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  1. For networks, textures tile automatically in the Y direction, you can only control the UV mapping in the X direction. You can disable this by vertex painting 255,0,255 which will disable automatic tiling and allow you to fully control UV mapping in the Y direction, which means the texture will stretch together with the segment. There's a texture scale parameter which would allow us to control the Y tiling amount precisely how we want, but it doesn't save. I asked on the modding forums, but that will probably be ignored as usual. I might make a mod that saves it, if there's enough demand for it, because it's pretty easy to do. Currently we either have to make sacrifices in quality by stretching the texture or using weird resolutions and uv mapping, or sacrifice in terms of optimization by using a higher resolution texture...
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges

    You might still want to make your release. As mine will come with a lot of restrictions, very limited connectivity to other roads, and only manually placed pillars.
  3. Let's go straight to the meme asset then: There are also a bunch of growables which are around 10k tris, and simple buildings using 1024x1024, and there are even some high density residential which uses 2048x2048. Now still everything in this game is extremely low quality, especially when comparing to any other modern game, and I would like people to make more detailed and high resolution stuff. Just saying they don't meet their own guidelines.
  4. If you think "my bitterness is next level", don't ever join the c:s creators discord as you will be triggered out of your mind. I haven't received any gifts. And yeah the road editor really is a miracle. The game has made millions yet it looks like a game from 2003 and the work is incredibly sloppy, a ton of buildings from previous games got reused, there's plenty of z fighting, incorrect smoothing, overexposure, completely screwed up normal map/specular, the 90° normal map problem, one building has an entire piece of it missing on the lod, another one has windows UV mapped on the backface of a billboard which makes no sense, inconsistent and not matching their own recommendations for texture sizes and triangle counts, shadow glitches they claimed to fix but they are still there. "over the next few updates" ? You mean after creators release things that are half broken because CO screwed up again? Just like with the updating old assets glitch that made assets fail to load. And then we have to deal with the players complaining about our broken stuff even though it's not our fault. Cause I got nothing else to do? I just look at memes and make assets and mods all day, mostly memes tho. Also you are a meme as well now, how you blindly keep defending the game, it's just ridiculous, I have no idea why I wasted my time writing this comment as you will dismiss everything and keep defending it.
  5. Randomly figured out that negative fog values hide the insane over the top vanilla bloom effect on light effects: Now @Judazzz would you make the ultimate eyecandy fog slider go below 0? Down exactly to -0.49 (because -0.5 is glitchy) If not I will need to make a mod that constantly checks if the fog is this right value and changes it, or something like that I guess. Definitely not, I don't see how browsing through thumbnails is worse than having a new custom mod with some new UI, seems like needlessly overcomplicating things. Players are already used to scrolling through hundreds if not thousands of props... Here's the design I think I'm sticking with: (just random 4 thumbnails for preview, they would be ordered in a way that makes sense in the game) There's a center guideline and the slightly brighter rectangle indicates 1 cell width. S/T means normal segment or transition segment. L/R means left or right offset. Lane counts on each end on the right. Traffic direction is up. If you find this confusing just know that you won't be able to figure out how to use the roads anyway so it doesn't matter. They are all basic, made to behave like elevated, there are no other variations. Also not surprised CO screwed up yet again, and now creators have to deal with it, and won't be able to properly update it without causing issues for previous users either. Also missing networks still break saves? I predict a lot of broken saves because of updated/deleted networks from the workshop. Continued work on the expressway: lane props, lights, also experimenting with a very subtle dirt/stain decal.
  6. If you're in need of an excuse for tri counts: I introduce you to the vanilla carousel
  7. No, you can just move it up/down. I actually think I won't include it as an intersection because it's easy enough to place to just show it in a video, also doesn't seem like you can raise props in an intersection asset. It's definitely not gonna be a normie player asset, it already includes 18 networks (21.7 MB) and I also want to do 4 laners, so I think it will end up being like 23 networks. There are specific uses for the networks and they will screw up if you connect it to the wrong thing or bend it etc. The problem is that you can't have specific nodes for transitioning only from one specific network to another specific network, it's just the flags that are pretty much useless for what I want. Although having specific transition segments may actually end up being better... More screenshots:
  8. I think I will include it as an intersection yeah. Terrain doesn't matter because it's elevated. More progress: The underside node middle part is actually just the pavement texture, it's either that or I make it a solid color, because anything put there will stretch all over the place. Also notice there is already stretching on the nodes anyway, can't really get around that, just what nodes do when you have crazy curved intersections.
  9. I'm not sure what type of chevron exactly, but i will add some kind of markings and whatever that crash safety thingy is as a prop. The ramp/2L split no, but the 2L to 3L transitions yeah. Watch this for a few minutes to see some examples. (should start at 1:34:25) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/204950473?t=01h34m25s
  10. Progress on the expressway, seems like I nailed the ramp node, but it's completely screwed up if you move it in any way. Will definitely bundle that as an intersection, also with a decal for covering the node with some of the same wear and markings, and a little prop on the sharp corner between 2L and ramp.
  11. The segments work yeah, but the nodes don't flip around... These are all the possible node flags: None Created Deleted Original Disabled End Middle Bend Junction Moveable Untouchable Outside Temporary Double Fixed OnGround Ambiguous Water Sewage ForbidLaneConnection Underground Transition LevelCrossing OneWayOut TrafficLights OneWayIn Heating Electricity Collapsed DisableOnlyMiddle AsymForward AsymBackward CustomTrafficLights OneWayOutTrafficLights UndergroundTransition Doesn't seem like there are any that would be like invert.
  12. The only mods needed to get what you see there is anarchy for the tight ramp and move it to adjust the ramp segment curve. The nodes work based on flags yeah, but I don't think i can make the offramp and/or it all behaving as I want on a left side traffic map without making more networks.
  13. I balanced everything to look what I thought was natural at 0 and neutral lut. Anything else is user preference. Did some experiments with roads today, inspired by japanese urban expressways. It's very messy, and it would need more work for seperate nodes or even seperate networks just for the onramp and other stuff. The basic idea for the different roads: simple 2 laner, 2to3 / 3to2 lane transitions, offset 3 laner(third lane overhangs to one side), offset 1 lane ramp. As you can see the node is a big mess (which would be hidden by being all asphalt, and I could put decals on top) and the ramp curve connecting to that node needs to be extremely specific, otherwise it looks completely wavy all over the place. Maybe I would bundle that ramp split as an intersection... Also looks like nodes don't flip based on left/right side driving map so I would need to create seperate releases for each. Surprisingly the cars use the lanes flawlessly, I expected them to completely freak out because of how bad that ramp segment curve is. The scale might seem ridiculous, but it's scaled based on the tokyo expressways, it's just that vanilla highways (and cars) are oversized, so this is how it looks. It's literally less than half in width and thiccness.
  14. Relight released: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1209581656 UI / saving & preset system by @SimonRyr Includes 7 LUTs:
  15. Released some Zen Garden stuff: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207596823