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  1. Plugins missing from the STEX

    Thank you very much catty for surfacing these missing items and getting them into the STEX! Will these be moved into the PLEX subsection eventually?
  2. PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    Out of curiosity, who's in charge of doing the cat herding for getting everything mirrored over? I saw Catty was taking an inventory but I know there's a number of things from Paeng that aren't in the PLEX section yet. And that's not counting the little forum attachements they did I was very much a lurker on SimPeg but I loved just reading through the PLEX and looking at all the awesome work people did. It makes me sad that it's been nearly 6 months and not everything has been migrated to STEX. I really wish there was something I could do to help out. Like I've got a Dropbox account that's mostly empty that could be used as a temporary host. Or repackaging things. Or assisting with formatting STEX entries. Or whatever. I think Craig or someone else mentioned that one of the tasks they wanted to do as part of the migration to STEX was to re-package any releases that were still in self-extracting ZIPs so that Mac (and I guess Linux) users could extract the files easier. I'm guessing the Pond Kit II hasn't been updated yet with a ZIP version?
  3. PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    I kinda gathered that higher numbers were newer versions with or without style changes, but I wasn't 100% sure since I only discovered the PLEX a year or two ago so finding everything all at once was a bit overwhelming. And still is! There's so much stuff to try and make sense of As for the OWW2 and BDK.... the SC4D thread seemed to imply that there had been updated versions released on the PLEX a long while ago but they were never uploaded to the STEX. It sounds like the versions currently on the STEX are the old version. I was wondering if these lots/mods would ever be updated with the latest versions that were on the PLEX before it went down.
  4. PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    I've been wondering the same thing as Mikey. The same thread on SC4D also mentions an older version of the BDK (which is apparently the version on STEX) as being problematic. I've also got a copy of Paeng's incinerator relot which I think was one of their one-off attachments in the forum (I was a lurker on PEG, still sad to see it gone). EDIT: Also, are there any good resources available for making sense of where to start with some of the many Pegasus projects? I'd love to try some of the CDK stuff but there's a lot of acronyms being thrown around and I can't tell my CDK from my CSK. What are the core files I need to start small and go from there? And why are there some projects with different numbers, like CSK vs. CSK2 or OWW vs. OWW2? (I know some of this is harder now because not everything seems to be on STEX but this was a problem I had with trying to get started with SPAM originally back when the PLEX still existed).
  5. Just to elaborate a little... Jerry did the music on most of Maxis' catalog from SimCopter all the way to The Sims 2. In that period of time (1996-2004) he worked on SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, and most of the music for The Sims in addition to other projects like SimCopter and Streets of SimCity. Also, it's worth noting that some of the music from Streets and SimCopter was recycled into The Sims and its expansion packs. Some of the music from Streets is used as TV jingles, and a couple of the tracks on the Techno station in SimCopter were remixed as music tracks for the House Party expansion.
  6. Biff, if it's of any help I have mp3s of the SimCopter music. Unfortunately, the .WAV files in the game are really low bit-rate so the MP3 quality isn't great but it is tolerable. A shame Jerry or EA never put this album on iTunes (although some of the techno tracks were remixed in The Sims House Party). EDIT: Also, some of the tracks from The Sims Hot Date (the downtown map themes) are really close to the style of Simcity 3000.
  7. Why won't my SimCity 3000:Unlimited play twice?

    I ran into this earlier as well. I believe the issue is related to the auto-updater included with the game and it locks the game up if it can't talk to the servers (which are probably now offline). I think I got around this issue by setting "Compatibility Mode" to "Windows 98/ME".
  8. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    I've reinstalled SC3000 Unlimited on my computer, but it looks like the official landmarks won't install. The installation .exe file won't quit and it doesn't look like the files are moved from the Windows temp directory to their proper location. This is a Windows 7 x64 system. Does anyone know where these files are supposed to go, so I can manually extract them from the .exe with 7zip? EDIT: Figured it out. Need to put extract the .PIN and .DAT file from each self-extracting archive (.exe) into a folder in Apps/PlugIn/<plugin name>. Where <plugin name> is the filename shared by the .PIN and .DAT file.