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Rock Valley!

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About this City Journal

Rock Valley! What a rocking town! I manage to recreate a city from scratch. Nothing, no highway, no rail. Just a sandy path from the edge of the map and my city is born - Pensatucky, 2000 inhuabitants. Like & Share!

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Hello everyone and good morning for those living on the old continent! Welcome to my first CJ from Cities Skyline, named Rock Valley from... Well.. Rockefeller ^^ that's me.

Caution : I've linked the screenshot directly to my steam account, and had to enable HTML for those to work well. Please report any error or not showing pictures, thanks!

I wanted to create a town from nothing. No prebluid track or highway, just a small sandy track from the outside and here it is, Pensatucky is born. I'm going slowly, so every decision is rational and well thought. Step by step, my city growth peacefully. The second decades of the 20th century isn't finished yet but the town has nearby 2000 inhabitants! I let you discover the first pictures of this town. You could also download the savegame of this point on the link at the bottom of the page!

Enjoy, comment, and subscribe!


First sign of life in the Rock Valley back to the 19th century. The rural settlement stand between two quite strands and is nearby a pleasant lake.


As you can see, the community is small but spread all others the map. If there's on thing that my first abandonned cities teach me, it's the importance of room. If you build your town compact, arrived at a certain point, the amount of infrastructure needed make you destroy part of the city, and the result of freeway in tiny space for exemple is desastrous!


The Fox Lake is home of multiple middle classes families which enjoy the peacefull mood of the neighbohood.


In 1920, a bridge is built, and connect Pensatucky to Concord Heights and to the northern counties. Currently, the power is provided by two wind turbines, but it's not enough, and the city is planning to build a coal power plant on the hill north of Concord.


At the convergence of the stream to the Rock Valley River, a small industrial area specialized in wood has grown. A scenic path enable citizen to have a panoramic look of the river! What a pleasant place for hiking


Somewhere upstream, the city has built a dam to prevent dry period or flooding on spring, and the reservoir was transformed in a pleasant and relaxing park with some view on the city.


Back to Pensatucky, the nearby hills has been colonized by houses which residents wanted scenic view from their backyard. :)


In north, the Vermont Height Power Plant has been built, and now provide enough power to feed the city for a long period. Are we close to the industrial revolution?


An aeriel view of the region as it stands actually. I had to delete the field in order to upload the savegame with no dependancy.


And for the last, the actual city as it is in the savegame with names. I encourage you to use unlimited money mod because the city is now in red. The next step is the building of a railroad track to enable a better transit for goods. You can watch me streaming this cities and maybe others from steam in my profile - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067447346/home/Subscribe to see more screenshots!

Feel fry to like comments, share and subscribe!

You can also have a look yourself at the savegame which is downloadable at this link -> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067447346/home/( It's current version 1.1, others version will be upload separetely )


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