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  1. That's super nice of you! But my overall point is I shouldn't have to rely on your kindness and good will to make my own roads --- there's quite a few I want to make, and I'd feel bad bugging you for each and every one Is there not a way I can start with a basic 3D model, and then add medians and car/bike/tram/bus lanes if/where needed? Like a StreetMix but just for models/textures, or some other easy way to do this?
  2. This is fantastic, but seems like I'll need 3D models for making non-vanilla/NEXT roads -- if I want to add bike lanes for example, and use one of their 3D models as a base, it won't be visible on the roads
  3. Can someone make Vienna's Gasometer buildings? They're old industrial gas buildings renovated to be mixed-use with apartments and shopping, pretty cool IMO and hopefully if someone makes these they can be mixed-use as well (and not just one Unique Building where I have to add sub-buildings myself to make it mixed-use lol)
  4. Oh haha I thought you might have had behind-the-scenes or early beta access to it or something But yeah you're right about the TM:PE and vanilla behaviour stuff, I haven't really played without TM:PE so that could be it honestly. Still glad you'll consider us and our wants/needs tho
  5. Tbh I use that mod and I definitely don't have whatever issue @FightBiscuit is having --- I never had to manually restrict vehicles from using the bus lanes, for me they're treated the same as the vanilla bus lanes (e.g. cars don't use them even for turning), afaik. But even if this was an issue and TM:PE would be needed, honestly I'd still make these roads. It's next to impossible to make properly functioning lights and intersections by trying to combine these roads yourself using regular NEXT2 roads so that barriers etc pop up. Like if the option is either "I can make this road but I need TM:PE" or "I can't make this road at all" I'd rather at least have it with TM:PE tbh since it's better than nothing, and those who don't want to use TM:PE don't need to use/load those roads IMO. Btw, I know you can't reveal much but how easy is it to make new roads with the upcoming tool? I know in NEXT2 it was a LOT of code etc so how much easier is it now? Is it possible for someone without coding and texturing experience to make roads?
  6. Sorry, not sure what you mean by lanes that cross over medians? Do you mean when a 3+2 road converts into a 2+3 road (for example) that there'd be a problem in aligning the medians? Or is it something else?
  7. Going off of that idea (yes, I know, I have many lmao) there's an asymmetrical transit road; can be used alternatively at intersections so that car traffic flow is increased while allowing buses to pass at stops: 32m Asymmetrical Right-Boarding Rapid Transit Road with Bypassing Lane And, as usual, an example with a stop: Stop at 32m Asymmetrical Right-Boarding Rapid Transit Road with Bypassing Lane
  8. Another 32m example of a dedicated transit road with bypassing lanes (for trams or buses, or just buses); stops function the same as the last 40m example I posted: 32m Right-Boarding Rapid Transit Road with Bypassing Lanes
  9. Yes, it would (or buses with left-side boarding doors). Many BRT systems have those.
  10. As an alternative, I've made a 40m road (btw, the zoning *does* work correctly as 40m roads are used in blaremc's mod and even though the tiny road zoning is messed, the 40m wide roads actually work fine and zone properly with all the other roads) where boarding is from the right: 40m Right-Boarding Transit Road with Bypassing Lanes Again, this next image shows how stops can be made on one or even on both sides while allowing transit vehicles to pass: Example of Adjacent Stops on Right-Boarding Transit Road with Bypassing Lanes
  11. I've been thinking about the way that dedicated median-running transit lanes work in the game, as whenever there's a stop on them all the buses have to wait until the bus in front of them moves (they can't pass like they can in normal roads, as there's no "indent" made for the stop for the bus to pull into to allow buses behind to pass). So, I came up with this transit centre-boarding median (used by buses and trams, can be without grass and trees): 32m Centre-Boarding Transit Road with Bypassing Lanes This way, each time a stop is made it allows other buses (or trams, but more likely to be used by buses) to pass. As an example, here is where a stop is shared on one or both sides of the median, allowing other vehicles to pass: Example of Shared Stop on Transit Road with Bypassing Lanes
  12. Also, just some FYIs from my own experience: For sharrow lanes, I'm not sure if you've used blaremc's New Roads for NEXT2 but whenever there's a bike in front of the bus the bus goes at the same speed as the bike. (As an aside, cyclists hate sharing bike infra with buses bc of the danger from blind spots at stops and size differences, but everyone has their own preferences for road layouts so I'm sure someone will find these useful regardless ) Whenever there's a lot of bikes on a bike lane, they overflow into the traffic lane -- they don't go single/double file, and this then slows down traffic in that lane since they go at the same speed as the bikes blocking them. I forgot to say that earlier, but that's another reason why I think one-way bike lanes should be above 1.4m (ideally 2m). I hope I don't sound ike I'm <censored> all over your ideas lol, because they're great and I do love the fact that you're taking initiative to work on these roads! I just want to share my experience with roads in C:S, and also what I've read in CROW (Dutch cycle guidelines) and other city guidelines, in the hopes that it may help you or someone else in designing roads
  13. Maybe there can be a shared tram/bus version of this as well?
  14. It can be asymmetrical instead, sure, but why can't it be achievable? There's already a road with a centre lane in NEXT2, no?
  15. A 16m 2-way road with centre lane and bike lanes: https://streetmix.net/AlborzRezapoor/25/small-2-lane-with-centre-lane-and-bikes