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  1. Thanks. Anyone knows why Apple do this? I understand 32bit is old but some applications are old such as SimCity for example. Im on high sierra. Sour apples... as most often dis days. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hmm i bought SC 4 deluxe at steam today. Have a macbook pro from 2011. No problem yet. Should it be? Havent played Sc4 since 2009 or so.
  3. Not officially for the release date, no. Unofficially, I read a post on another forum that Maxis was posting job needs for folks who would work on the coding to port a "major new game" to the Mac. So, perhaps...? not logged in so much, but have read it now, thanks
  4. Population limit?

    In SC4 i had 350k ppl. i would love to have much more to see what aim capable of, 350000ppl wasnt easy, but id like a 7 million ppl city if possible. Maybe not sure how it wld work in a game lite Sim City though
  5. Its too early to know. The thing with "more fun" and skip the complexity of the game in SC4 sounds bad though, it is a city building game, and it should look great, not edgy & too colorful. Roads should be curved and the online play can wait, it is not a onlinegame! It could be great fun, of course, but to make this the greatest game since SC4 they will shoot for "an upgraded SC4" imo. I can't wait really, but now its summer so we can managed it.
  6. BSC Mac Archive

    hey I've been away from the community & the game for 4-5 yrs. Gotten macs instead now, so how does it work on Mac? Iv get Macbook Pro from march 2011 (the latest & cheapest model 13inch). Aspyr don't have the game in stock anymore, where to buy SC4 Deluxe edition for Mac now? any other nice tips on the way for me? Thank you
  7. SC4 performance on various Macs

    I've got the latest MBPro 13". never played on it, not SC4, id want to get it for MAC, Lion. any warnings other than above. the cheapest New macbook pro is it that i ve got. My old PC with XP isn't that fast, especially running SC4 deluxe.
  8. Amporn Apartment

  9. Cities XL 2011 Verdict so far

    Originally posted by: urbanboarder hey guys is this game available for mac??quote> i wonder that too. I will not do boot camp when i got Mac Os for pete sake
  10. Manila Philippines

    Perfect sized too. Unfortuantley i wont play real city maps. but this looks fun as well. Big up
  11. The Plugin Compress folder

    thank you for the help. Fortuanally i had a non packed backup of all the plugs. Big up!