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  1. Wolfskreut (CBD and some more images)

    All I can say is that this is absolutely stunning, just stunning. The medieval, old Europe look is just amazing, catches my breath it's so beautiful. I feel like I should just quit now while I'm so very, very far behind, go back to Ireland and live in a dolman. Any pearls of wisdom for someone just getting wrapped up in this incredible world? Cheers, Kate
  2. Isla Mariá Magdalena

    Excuse my ignorance, being new to all this, but how do I open this after downloading?
  3. CitiesCorp Concept

    I'm glad they said "concept" cause it looks like a bunch of little boxes piled on each other. I won't be holding my breath waiting to be awed.
  4. Myrtos Beach

    Ah... Stunning comes to mind! Thanks, appreciate the comment -korver