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  1. Snellenlaan 108, Utrecht

  2. Tower Verre - 53W53

    Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know!
  3. Café Bauer, Leipzig

    And when we think you cannot surprise us more you come up with this perfect building, bravo! Chapeau!
  4. Taseth

    Superb! I'm taking this, thanks!
  5. Tower Verre - 53W53

    When you go into the lotplop at the R$$$ list I couldn't find it by name, TOWERVERRE or something, sometimes it does not appear on the list catalogued as such, I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can find it.
  6. SM2 Wind Power Inc.

    Even if I decided I woudn't download it, I could tell is as wonderful as your previous creations!
  7. Stationsstraat 45, Tilburg

    I disagree with you, it looks pretty special to me!
  8. Tower Verre - 53W53

    Hi, do you have any idea how to find the R$$$ at the lot plop? I checked the R area and it wasn't shown so I'm sure it was catalogued differently, thanks in advance!
  9. Tower Verre - 53W53

  10. Lind Entertainment

    Superb as usual!
  11. The stairs aren't missing, have you looked for them at the electricity area? They are usually there.
  12. The Forsaken Ones - City Parks and Plazas (2015)

    If these were the leftovers, I'd not imagine what do you still have in storage there! MORE please for these are beautiful!
  13. Paeng's Sandstone Parks (Beta)

    You are right, I can now assure your second choice does work.
  14. Paeng's Sandstone Parks (Beta)

    Ok, perhaps I'm not getting what I should do, should I erase the ones you upload here and just keep the ones in the zip? Sorry, I'm puzzled now. Of course I haven't removed them and it didn't work, the bricks are still there.
  15. Paeng's Sandstone Parks (Beta)

    Thanks, that's why I asked, when I instaled them I realized they had some dark brick texture by default. You don't have to thank me, I do thank you for all the nice BATs you do and upload here for I'm very happy to use them, I'll try again once I'm home to see if adding the final zip everything is OK since I've already had the 2 other missing dependencies.