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  1. Show us your night shots

    Title should be pretty self explanatory. With the release of After Dark only a few hours away, I figured we might as well have something ready.
  2. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    I don't have the game yet, so naturally, I don't have anything to show. But I figured I might as well get it up and ready, since one of the most popular topics in the SimCity 4 section should manage here as well. So get down to it and post some Skylines!
  3. Airman's Hangar

    Excellent! What I've always wanted from SimCity 4 is the ability to do burnouts and destroy clutches while wearing a snapback and saying "brah"
  4. Mercedes Sprinter 2500

    This is brilliant! What I really need in my life is a vehicle that has more space inside it than a concert hall and that sways more than American politics whenever there's a slight gust of wind.
  5. The Antonym Game

    Astrology Rolls Royce
  6. OpenSC4

    There's some minor chatter on reddit about pursuing a potential OpenSC4 to open up a whole slew of modding possibilities that have thus far been impossible. It's currently mostly a faint dream, but the more people who know about it and are talking about it, the higher the chances of it becoming reality. I personally know the square root of nil about coding, so I'd be about as useful as a mobility scooter in a Formula one race, but I can be on the grand stand to cheer everybody on! https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenSC4/ https://www.reddit.com/r/simcity4/
  7. Prepping my First Region

    @CorinaMarieI would most definitely recommend the patented Dual Pop Stop Puncture Junction 45 000 (TM) for this situation. Of course, it would cost a small fee. Legalities.
  8. Lufthansa's New Livery

    I like it. It's eurowhite, yes, but that claim implies the old livery wasn't. It's a small change overall, but I like how the tailfin decor continues down, and the new metallic blue looks awesome. Had they kept the logo golden, it would be perfect.
  9. OwO Sign

    Restore Old world Order.
  10. After browsing the sad topic called "The ones that didn't make it to the STEX", about planned BATs that didn't quite make it to the public. Then started browsing the interweb for planned projects around the world that didn't happen. Well, when I say "around the world", what I actually mean is "Around Sweden", but never mind. This is a thread to post obituaries to lost greatness. Let's begin with some of my favorite picks from Sweden, or more specifically, Stockholm. First up, Thor's Towers. I love that name. Originally supposed to be taller and look completely different, they were scaled down and replanned because city residents thought the original suggestion was (this is incredible) too boring. I admit these look a million times better though, so I won't complain. Now people are instead saying they're too ugly. Yippie-ki-yay. And then, Tellus Tower. A pinnacle (quite literally) in architecture. At a planned 270m tall, it's supposed to become the tallest building in Sweden and 23rd tallest Residential building in the world (2nd in Europe). The plans are still being tossed around, but knowing the swedish people's taste for previous modern architecture propositions, I have a feeling where this might be heading. I know I'm making hasty premonitions here, but I have good reasons. As one strong example, here's the previously planned new building for Stockholm's central station. Right before construction was to begin in late 2010, someone said "You know what, this looks too good" and now instead there'a black box. There's also this. Slussen! The pride of Stockholm. The first cloverleaf interchange in Europe, at completion in the 1930's it was made to fill in it's duties several times over, have the capacity to handle three times as much traffic as it usually did on a normal day. Eighty years later however, that figure has changed. It now has to deal with around three times more traffic than it was originally made for, and that's on a good day. Politicians keep saying it needs to be updated, but ask the people and that's a no-no. "It's a cultural heritage, you know! We must preserve this honestly very ugly junction at all price. I shall do what I can by complaining about Stockholm't traffic situation until they come up with a better solution!" That's Sweden for you. Highly modern right-wing country in every aspect apart from city development.
  11. Corrupt a Wish Game (v4)

    You're fired. Enjoy your free time! I wish christmas wasn't so hectic so I could sit down and enjoy it.
  12. Airman's Hangar

    Good to know there's more juicy maymays coming!
  13. How can I be the funniest little goofball on the forum if I barely ever post anymore? Is it something to care about or should I just be grateful for the honor? I’ll go with the latter for now. Thanks, and congratulations to all other winners!
  14. Airman's Hangar

    Those were the days. Now ze German polizei is driving around draped in white/silver and blue, just like every other European police force. Only Belgian, Swiss and Finnish constabulary vehicles still look goofy. Stay strong.
  15. Vector W8 Twin Turbo

    No worries. It works fine for me.
  16. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    Sail safely!
  17. Show Us Your Small Towns

    A lot of resources are being wasted. Expect legal intervention in the future. Possibly on a federal level.
  18. Show Us Your Small Towns

    This makes no economical sense at all. The property value must be enormous out there.
  19. Cathay Pacific | A350 XWB | BCN-HKG

    Best winglets in the game. I hope to see one some day.
  20. Airman's Hangar

    This car looks like a Lamborghini Countach went at it with a Cizeta Moroder and the result had a birth defect. Loads of 1980's cool!
  21. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old I accidentally called a fax machine and didn't freak out thinking I was being haunted.
  22. The "Why?" Game

    Because the search for reason is what takes us further. Why should I go on?
  23. Rina's Ridiculous Rivers (10x10 Map)

    Reminds me of home!
  24. Post your picture here II

    That's a stylish headrest cover, man!