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  1. "noobcitybuilder"   Man! We also honor! But it does not work! These are just looking for! A long month since there is no improvement !   CapTon Please HELP! 
  2. Bi-level Streets Pack

    HI MaxSk !   Thank you very much! That's exactly what I thought! It works perfectly. and only me! :) :) :)   You're a good man!
  3. Bi-level Streets Pack

    What is it? Can you get the link?   Hi! Here is the link. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29539-disable-night-mode/ If you paste the "bi-level streets pack" disable night & day.MOD non-functional. If you delete it, then OK! Please take a look at why it is not working. BI street-level pack is very good, but I do not like when it gets at night. :)! Sorry for the English, I speak little.
  4. Anyone solve this problem? So useless. Please Capton !? Very good mod it.
  5. Cheat: Hospitals (Single Player Only)

    Perhaps, good will, but it is still sometimes seen with a red stripe. Does not switch off. Werry, thanks for the quick fix.
  6. Cheat: Hospitals (Single Player Only)

    Yes, this is the only Police and Hospital.  other good. I thank as well. I do not buy the eye, only to indicate the error. I wanted to make, but SIMPACK me does not work, I do not know why ?!
  7. Cheat: Hospitals (Single Player Only)

    I download, delete old flie and copy New. Now is good . the police had not. Fire OK! thx mod. fix    
  8. Cheat: Hospitals (Single Player Only)

    Hi! This mod is not working well. A power switch on and off continuously. Full construction is not possible. otherwise it would be ok. Excuse me, I speak little English.  
  9. Please FIX THIS problem, &  cant build 360° or  cant build 90°, please Fix !
  10. Bi-level Streets Pack

    No compatible NoNightDay.package   FIX please!
  11. Regional Bridge And Tunnels

    Which I download? Please remove the older files ------------------------------------------- • 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0716_2_0_RegionalRailBridges.Package. • 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0716_2_0_RegionalRailTunnels.Package. For Regional Heavy Rail Bridges and Tunnels has been combined into a single file ( 2C-Road Traffic-Regional-Train-Streetcar-Bridge And Tunnel-Offline-SUGC.Package). I delete Older file. I downloaded all 4 files. The same as the old one. I don't understand. Lehet hülye vagyok.