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Black Sea Confederacy. Member of AIN - http://aoin.eu/

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Please listen to this to set the mood.

Kniaze-Kozlovsk (

http://vocaroo.com/i/s1rDZegIT4d5) administrative center of Kushan Oblast in Lesovian-Kushan Tzardom. The old medieval city was founded 754, on lake of Gnilka. Majority of the population is Kushan (Finno-Ugric) and other part is Lesovians (Slavic). Right now the city its unofficialy named - Banking Capital of Hiigara. Multiple banks have there HQ in the city. The city is one the most loved tourist destinations in Tzardom and many name it the best place to relax outside the loud and imperial Tzargrad. The name of the city roughly translates from Kushanian - Kniaz, knyaz, knjaz or knez is a Slavic title found in most Slavic languages, denoting a royal nobility rank. It is usually translated into English either as Prince or less commonly as Duke, however, both terms do not represent a sufficiently accurate translation, because Knyaz was derived from the Proto-Germanic kuningaz (king). Kozlovsk - Kniaz that founded the city surname was Kozlov, which roughly translates as Goat.



Kniaze-Kozlovsk center named Vesnia. The Cathedral of Saint Paul, is the dominant building in the city center. Catholics are the majority population of the city, 74% are Catholics. Channel of Tzar Gromuslav the II was build in 1721, connecting the Lake Gnilka with river of Poltava.



Gnilka Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the country. Many visit the lake for relaxation or to watch the famous - Kozlovsk Fountain. The symbol of the city. Many citizens own the yachts which they can sail straight to Tzargrad, from channels connecting the two cities.


On the left side of the river, you can find the "Research Center of Kushania Number 14", build in 1996, its one of the most famous research facilities in Hiigara. Also you can see the Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour of Kniaze Kozlovsk. Also below you could find farms (Next Update) and hunting grounds. (Next Update)


Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour of Kniaze Kozlovsk - build in 1632, by Tzar Dorslak the Builder, it was the Cathedral for the Wife, which died while giving birth to his 12 daugther. Its one of the most romantic cathedrals in this part of the country. The Bridge of Volkov, was build in 1320, the bridge was build in the old medieval entrance to the city.


On the right side you find the small communities on the Gnilka lake. Small districts like this stretch around the city.

Kniaze-Kozlovsk at night.

Kniaze Kozlovsk at night gets quiet and peaceful. The clubs and neon is located outside the historic district. Small cafes work at night if you wish to drink coffee or wine and just take in the beauty of the city or the nature that is around the city.








Please listen to this to set the mood.


The capital of the Lesovian-Kushan Empire.

The city of dreams, build on bones.

This is the black sea venice.


Tzargrad was founded in 1643, as the new capital of the growing Lesovia and soon Lesovian-Kushan State. Victorious against the Ottomans in the east, the new capital supposed to show the greatness of the Lesovian people and its Tsar Vsevolod the IV. Trough its history, the city saw many great glories days, from the victories of the Lesovian-Kushan armies, to great building projects, to the marvels of human ingenuity.




Central Tzargrad. The Novot River and the central Islands.




The Segesmund Royal Palace in Tzargrad - "Lesovian Palace", Cathedral of Tsars - Vsevolod Cathderal.





View from the palace on Novot River.




Entrance to the Pantheon of the Empire. Museum of Vinogorsk.




Gorfram Island. The Pantheon of the Empire. Now the island is famous for its art gallery and it shops.




Torkoburg Island. Once the industrial district of the city, its now a quiet place to live in. From here in 1926, the failed revolution started, which almost destroyed the monarchy.




Senatski Island and small island of Kronstaff. Here you can find the main business hub of the city and the Imperial Senate.




Kronstaff Island. The former fortress in the sea, it is now a lovely district to go shopping and hit the clubs at night.




At night the city changes.




Central Districts at night.




Senatski Island at night.



Listen to this please, to set the mood.


The overcrowded cities of Hiigara, are coming to the new age.

After the "Plague" years, humanity restored control of parts of Europe.

A huge wall was build to defend the surviving zones, from the unknown.

This is the new age, of a dying civilization.


Pizen is the new capital of Hiigaran Federation. The gliming lights of the city hides the horrors of the slums and overpopulation. Crime, unjust law and corruption are eatting the new megapolis.




Outside the wall, the ruins of once major cities only remind of human presence there. Missions to the "Plague Zones" are banned, after multiple failures.




Dark Future Comes.

Year 2112. Albion Oblast. Hiigaran Federation.

Megapolis of Pizen. Smog. Two of the night.


Hey all, will return with new update. Mostly set on Earth 2112.

Ecological Catastrophy, destroyed the world that we know and now humanity lives in ever changing world.

Next large update in two days.



Ruins of Civilization.

Ruins of Civilization.


Every week, I will post a picture of pre-apocalyse and after it.

