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  1. The Guess Who's Next Game!

    Mwahahahaha! SO wrong!
  2. E3 begins today!

    So far, I've only seen one game out of it I would like to play. And agreed on the Sony PS. I see no need to upgrade my PS3 to be honest. The game selection just isn't what I want to play. Sadly, I think all the outside the box thinking is going into the mobile field.
  3. Carpathia III: Crystal Shards

    Hehehe.... I can't wait for the main story to begin. Not to say the Short Stories aren't awesome.... just that the main story is what it all leads up to.
  4. Carpathia III: Crystal Shards

    Heh... no worries. Feel free to check them out whenever. As for my age, I think I fall in-between your age and Zel's. As for the avatar, yes, but Zel and I both have custom ones
  5. Carpathia III: Crystal Shards

    Heh.... that was actually a pretty fun image to work on. jmsepe: Sorry so long to reply to you! Nice to see another fellow Zel fan on here (I'm a good friend of his...). We gay writers are everywhere! Just some of us can't seem to get free time to write.... like ever... Anyways, I look forward to getting to see what you're writing some time. Zel: Sorry it's taken so long to comment here (you know me... work work work). I swear to god, that little mouse plush one cracks me up every time I see it. I swear cats make that same exact face when they have something like that. Looking forward to the further rewrites!
  6. NAM and Growth Issues

    Most recent version of NAM (31.2... directly from SC4D). I have removed almost all plugins to test this (a 4 hour ordeal) and the only folder causing an issue is the NAM one. Even tried just adding NAM back in by itself, issue arises. I have let it run for 50 years in game with no changes. Using medium simulation level for traffic simulator with no congestion. No other plugins that seem to be effecting this, since I have removed all recent plugins first (up to 6 months prior). As for running Rivit's DateNode... it's not compatible with my .NET framework at this point, so no go on there. Finally able to get .Net 2.0 working. testing now.
  7. Well, it's rare when I pop in here, but here it goes. Each and every one of my cities are plateau-ing at approximately 50,000-55,000... I've checked every single mod (which is no fun feat with as large of a plugins folder as I have collected in the years). It seems to be the new NAM download that is causing this. No NAM, sudden and full population growth. With NAM, R$ and CO$$$ growth plummets to 0, with R$$ and R$$$ and all other C skyrocketing with no growth whatsoever. Any thoughts?
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Cannot find this one for the life of me! Any suggestions on where to find the dam? -Porter
  9. TMW - Polus System | "The Alpha Beacon"

    Well, time to comment I suppose.   Noticed several typos in the dialogue that after a while made it hard to read. Some of the pictures have some good photoshopping... but others are past over done, or not done enough.   For example, the snow storm... It looked like two different rain layers to me... and was way past too bright for being a night scene. The background layers looked like they had too much motion blur, and due to the amount of snow layers above it, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell you what I was looking at unless you told me.   Then with the stone pictures. It feels too dark around the edges, and the alien lettering feels like it was an afterthought and just thrown in there for effect. Also, the lighting effect doesn't match the shadows in many instances.   I'm not saying that you have a bad CJ. I like it, its quite good, and its rather original compared to what is currently out on ST. But I think it needs more work. :)
  10. Boeing 777 Crash at SFO

    There are actually several very important reasons why you should NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER carry your luggage with you off a plane that has crashed, this even includes things like purses and man-bags. First, for luggage. This adds a delay for you getting off the plane. Sometimes that extra second is the difference between getting off a not yet burning plane and being trapped with a wall of flames between you and the exit. Also, some people cram those with as much stuff as they can. I don't know about you, but a 50lbs item on my chest down a slide sounds like perfect potential for broken ribs. And thats saying you COULD hold on to it one you suddenly stop at the bottom of the slide. How are you going to grab on to the people at the bottom of the slide meant to catch you? You can't. Your hands are full. And have you ever tried to go from lying down to standing with a giant piece of luggage on top of you? Go try it... I'll wait.... See, not as easy as it sounds. Time is of the essence in these situations and you've now potentially bottlenecked the exit even further. Don't be the guy that sacrifices a few fellow passengers for some laptop. Just don't. Purses and man-bags. Yes, I know, you need money, identification. But do you think its wise to have something strapped around your neck or arm that you can potentially either get caught on, or even hang yourself on? I don't. I'll live without an ID until I can get a new one thanks. Or even better, put your wallet in your pocket and keep it in there on takeoff and landing. Problem solved. And lastly... Robot planes... sorry, but this is one of the key reason I don't like stepping on an Airbus. And it all comes down to design mentality. Airbus likes to design their planes to take as much of the pilot out as possible. The pilots new role is to sit and watch dials to make sure the computer is working right. Ever sit and watch a bunch of numbers for hours on end? Humans are not made for this. We get bored and tired with monotony. In fact, I believe the Air France A330 crash a few years back named this as part of the cause... essentially the automation paradox: link. Pilots were too focus on the computer correcting what was wrong, and lost valuable training to fix the problem. As we say in medicine, you don't use your knowledge, you lose it. Boeing, on the other hand, takes the philosophy of the computer automating only the most mundane things and providing the pilot as much information as possible so the he/she can focus on quick second decisions, something humans are very well wired to do.
  11. :facepalm: No... last I checked, Zel has a Twinkie instead of a Choco-Taco down there. After all, last I checked, its legal in many places for a guy to marry another guy.
  12. Food Allergy

    Sulfonamides (Sulfa drugs/common antibiotic) and onions (yes.... ONIONS). I actually have a rare enough reaction to sulfa that my joints swell up, I spike a fever of about 105F, my skin starts peeling like I have a really awful sunburn, and my blood pressure severely drops (thats what happened last time I took it... happens to be some of the same symptoms of SJS/TEN). Also, if come in contact with it again, there is good chance that my heart could just suddenly stop. As for onions, the second i touch them, insta-hives. Same with eating them.... you can actually watch the hives spread down my chin and along my throat if I eat any.
  13. Avatar Caption Game v2.0

    That crackling sound isn't Rice Crispies....
  14. Build a highway game

    Exit 333 Threeville: Home of the Threes Next Rest Stop: 33.33333mi
  15. Avatar Caption Game v2.0

    This continual time loop is so freaking funny!