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  1. Trappets' Multipurpose HS Ballpark

    a rough list of the dependencies? pass
  2. SG CocaCola Building ReLot

    nice! thanks for sprucing up this great building. it was very hard to add on to the old lot's base. to make it blend in.
  3. 40th Wall Street

    nice! the gothic styles rule. i like the center structure but the "wings" could be more uniform. maybe in the same texture as the center building too
  4. General design question.

    i have a question,but i'm not sure were to post this i have trouble with the all green education radius that can get very chaotic for me is there a modd or anyone that can make one that changes it to say one color for elm schools one for high schools and so on?
  5. TX Torre Latinoamericana

    ya like the 3100 people so far i think i'll download too,something tells me the base will look as good as the top!! nice work
  6. Bear Stearns world headquarters

    there must be a bug with this building,i put it in my city and now all my residential property values are down,and thay keep foreclosing on the mid$ houses, then someone renamed the building to JP.morgan..... just kidding good,good job!!!
  7. maybe someone can help me here,after playing the game sc4 r,for a long time i lost my hard drive ,now all my plugins are gone and i have to start all over again! after formating my drive(boohoo) well it's been so long i've forgot what to do with this and the dat.2 files i've downloaded them but like a ***** i can't find a readme or any file no just what and were to put them can anyone help?
  8. Shmails GLR Avenue Station 1

    this would be nice if it worked! but i can't get a road hooked up to it! maybe because it's only 2 squ. wide? and theres no room for two roads and GLR,any way NOT transit for me
  9. HK The Merton Phase1

    yup sure love the green accents on these buildings nice work with all the buildings in this series
  10. VanWingerden Plaza C

    this rocks,my game needs more working plazas like this
  11. HK The Merton Phase2

    very nice,love the night lighting,and the green accents on the roof and patios
  12. PEG Security Fencing Kit

    yes,very sweet now can you make them ploppable? sure could use something like this in game!!
  13. NoahsArk

    what's it do? i think you missed the mark,and the boat. propaganda of any kind hase no place on this site.
  14. Region Transport Legend

    if you can do this can you make a mod to change the colours of schools/fire/police so there not one big mess of green? that would reel nice buy the way good work
  15. (i live in a large city columbus OH. pop. over 1.2 mill and we have like 8 hospitals and within two miles of me there's 2 high schools and 4 elementary schools) this is a cool mod to me! and makes the game more realistic