Civilization is gone, but nature lives on.

And trought the death of our cities, the real beauty appears.



Pizen Nogovickan Avenue. Main street of Pizen. Subway station - Pobednaja. Also called Broadway of Pizen.


Pizenian Desert. Subway tunnels are collapsing in. Nogovicka Avenue is now a small river. The city will soon collapse on itself, down to the tunnels.


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he City of Sentai (Shuen Tai in Okatain), is a port city located not far from Okatabawashi, a city split in two, by Okatabawashi and Hiigara.

The colony of Sentai or Fort Reslavl, is the only surviving Hiigaran over seas territories. The colony was a trading center between Hiigaran traders and Okatabawashian. The city is settled by diffrent groups. From Okatabawashians, living in the center of the city and controlling the entertament and many businesses, to Chinese working in the docks, Hiigarans are living in the "Colonial District" and control the government of the city.

Right now the city, is the mixture of Hiigaran Colonial Style and Asian influences. The city is in turmoil, after 1998, rebellion for independence from Hiigara, when the Hijaran Districts were attacked by the Sentai natives. The independence riot was brutally put down. Right now the city is facing problems from mafia, drugs and illigal immigration. Hiigaran government hopes that the restoration of the military base, will return stability to this city. The city is in ever changing status.

This is Sentai, the city with two hearts.

At day.


Verhnija Senaiska District.


Cathedral of God's Mother of Sentai. Build in 1889, its one of the surviving largest cathedrals in the city and one of the most famous landmarks.


Beach of Beppin. The only beach in the city. Previously a place to trade on sunday, its now a lovely place for a walk or to get in to the ocean.


You can see the Statue of "Unity", its one of the most famous statues in the city and Hiigara. Statues like this are located in many cities, that were under occupation. The Statue shows a "Hijaran Soldier, hugging a Child", the picture was taken in ruins of Nogovicka in 1953, in period of liberation of the city. Here the statue was installed in 1996.


On the other side of the Hijaran District, is the Military Base "Fort Hijara", its one of the best example of Hiigaran Base Planning. The first military base was build in 1861, right now its the largest Hiigaran Base outside Hiigara.


On the other side of the military base, is the Sentai Docks. Most of the Sentai Island is taken by docks.


Sentai Theater. The largest theater in the city. Build in 1926, its right now used for diffrent events from Operas to Club events.


"Sail of Sentai" is a tower in Lower Sentai. Build in the Harbor Area of the city. The Tower was build in 2009, as a symbol of new age for Sentai. And the old gates of the Okatain Distrist. The district was over taken by modern city or destroyed in japanese occupation.


Sentai Harbor at day, is a more quiet district then at night.

But at night, the city is a diffrent place to be.... even the Colonial District, joins the fun.

At night.










Pavshedube is the third largest city of Albon Republic. Many call the city, the "White Castle" and the "City of Tought". Pavshedube is the educational center of Albon, with the "silicon valley" being located here, with the very secret government projects. But still this is a lovely city to move to and start living in the modern and fun way. Lets check out the city.


Pavshedube is located on Black Sea coast. On its north is the mountain "Rolas". The city is located on a small peninsula.


Military Base - "Novo-Hijara", is one of the largest bases in Southern Albon. Many are jokenly speak that the base was build to defend the secrets that the city holds against enemies.


Belodistrictov is a lovely district, here you can find a middle class apartments, not to pricy but good if you love the sea to be near you.


Pavshedube old port - Starii Port District. Is one of the most expensive districts in the city, build by the "Vergus Corporation", it was planned to be an example of a new great start of equal starts. The old district was turned down and new apartments were build, everyone that lost there homes in the rebuilding of the city, were given free apartments in the new district. But soon, the people started selling there apartments, as the prices were unbarable to pay.


Pavshedubskaja Opera House. One of the survivers of the 1951 bombings of the city. Its the second opera scene after Nogovickan Opera. Here you can see many lovely concerts, operas and new ballets.


Confederacy Park. A giant park on the hills, watching over the city. Here on 1955, were held talks for the foundation of HUC. (But the signing only happned in Fort Mihailovsk (Modern Konfederatisk). But still the park is the symbol of unity and rememberance of the great invasion and occupation of the country. Now here you can sun bath, relaxs, learn about the history in "Hall of Soldiers". Hall of Soldiers is one of the symbols of the city.


"People liberate Nogovicka" Statue is one of the most famous statues of the 1960 and modern Hijaran architecture.


Nauka-Grad - Science City. The Hijaran mega project to construct a united study center for the confederacy. Right now many corporations have invested in the district. Small homes were contrusted for the workers of the centers. Here you can find many corporations like OAO "Nadezda", a health care company, OAO "Roslav i Bratija" a military corporation, OAO Albon Green a technological corporation from military to hardwear and others.


