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  1. Cheat: Hospitals (Single Player Only)

     Try this.  When you start a new region, and choose your city, save the city, exit the game then go back into the game. 
  2. Cheat: Transportation (Single Player Only)

    Excellent, thank you! :D
  3. Cheat: Education (Single Player Only)

    You're a legend, everything is perfect now. Thank you :D :D :D 
  4. Cheat: Education (Single Player Only)

    version 1.01 of this mod? Yes. :D 
  5. Cheat: Education (Single Player Only)

      I haven't been experiencing that.  Did you demolish your existing university first?  I will monitor the university's power levels. Glad you like the mods :)   I used the mods with a new game, no existing services/education in it. (Also, I did the create game, save the city, exit game, then go back in).  I removed the Education mod, and played a new game with the existing university etc, and didn't get any power outages at all.    I couldn't work out what was causing it - the power outages for education was definitely only happening with the Education mod installed and used. (and I only play offline, not online)    I have your Power Fusion plant mod too - but I honestly can't remember now if I was using that power plant at the time. :(
  6. Cheat: Education (Single Player Only)

    I'm loving this mod! It's perfect. :D One thing: i noticed that my university keeps losing power intermittently. For about 10 -15 mins game time, i keep being told that the university has no power. It does come back on eventually, but it's quite strange. My electricity plant is definitely creating power, and it's ONLY the university that gives me this message.    The only mods I am using are you single player offline ones for Education, Fire, Police, Hospital and Garbage.