road well travelled.

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Awesome!!! We have 3 chicken farms to choose from now. Kickass. Too bad the eggs are too small to BAT. LOL.

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Hoooooooowie! As a "Texan in exile" I certainly appreciate having such a distinguished Texas institution grace my fair city. Now we just need the Flores Country Store (Outdoor venue/bar, frequented by Willy & the like) and the next-door General Store (best BBQ in world) and I'm set. :)

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Dev, you do realise it says "until the 1970's", right? Also, you do realise this is a GAME, right? It's a funny reference to a funny movie from before you were born. If you don't have anything nice to say....

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      So this is the missing list I did originally, since then a number of these plugins have been uploaded, so this topic is to work out what's been uploaded, what still needs to be uploaded and what's still missing.
      BEX PEG 9x9 PPond Water Plop by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
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      Streetside Diagonal Parking by Paeng    
      The Three Islands by Vandy    
      Transitions and Turbulences by Paeng

      EDIT: Colour Codes
      GREEN has been uploaded to the club
    • By catty-cb
      These following posts contain the notes that Paeng made for the forum attachments he had over at SimPeg, also on talking to him he gave me the following permission re his SC4 plugins
    • By Pegasus
      This is a prop pack designed for use with the PEG CSK2. It contains a collection of larger motorized barges, called "Scows", that will be used on a variety of CSK2 lots. As such, this collection will be listed as a Dependency for many CSK2 add-on packs.... and possibly some CDK lots as well.
      Each of the scows is unique is some fashion... hauling different cargos such as 55 gal. drums and crates, bagged items such as grain, and bulk cargos such as coal.
      The scows are included in several new prop families so that they can be made to appear randomly on certain CSK2 lots... and at different times. This should add a little life and variety to the otherwise static channels & canals.
      The props may also be used by other developers in their creations. The details and specifics are documented in the Developer Notes section of the Readme file.
      ** This Product has no external dependencies.
    • By Pegasus
      Add a little life to your CSK2 channels and canals with the CSK2 Random Traffic add-on. This is a collection of CSK2 water lots that feature randomly appearing canal traffic that changes throughout the day. The boat models don't move, or course... but the shuffling action as they change and disappear/re-appear helps to create the illusion of the ever-changing scene along the waterways.
      Each lot has a unique dependency on a CSK add-on that you likely already have. Each type of lot is included in a separate file so you can remove any one that you do not wish to use. All of the lots have no YIMBY/NIMBY effect and cost only one buck to maintain.
      The four lots included are:
      The Random Small Barge
      Size: 1x1
      Features the small barges from the CSK. Randomly selected with different barges appearing in the AM & PM.
      Requires: The  PEG CSK Barges
      The Random Scow
      Size: 1x4
      Features the scows from the CSK2. Randomly selected with different scows appearing in the AM & PM.
      Requires: The  PEG CSK2 Scows
      The Random Annabellelin Paddle Wheeler.
      Size: 1x5
      Features the steam boat from the CSK2 Annabellelin Restaurant.. The paddle wheeler will appear in the AM and then again in the PM, running in the other direction.
      Requires: The PEG CSK2 Annabellelin Restaurant
      The Random Scow Dock
      Size: 1x5
      This is a length of industrial docks featuring random scows and shuffling cargo on the docks. It is ideal when used as the edge of your canal along industrial zones. It is a neutral lot, with no properties and the same 1 buck maintenance cost of other CSK lots.
      Requires: The PEG CSK2 Scows & the PEG CSK2 Docks
      ** This Add-On requires the PEG CSK2 as well as those
       dependencies listed listed above for each type of lot.

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