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  1. CSLM on normal maps (hopefully this is the final word) https://cslmodding.info/normal-maps/ and also released the mod by Egi which fixes the mesh import rotation broken tangents thing, which is linked in the article.
  2. I know already, just lazy to write it up and format it for cslm.
  3. I will make a proper article and maybe a video but here's the tl;dr: Problem 1: Do you reverse the orientation of the USB stick to put it in? That depends on which way it is currently facing. Some normal map generators incorrectly report whether or not the red channel is inverted, most of them have an option called Invert X / Invert Red, but you can find two different normal map generators, use the same settings (let's say no inversion) yet they will have different red channels. So before you invert the red channel, you need to make sure it's already inverted. I am going by the standard defined here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_mapping#How_it_works The Ps plugin I use (xnormal) is correct, if you don't invert it, it's not inverted, but the one here http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/ inverts it by default, so the red channel is the other way around, even though both don't have any inversion settings applied. Here is a correct normal map, and also showing the red and green channels seperately (colored for easier understanding), on the red channel it should look like "light is coming" from the right, and on the green channel the "light is coming" from the top, this is because the "light is coming" from the positive x and y directions. So you have to make sure what your generator is doing, and make sure it's not inverted according to the standard linked above and shown in the picture. Problem 2: Asset importer mesh rotation feature is broken and produces broken tangents, you must make sure the rotation is correct for the game before you import, or if you use the mesh rotation then run this script https://gist.github.com/ronyx69/29dfd41933b6735ac3a442455e1ef6ee , or use the mod made by Egi I will release soon. Problem 3: For networks, faces vertex painted magenta (that is they are not using the automatic tiling and you have full control of the uv mapping) work the same way as for anything else described above. But for faces which are not vertex painted magenta (that is they are using the automatic tiling as any network usually does) the green channel usually needs to be flipped. But if you enable the invert flag (which you would use to make an asymmetric network mesh be continuous - that means not flipped on every other segment) then the normal map will be flipped on every other segment as well. So if you are making an asymmetric network (like a castle wall or something) that requires a normal map and you want to always have it appear correctly, you would need two seperate segments, one of which would either have a flipped mesh or a flipped green channel, and then set up the invert flags for them in a way in which the segment with the correct looking normal map for that orientation is visible. In some situations for nodes the green channel is inverted, no idea why or exactly what makes it happen, it seemed kinda rare. I don't know what it is for map theme textures, but I assume it's the same as normal assets, I will check sometime.
  4. I read pretty much everything on this modding subforum anyway. It's WIP because it's still missing stuff, such as how the wire shader is used, what m_enableMiddleNodes does, the insane amount of node/segment/lane flags and probably a bunch of other stuff. The problem is, the complexity of networks is so much higher than any other asset because of the interactions between different variables, like clip segment ends and min corner offset, and how it interacts with other roads, for which these settings are different. Also for example, I am working on train tracks and found that if you don't have any nodes with direct connect off (even an empty one counts) then if you do a road/train crossing, the road node will not render and just be a hole in the ground since m_requireSegmentRenderers is off automatically for some reason... there is so much trial and error and just looking at what vanilla networks do to figure out, yet some people want a single paragraph on how to do the exact thing they want to do, instead of this huge list of definitions for every variable, so for them it's just tl;dr even if the article has an answer to their question. Also just adding those recent normal map explanations (which aren't the full story btw, it will get even weirder) I found a couple other mistakes on the site. If you have any specific ideas on what should be added, you can tell me and I'll at least add it to a list of stuff that needs to be explained.
  5. None of us could figure out what you meant before, and it still looks like you misunderstand what the mod will do, but the idea for creators to be able to choose which of my station tracks is used as a replacement without me having to update the mod makes sense and I will figure out some way to add it using a script, putting a string somewhere.
  6. Then use only vanilla or only mine, I don't care about somebody who would try to mix both. I didn't know you had that track released, I will simply make a replacement for that and the mod will replace it, you don't have to do anything. The entire reason I started modding was to remove/replace everything vanilla, which is the true travesty. And the point of the mod will be to replace ALL station tracks - vanilla, single, etst, yours wide one, maybe others if I'm missing or some will be released in the future. In the rare case of an asset using some other obscure station track - people can always use move it to remove those tracks and place any station tracks they want. Not sure why train track connect groups matching some metro ones would matter at all, are people creating junctions with both train and metro on them? Anyway the mom team is way more into the dev stuff, so if they didn't do it, no point for me to try anything like that. No, the sleepers are actually the only piece I can't use network tiling for, because that method of increasing tiling leaves the shadows like they were, which matters a lot for those sleepers so it would look terrible. That's why the sleeper texture is unnecessarily tall, but it's the same one being reused for all tracks, just like any other textures, so I'm not worried about memory usage because LSM will take care of it.
