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Snake River Valley

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A large semi-arid river valley with several historic, small towns.

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RandyE: Thanks a lot! With all the LUT's and map themes, you can get some really stellar shots of this game these days. Glad you enjoy.

Takingyouthere:Thanks! I'm not so experienced when it comes to making industrial areas or power complexes. I usually don't focus much on them, so I'm glad you like them. I get what you're saying about the smokestacks, haha, but it's a trade-off, I suppose.

raynev1: That's some high praise! SC4 is so iconic and has such a great community here at Simtropolis behind it, it can be hard (daunting even) to begin exploring another game. I came into the SC4 scene really late, so it was easy for me to start "fresh" with Skylines. It's not as deep and doesn't have as much flexibility as SC4 yet, but Skylines is a great tool for creating some beautiful cities.


Sunrise in the valley. Today, we're visiting a small collection of locally owned and operated farms. Harvests aren't huge, but there's enough to squeak out a living. Rise and shine...and get to work.


The pigs are already snuffing around in their pens looking for their morning slop. The Pork industry considered Snake River Valley a lost cause, as you just can't sustain industrial-level mega-farms. But the pigs that do live here---well---they're delicious.


A variety of crops grow here, albeit in small numbers. Agave is one of the big guns here, and there's a Tequila distillery in the area.


Also near here are the Royal Canter Stables. A local family breeds horses here and offers riding lessons for locals and visitors alike.


An early morning, pre-breakfast brushing...ah. It's the life.


The farmland sure is peaceful and serene.

Hope you enjoy!



Akallan: Thanks so much! I like to take advantage of the first person camera and try to capture interesting angles. Default angles are so...default!

MushyMushy: Thanks so much! It's clear SC4 still has quite the grasp here. Hopefully this CJ will keep you interested and coming back!

Airplane09: Right now, I'm showcasing/building the basics of where I want the story to start. There are a few "modern" cities that aren't on the brink of collapse (or at least there will be once they're built). Eventually, there will be a bit more of a story, but progress is slow. 

markussaage: Thank you. Glad you like it.

Kinderly: Hey, man, fancy seeing you here. The LUT is called Realistic Warmer: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=523899106&searchtext=realistic+warmer (It's actually called Realistic II-After Dark Optimized but in-game it's Realistic Warmer). I'm also using a fantastic theme called Tropicity/Desert by OWL: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=677044827&searchtext= Together, I think they do a good job of giving off that dusty, sun-baked atmosphere.

Takingyouthere: Thanks so much! I'm really trying to go slow with this project and detail, detail, detail. Hopefully, with your interest in industrial areas, you'll find this entry to your liking!

gfv1974: I love Red Dead Redemption. I'm glad that's the feeling you're getting. That means the LUT and Map Theme are working, ha!

Ln X: Thanks so much! This update will be a change of pace.


Not all of Snake River Valley is so...desolate. One of the big employers of the region is the Red Canary Power Complex (RCPC). Coal is the name of the game here, some of it mined from the valley itself, although these days, most is hauled in via train. Rows upon rows of coal cars line the rail yard to the power station.


Large smokestacks belch the fumes of progress into the air. This power station is the largest producer of electricity in the region.


The mountains of coal sit waiting to be burned. No matter how much is burned, however, the pile never diminishes.


Hard to imagine with what we've seen thus far that beauty like this can be found in the Valley. What will we see next?



Life is hard in the valley--and no other town in the region shows that more than Dagger Creek. Desolate, abandoned, and left to return to the earth, Dagger Creek shows the perils of living so close to the edge.


The old rail bridge...a good measuring stick to see just how much the creek has dried up. Barely a trickle is left--certainly not enough to sustain a working town. Still, it is beautiful, in a haunting sort of way.


Always considered blue collar, Dagger Creek was a hard-working town. The factory was the way to make ends meet here--now it rots.


The silhouette of of old train depot, overgrown and crumbling, it sits disconnected to the rest of the world. The tracks are far too overgrown and parts have actually washed away in torrential (albeit infrequent) rains without upkeep.


The factory, the church, and the train depot: once gathering places for the bustling little town. The only sound that you can hear now is the wind whipping through the abandoned streets.


Even the dead can't escape the brutal conditions when no one is around to keep things clean and neat.


A few houses still stand, but most lots sit empty.


Climbing the hill, the tiny town of Dagger Creek looks insignificant in the backdrop of the desert.






The old steam engine chuffs along the track, weaving between the bluffs as it travels further into Snake River Valley.


Water levels have fallen drastically in recent decades, due to drought and damming of the Snake River further up the valley...the view is still spectacular.


Stepping out of the station, it's clear that Fort Carson has seen better days.


Once a boom-town for the local miners, there are a few things here that have withstood the tests of time. Cathedral of Our Lady is still a sight...a hidden gem in a dusty land.


An old main street still stands here in the town square. Some shops are boarded up now, but a few hang on. Once the mines dried up, so did the customers.


Big plans were once had for Fort Carson, but those days seem long forgotten as the scrub begins its relenting takeover.


The hardships are apparent as you get further away from Town Square. It doesn't take too long before abandoned homes and sparse city blocks are the norm.


The people that still hold on in this town rely on the few visitors that come to visit Fort Carson, for which the city was named. Perched upon the cliffs above the bay, it provides some beautiful views as well as a dose of history for those who are interested.


One of the aforementioned views of Slender Bay and the Snake River Valley from Fort Carson.


Empty lots, dusty streets, and a fighting spirit--the qualities that define Fort Carson...our first stop in Snake River Valley.




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