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  1. TL-Woodwork Parks (96-9x8-9x8)

    Nyhaven Calluna Park (9x8), that's the only one I want, however, it is not shown on parks' menu, despite the fact I have installed it. I'll check whether I'm missing something somehow.
  2. TL-Woodwork Parks (96-9x8-9x8)

    I have a question for you, is it possible to just keep one park and not the rest? I'm only interested on the last one; I tried to do so but it failed to appear on the parks' area.
  3. 432 Park Avenue

    Thanks a lot, I've been waiting for someone to come up with this and you delivered! Well done as usual!
  4. Tariel-Bandito St-APosteln

    Does it? I haven't checked it yet, usually when they are a landmark, they only function as such. Unless you check the church from Redquixote, an Aussie church.
  5. Tariel-Bandito St-APosteln

    I love it, the only pity is that does not work like a proper church. Still, that does not disminish my appreciation at all. I only hope there will be more functional churches on the game. Thanks!
  6. Contiguous USA

    Use SC4 mapper.
  7. I think perhaps I haven't made myself clear on the reality of my... conundrum here. I don't mind the sims using it or not, actually once you start plopping buildings the actual sims and the whole transportation sytem becomes irrelevant. Nobody uses it anymore for plopping the building makes that traffic disappear, the population is there but every single trip pretty much stops, unless I chose to keep any of the buildings the game plops by itself. Nowadays I'm mostly into making it a coherent style than going along with what is being built by the game. My trouble was functionality, I could just could have left it there, It looked the part but I wanted to work with the Udrive and it didn't. Now, it sort of does, I'm not a 100% happy with it but it works.
  8. Yes, I didn't know how to hide them, but still, I fixed it... or sort of. If it's too deep, cars and trunks can't go either down or up, so I made it smoother. I also did a space when the highway resurfaces before doing yet another tunnel, it seems it was too much for the game to understand the tunnel goes through half city plus the channel.
  9. Perhaps I didn't get it right, I used the original Maxis ground highways, not any of the NAM. I've already tried and they worked.
  10. Yes, I did, could you please remind me which cheat should I use to check that? Thanks!
  11. Well, the thing is, as RHW doest not allow to make tunnels, I did what pretty much everyone else does, I tricked the original game features to allow me to make tunnels, this worked so far with trains, I made tunnels that go under water and even as far from one point of the city to another, now... The original highways have worked on flat terrain and even more, but there is something I'm making wrong and I can't seem to understand what... As you can see, the highway allows me to make the tunnel that pretty much goes along most of the city until the other side of the channel. The train one works just fine. Now, the other entrance /out is being shown: However, when I try to drive the cars in or into out of it they can't go on once they reach the shores, something stops them from going on. I even made several other atttemps with the terrain below the water but the trains don't seem to be affect by it. Does the terrain has anything to do? Did I make it too deep? (As I said before, trains don't seem to be an issue) Thanks in advance!
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks! I was looking the 1st one, I've already had the 2nd one.
  13. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Where can I find these white stairs? Thanks!
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks, I've already had those and the one Gwada recommended was exactly what I was looking for!
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks Gwada, I'm so going to try the 2nd one right away, I hope it is there.