  7. Not sure why anybody would waste time on those inflatable rain gutters once my set comes out. Custom flag - no idea, but I could enable some weird connect group such as PathPowerLine so that a node specifiically for those could be created, but again no idea why anybody would mix vanilla in when they have these. I will release all source files so people can make their own variations and custom bridges or whatever they want for these. It seems on one side it transitions as expected, but on the other it doesn't, even though this is the two way track, not sure why it's different on each side, and I kinda don't care. As for the mod I'm planning (and already successfully tested) it replacing station tracks with my station tracks, the stations must be replopped/relocated though as I'm not replacing already placed networks. Also I'm planning to make both wired and non-wired station tracks and you could flip between them using a hotkey when plopping a station. Already plopped tracks always stay, so you could have the same station multiple times with and without wires. Only thing I'm wondering about now is if I (or somebody else) make tracks with wooden sleepers, people might want to use them for stations, but they would be stuck with the concrete sleepers, so a more complicated UI would be needed for that. Also about cargo station tracks vs passenger station tracks - the only difference between them is there's no ped lanes on the cargo ones, so a regular station track actually fully works for cargo stations, the only side effect is you can create passenger lines using the cargo stations then lmao, is this a problem somehow? Cause I kinda don't want to duplicate all station tracks just to remove ped lanes for the cargo versions. There's a lot of tedious work left - making lods for all the stuff, and reimporting and setting network tiling values, so it has kinda slowed down even though most of the functional and visual stuff is already done.
  8. Actually my new statement clearly was that no inversion is required ever. But I did a test and this broken game is triggering me again. So the weird stretched parts are not magenta, and the normal-ish parts are. Looks like the parts which use the automatic tiling need a green inversion, but the magenta parts which don't tile don't need any inverisons.
  9. fawe4ry45k6ykhg34eltgkf4repfrthere is no discovieery wheelrelgjrkwfe well there is but that video is wrong, a commenter there realized the real problem, it's the stupid rotaty meshy thingy on import, if you use that, the tangents are screwed, that explains why nobody could ever really agree on anything regarding normal map flip and how they appear ingame. it took 3 years to figure it out, unbelievable i thought it was fixed only because i recently started using an automatic batch exporter which did the rotating on export so i didn't need to use that import rotate thing gonna make another video clarifying then So here's the final answer: the asset importer mesh rotation feature is broken, it breaks the tangents, either don't use it, or if you need to use it, fix the tangents with this script: https://gist.github.com/ronyx69/29dfd41933b6735ac3a442455e1ef6ee The normal map does NOT need a flipped red channel, it should be a normal +x +y normal map.
  10. Seems something has changed. You don't need to flip the red channel for normal maps anymore, and also rotating them works now. Was and still is a weird situation, didn't find anything about it mentioned in recent update notes. Video shows what I have figured out so far.
  11. A track replacer which will replace all station tracks with an appropriate track from my set is planned and already tested and the idea works. You will need to replop the stations though, previously plopped station tracks will remain as they are, I am not messing with replacing already placed networks in the net buffer, too messy and risky for me.
  12. Haven't posted in a while. Released this lit will for the additive shader tutorial: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1465072303 The laziest asset possible - a terraforming network: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1480409620 Today is my 2nd anniversary of c:s asset creationm and I could just finish this in time for it: Racetrack, Pits, F1 Cars: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1498288543 Also WIP Railway project (with Revo):
  13. I am 90% sure you're doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Send me the saved asset and also the source files for the ship and the submesh, I'll look into what's happening.
  14. I'm guessing you're trying to use the prop shader for the lod as well which probably won't work, at least it didn't for my suspended monorail so i left the ship for the lod but made it brighter to match with the main model. You can also try other shaders for both the main and lod like the default vehicle shader for example.
  15. You don't need to use elevated, you can delete all the elevations and use basic instead, but change the AI to RoadBridgeAI using the Asset AI Changer mod. My expressway networks have no pillars, they are just basic RoadAI btw. The elevations literally are completely seperate networks, it's just that RoadAI can have other networks referenced in its AI, so that's how the elevations work, and also available pillar slots are based on the AI. Not sure if you can limit the elevation height though.