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  1. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Hahahahahah, sim!!!! Fiz baseado naqueles mapas geográficos do metrô de sp, que você encontra dentro das estações. Eu havia feito uma versão com o design "comum", como a que fica nos vagões, mas ela está desatualizada. E muito obrigado! Deu um trabalhinho pra fazer hahauhahaha Yes, i exported the map, made some changes on it (like contrast, color curve) and made the other map with the lines in another layer. Thanks!!!
  2. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    This is the map of the Riolínia's city rapid transit system, the metro:
  3. LittleMac assets

    Thanks guys, your comments really helped me to improve the office building! And there is my next project WIP, still have lot of work to do to finish it:
  4. LittleMac assets

    Hello guys! After the community feedback, i changed some things and release the building in workshop, here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1080839297&searchtext=
  5. LittleMac assets

    The textures of the building? I was thinking to fix the windows, so i can do both in the first update. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Hello guys! Today i'm working on a 2x3 office building, hope you like it:
  7. How can i find these animated billboards?
  8. Hello everyone! Is there any tutorial for making MOM stations?
  9. Hello guys! I have one question, does the Metro Overhaul works with multiple tracks subway stations? Thanks!
  10. Is there any way to implement in future releases, demand and capacity data for both lines and stations?
  11. Você pretende fazer edifícios futuramente também?
  12. Olá Vitória, prazer e seja bem vinda! Eu também faço mods para o jogo Cities Skylines no tempo livre, então caso quiser compartilhar algumas ideias ou conhecimento, estamos aqui a disposição boa sorte!
  13. Thanks for your amazing job! I would like to make some ground and elevated stations, but only in the future, as i don't have the knowledge to do it by now. keep the good work, and take your time, thanks again for everything!
  14. +1, wishing for some news about it
  15. I used it with NExt latest version enabled, and i got no problems with it.