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  1. ill take a look thx. but some other suggestions anyone else has would be good
  2. so im just starting my sc4 mod collection and i need some good packs of suburban and old house lots. searching on simtropolis turns up a lot of foreign homes and im specificly looking for american style houses. could somone help me?
  3. Designer City: Simtropolis

    at first i thought this was SimCity 3000 lol. nice job
  4. Funny videos

    the only reason anyone ever plays SimCity :thinking:
  5. Simtropolis Religion Thread

    I would say I'm not particularly religious,but not atheist either. I do believe there is an afterlife but I don't think there is significant proof what the actual afterlife is.I wold say I'm agnostic,but not really sure totally what that fully be (I have a general idea). So let's just say I'm agnostic. But if somone could clear that up that'd be nice.
  6. TV Shows: What are you into right now?

    roseanne. i love watching old shows and roseanne is pretty funny, im not that far in though. i hear the last season is pretty bad but ill see.
  7. my ideas mostly come from looking at small towns on google maps and seeing how their roads are formatted, and where the comercial and residential districts are.i dont have a particular way of building, it justs how i feel doing it.
  8. Earliest Sim City Memory...

    my earliest memory was in 2010. i was 10 years old and i found a cheap copy at a store, begged my mom to buy it and we did. i was never any good at gaming but i always loved tycoon games and that sort of game because it didnt matter what ur skill level was, it was still fun to sit there and create things. i loved it and played it for several hours a day, barring school and homework. fast forward 7 years later when im googling the game (i dont remember why) and i see this site called simtropolis. i click on it and start browsing, learning how to install things and make a more customized game. i didnt join until just now because im very shy and wasnt sure about joining because i woried about what people thought. thanks for the game though, EA!
  9. Show Us Your Photos!

    beautiful! id love to go to hawaii sometime is that a boat under the water?
  10. All Buildings Ploppable

    thanks,ive installed it anyway. ill try it out later today.
  11. i lvoe the version with george michael. RIP. anyways,
  12. Micropolis

    cool! if you had to make something up what would you say the population of this city is?
  13. What music genre you hate the most and why?

    most pop songs. im not sure what to catogrize them under but the stuff u hear on the top 40 radio stations.