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  1. Berglund Mountains

    The only railway connection is at the other end of the highway, you have to unlock around 7-9 tiles to get to it. I'm doing a little update soon where I plan to add second railway connection and maybe another highway too, so people without 25 tiles mod can get more out of the map :) 
  2. I really like your interchanges, roundabouts are my passion for city designing. Great work again and thank you for sharing your work :) 
  3. Hello everyone! So I decided to do my first ever city journal, im not that good with camera angles or anything, but i decided to give this a try Brighton town is a small quiet town in the mountains, people who live there love to live green. All electricity in here is produced environmental friendly. People of Brighton also love farming and currently farming is towns biggest revenue. Although there is some heavy industry that some people required to get jobs and goods they produce, but it relatively small and there have been protests already to demolish the whole heavy industry area since its ruining the environment. We'll see what the town government is going to do about it. anyway here are some pics from Brighton at its current state. Brighton farmlands: Here is a pictue of Brighton town "centre". Its still small but people are working hard to make their beautiful town grow into a real city! Here is the town centre from different angle. Today was a big day for Brighton, since it got its very own high school! People were very excited to get more educated than ever before! Here's a photo of Brighton from nearby mountain. And here is a pic taken from helicopter where you can see brightons road design. Here's everything for now, hope you liked it See you again soon with the next update!
  4. Really nice work! This is exactly what i've been looking for! I always have problems ending my highways and turning it into a road, but not anymore! Great upload, thanks! :) 
  5. Berglund Mountains



    Hi all! I present to you my second Cities Skylines map. Berglund Mountains! This map is very similar to my first CS map in case of scenery (I have some thing for mountains and pine trees), but this time i played around with some waterfalls. Berglund Mountains is handcrafted from the start no heightmaps or anything else were used and its designed to be as player/city building friendly as possible. At the centre of the map there is a big lake and some rivers to smaller lakes. There flows 2 rivers straight to ocean from the big lake. And of course there are couple of waterfalls too! The tallest and largest waterfall is over 400 meters high! This map is designed to be played with unlock all 25 tiles mod, but it can be played without it too, but buildable area is more limited then of course. There 2 highway connections and 1 railway connection. Also there are ship connections on both side of the map and of course air connections. All the available resources can be found spread around the map. Enjoy!
  6. Mernwoods

    Thanks all for downloading! :)      I didn't have that problem when i tested it out, but good if you got it to work :)      Thank you very much! :) its always nice to get some positive feedback. Glad you like it :) 
  7. Mernwoods



    So this is my first Cities skylines map i've made. I made it quickly from the start, no heghtmaps were used. Mernwoods is a beautiful area with lots of mountains and forest, flat fertile lands suitable for city building. In the middle flows a beautiful river which divides into couple of smaller ones that lead to little lakes. I made this map for my next city build I'm planning to do, but decided to share it here for a kind of an thanks for people uploading great content here Keep em coming! There are 2 road and 2 train connections on both sides of the map, i decided to leave them just there and let everyone make their own highways. Enjoy!