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  1. Mernwoods

  2. Free Camera Mod

    This seems, a bit fishy... I'd say hold off the download unless some proper screenshots are uploaded.
  3. Circular Town Modular

    I see you're using the Mernwoods map, it's great, isnt it? ;)
  4. Mernwoods

    Hm, I seem to be having an issue where traffic essentially seizes to exist/spawn in, I've tried everything but make connections to both sides with a highway in the editor, it seems to be quite a big deal actually :/   Edit: That seems to have done it :)
  5. Mernwoods

    Looks great, good combinations of flat building grounds and Moutainous scenic areas, great job :)   Looking forward to trying it out first hand :D
  6. Visual Studio Modding Template Extension

    Verry nice! I can see this being used generally from now on! Nice creation :)
  7. 3 Ramp Highway Split Puzzle Pieces

    Nice work! These area actually quite helpful, keep it coming!   :D
  8. T Road Interchange

    Wouldn't say it's the most esthetically pleasing interchange, but two things come to mind upon seeing this; 1) I could make my own interchange of seemingly equal or better quality. 2) I could download a pre-made interchange and use it. I'm sorry, but for this type of work, there are seemingly many alternatives, keep up the enthusiasm though :)
  9. Looking good, however, for an interchange such as this, it seems as if with the ramps, traffic may clutter, especially near an intersection, anyway, nice job! 4/5 :)