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour of Plavonia and the old districts. The main Cathedral of Plavonia Oblast of Albon. In 1952, here started the failed "Riot of an Apple" which was a riot against soviet government.


Pavshedube by night is a diffrent city. Soldiers, scientists, corporative officials and workers go to party and relaxs after a hard day of work...


The center is light by million of lights and the streets are still alive.


Even the military base doesn't seem to go to sleep.


Square of Mitish. A former trading market area, now its a modern district with the capitalist feel of the city. Theather of Alfonso, is at night becoming one of the largest perfomance area, even some days its a club. Coca-Cola Building is already a familiar landmark for many, first lighted with red colours on 2001. Many come to the square to visit the best clubs, cafes and restarunts in the city.


The TV Central Tower is showing the largest led display in the city, showing the channels that people can sign up to.


The Telecenter Tower - "Plavonia", defended by the military of confederacy. Many say that the tower is broadcasting not only tv and radio, but also secret information for the military.


People are leaving the suburbs in to the center of the city....


Nogovicka Battle.

Please listen to this to set the mood.

Please listen to this to set a mood.

Nogovicka Battle set in 1951, after the rebellion of liberated Albon from Nazi Occupation.

The Soviet Party was overtrown and after this, the Second Albon Republic was proclamed.

But this was only the start of the darkest period in the cities history.

The beautiful Nogovicka, the black sea Paris, was laid in ruins, with only goal of restoring Soviet Government.

Images are showing the city in 2013 and in the period from 1951-1953 War.



2013 - Eastern Nogovicka. Historic center of the city.

1953 - City in Liberation. Majority of the city lays in ruins, after the Hijaran liberation movement.



2013 - Royal Palace - National Musuem. Subway Station of "Dvorcovaja"

1951 - Battle for the city. Museum was bombed and set on fire. Heavy battle continues.



2013 - Cathedral of Jesus the Saviour. Plaza of Liberty.

1951- Soviet Albon Government with support of soviet forces, restored control over the district.



2013 - Balgarski District. Fashionable shops are located here. You can also make a lovely tattoo here. Palace of Justice is located here.

1951 - Palais Royal, a former hot spot for cities rich, became the center of the battle. Half of apartment block collapsed, while artillery struck the city.

Thanks for watching hope you liked this update! And this is my 100 update! Thanks for the community and all support and 5 stars! Hope to continue making more updates and getting better! Thank you!

And thank for my simcity union community at -



Forced Vision.

Alternative universe Hiigara.

While the soldiers of the Greater Hijara march trought Europe,

at home people close there eyes to death that they create.

As its easier to march with the others, then stand against a tyranny of mad crowd.

We are only a part of the machine, we are nothing without it.


A great age of progress begun, as the news tells us. The old world has died and a new regime takes the minds of all.


All sold there freedom for the stability, all are happy. While the young march to war, the majority sits at there homes and cheer for victory of the empire.


Every child is a future soldier. Only goal is to be the machine that will grow the state. With no opinion and no pain.


On the front, the lifes of thousands are destroyed for the stability of few.


There future is not of importance. There lifes are just a problem for the state.


Those that fight, meet a horrible death in the ruins of there homes. The greater good of the empire, brings only death to others.


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Exodus Chapter 3. Part 1.


Chapter 3. Part 1.

Please listen to this to set the mood.

The once mighty human civilization lies in ruins.

The infection is evolving and changing the world.

This is the new Earth.


The cities are abandoned, after the first cases of infection 20 years have passed. Majority of survivers live on remote closed communities.


Cities are alive with the sounds of the forest. What humans left is now home to the new growth.


It does not spare anything, it grows on all surfeces destroying what humans clamed to be the most important for them. The old park is now the location of this Growth, many call it "Hellground". It destroys all and kills any tree in sight.


Kartobian Police Department is closed, spared from bombing, it stand as a reminder of order. Deer wondering in the main road of Alsavir.


The cross on Cattalion Island still stance in defiance of the growth. The Tree of Life a hellish monstor is growing from the subway, eating the island from inside out. This Tree is called to be the Spirit of the Forest, alive and beating. New god, against the old one.


The symbol of human history are swept away with the coming storms and destruction... its the rebirth of earth. The Arena build by the romans, is now just a part of the forest as the wave comes to sweep away the ruins.


Human history is layed in to ruins. The mighty and the strong, are now just a forgotten sound...


Light the way...

Light the way...

Please listen to this to set the mood or

This to set the mood.

The heart land of Albon Republic, the never sleeping - Pizen.

The symbol of freedom and of capitalism, this is the city to be.

Welcome to Pizen Night.


The central districts and the main artery of the city - "Nogov-Jamkov Street", the broadway of Pizen. Symbol of never ending life in the city.


