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  1. Old Palm City: outskirts of Lorenzo

    Heblem just makes the best stuff
  2. Bus stop (B.A.T.)

    dude it has a low capactiy of only 100 people! But i can use it for rural areas... :: mwa ha ha ha mwa ha ha cough cough cough:
  3. Demand, Desirability, and Abandonment

    yay, no more demand ordinance for me.
  4. Teaser, I guess | Unused Slips | Ships?

    Hey man, do you have a hugeass gun storage facility for mah AK?
  5. Modular Container Port

    if you could make these lots functional they could be very useful
  6. Major Medical Center

    finally my ak has a hospital to patch up
  7. Bridge Height mod

    makes mah ak go BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM *click* wtf? aw, not again
  8. Ports and Canals

    Oh yeah, this the perfect map to make custom airports, peg cdk3 seaports, and gun factories... mwha ha ha ha ha *cough* *cough* BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM *click* aw man, not again!
  9. BSC Brick Canals Base Set

    finally, somewhere to put shell casing
  10. Patrician House Pack Volume 1

    Let my AK be the judge- BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...well she doesnt like it...
  11. The Suburbs

    As the seaports developed richer people moved away ( I was glad because lower weath makes more realistic suburbs). I also made an underwater tunnel to the Porter Island where my commercial zones sprawled. Well that's it for now, me and my AK need to talk about getting extra clips in the recent bullet shortage. And remember- face me kawan who- and whimme gimme yo' face till yo' face turns blue. And if your wondering, that is a picture of a friend- my family comes from Nine Mile (the place where Bob Marley grew up) in the St. Ann's Parish. OH and I am part Crucian. Why did I tell you this? It can help you anticipate what I will develop next.
  12. Quick Development

    As trade grew between small city Trenton and large city Glendale, the seaport had to be expanded. (Trenton pop; 1,003 at the time- Glendale pop 60,783. I can't do a cj for Glendale because it is too developed). But anyway the industrial pop was 0 in Trenton, but 11,000 in Glendale, so Trenton needed supplies.
  13. Johnson International Seaport

    Trenton started off as a power plant, an Gegionic Ingestor, and a seaport.
  14. Lower Class Growth Continues, Storm comes in.

    where did you get the hurricane and tsunami mod? .... Waaahhh!!!Waaaahhh!!!!!Waaaahhh!!!! Sshhhh AK, want me to feed you some bullets? .........
  15. Andys Gun Works

    Thank you, man. Went over there and bought me an AK-47. Let's pop some heads!