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  1. Entry 4- A Trip to the Farm

    I guess you're more up to date here. I absolutely love the amount of detail you're putting into everything. I also like how every district you've shown us has it's own personality. Looking forward to seeing more of this!
  2. Entry 2- The Tale of Dagger Creek

    Alright I have to know what LUT you're using. It makes every picture look absolutely stunning.
  3. Kinderly's Baltimore BAT Thread

    Thank you everyone! ____________________________________________________________ I thought I'd go with a different view this time. Keep in mind that the rooftop details do have textures. For whatever reason they didn't show up in the render. I could also use some help with nightlighting, if anyone's interested PM me.
  4. Kinderly's Baltimore BAT Thread

    T Wrecks & Darknono35: Thank you both for your feedback! I think you'll both be happy with the result edwardjeria: Thank you! ______________________________________________________________ I've added blinds to the windows and the indents between them. I've also fixed the corners, even though it may not be very noticeable. I still need to add some other minor things around the building, like the lights between the corners, and some other rooftop features, plus maybe the memorial in front.
  5. Kinderly's Baltimore BAT Thread

    dabadon5: Thank you! Darknono35: Thank you! Unfortunately I do not think that 3dsmax is something I can get at the current time. Maybe sometime in the future. SimCoug & Aaron Graham: Thank you both! I'm glad the community is still open to new BATers! scotty222: Thank you! Your help is much appreciated. My rendering problem was fixed. ____________________________________________________________________ Here is a high quality Z5 rendering of the building so far. There are still quite a few things I need to add, but so far I am happy with the result.
  6. Kinderly's Baltimore BAT Thread

    ^Thank you for your help. I scaled the building up 122%, 133 was just too tall for me.(Keep in mind also that this is a draft quality model.)
  7. Welcome to my BAT thread. Having tried the BAT tool and learning all of the functions, I finally decided to make a BAT to show. As a native to Baltimore, plus the lack of any Baltimore content for SC4, I wanted to make my first BAT a well known, yet simple building. So I chose the Baltimore World Trade Center. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to work the renderer, as it was giving me a 1:4 image of zoom 5, instead I have in game photos. Here it is compared to the Legg Mason Building by scotty222. It seems rather short, but those are the correct dimensions compared to the LMB in gmax as well. I could also use some help with the night lighting as I can never get it to work once it's in game. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help.
  8. BTT (CJ section): 7 November 2013

    I see my name up there! I hope I can get the # 1 spot.
  9. Maxisland 2.0 aka Santa Bella

    I've tried that but the terraformer gives an error when I import the .sc4m file.