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  1. TMW#21 - Virmire System | "Saren & the Geth

    Good job!
  2. Casteñola: Tiny Little Special 12,000 visitors Update

    One of the best that i ever seen. Good work!
  3. Casteñola: Puerto antiguo

    5/5 Perfect.
  4. Update 1: Introduction

    One of the best that i ever seen.
  5. New Accommodations in Chafkon

    Good job!
  6. Welcome to the Kingdom of Navarre.

    Nice work, my friend!!!
  7. Show us your railroads

    What is the name of the second pic station? Where i can find?
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    There is some GLR mod with sandstone sidewalks? And stations which sidewalks become modded with sandstone mod? Tx!!!
  9. As Nossas Praias | Edição de Oiro | Verão '12 | Aldeia de Arrota

    Nice work. What is that wall mod ?
  10. Autumn in Hokkodo

    Epic !
  11. World Affairs

    Of course that they arent victims of drug cartels, but governments need try another way to solve this problem. militar way has proved to be inefficient. i think that countries with that problem need redistribute income. drugs and criminality are related with poverty, i mean, invest in education instead of arms and officers would be a start.
  12. World Affairs

    Alcohol was legalized, but no one ask for another "drugs". rejection is normal in conservatives countries.
  13. 2012 UEFA EURO CUP

    We see Holland in quarter-final before competition start.
  14. From Motherland With Love...

    Nice work