The Bars, Cafes, Restarunts and just life happening all around you. The Novi Square, is the time square of Pizen. The neon signs selling everything possible, from drinks to fashion. This is the beating heart of the capitalist paradise, where everything is possible... with a price. Here you can find the places like the "Green Oyster", "Footlose Bar" and "Cinema 1920". Fun place to spend the night in.


Driving trought the Jorskovskoe avenue, you will see the bright lights of billboards, shops still open. The gay district of "Gubki" is one of places living 24/7. Neon signs showing clubs like "Butterfly", "Russian Mistress" and "Tomi".


Over the River Pizenski, you will come to "Rebel Square", the place where the city defended its freedom against the French in 1811. The "Death Star" of Pizen, as its called by people, the 1976 Build Tower - "Ostank Tower", the main TV and Radio tower in city. Near it are located Newspaper and Albon TV agencies. The lighted building is "Telecommunication Building".


From there we can go to Art Museum "Winogorsk", a old Wine Factory was re-done in to a modern art gallery. The Old Church of "Jesus Protector" still looks over the old districts.


Factor Club, one of the largest clubs in Eastern Europe. Holds best parties in the city, with the biggest stage in the "Ogrovi" district. The Heroes of the Soviet-Albon War Statue stands, remembering the price many paid for the neon lights to shine bright.


As the night continues we go to the "Novi-Pizen Avenue", once the symbol of the resorection of the city in the 1960's, the city was heavilly bombed in the Soviet Occupation period of 1951-1954. The 3 Giants, stand watching over the old city. The Aslav District, the tourist attraction district, lights the cafes and hotels.


Golden Gate Casino and Hotel, the oldest still working hotel in the city, the symbol of glamour of the old city. While the modern city grows to take it. The LED Displays on "Bank Hijara" show the future of progress and happiness for all those that have the money.


As morning soon to come, we come to the heart of the city... the ever great Pizenian Kremlin. The symbol of power of the Albon Republic... even here the lights shine in the Central Store of Albon.


As night turns to morning.. we return to Taiga Tiger, the skyscraper build in the Jerusko Dictatorship period. The neon lights turn down and loose there power.... the day eats the night... Rainy morning...


As day comes, the neon lights are gone... so that the day can start... in the magical Pizen. So that again the night can take it hold...


This is a new updates on Dictatorship in Hiigara, what if all of the world will fail and the new empire arise?

The Empire is growing eating those that protest...

Anyone fighting against will be killed and destroyed...

This is the front, here logic is gone...


While the front is moving, the darkness falls at home...

The tall structures arise in the old city.

What will they bring?





A small update, pre-hellish nazi updates.

This is a small village located in Hiigaran Eastern country of Everon.

Located on river of Gorlavka, its the beautiful place to live.

Small town of Rasvet, stands as a fortress of peace and beauty.








"Pure Blood"

This is an alternative universe, where all went wrong.

Not based on any real events in History.

This updates are to laugh and be shocked.

(This updates are about a crazy nationalistic-fascist country and the world that went in economy collapse, we will be seeing the updates trow eyes of citizens of the new Fascist Hiigara.)

Welcome to Collapsed World...


A Nazi Regime is installed in Hiigara, as the days of the world change.

War is all around the world...

Hiigaran armies are marching trew europe....



Nogovicka 1700.

Nogovicka 1700

Welcome to the Imperial Period of Nogovickan History.

The expanding empire of Albon, reached far from the Black Sea to the African Coast.

Nogovicka is the center of trade, art and power of the Albon Throne.

Please listen to this...

Or please listen to this...

Lets jump in time and see the city...

The time is already riping time...

Oh godness...




Ah, the imperial seat of Albon Power. The royal family of Segesmund rule over this city, protecting it growth and its beauty. The Tsar ordered the construction of new imperial halls, so that to show the power of the state and to impress the foreing powers.


The weather is brewing, the storm will come soon...



Nogovicka in this time, is still half-medieval city, with old timber buildings for the poor.

The rich are moving to the new mansions and apartments, constructed by genious Cattalian, Italian architects. Nogovicka is changing trow its sea power, it gains not only riches, but also culture.


The Cattalians are living in the traders districts, heavilly influential in the Tsars politics, even many say that Mstislav, has a male lover of Cattalian blood. What shock and aw, how could you explain the Cattalian not living his master even at night?

The Chapel of Arts, as its called modern was constructed in 1698, as symbol of victory against the Ottomans in siege of Argiv. Smelly traders, of course found the perfect place to trade... Cattalians, Germans, French and other foreigners, call this district there home. The Nemech District.


The rich live near the center of political life of the city - The Kremlin. The Tsar of course rarely visits it. For him its much more fun in his new Palace outside the city, all the glamour and no pesky traders.


Looking for magical trade? Go to Uskovki Market, the largest in city, all go here to sell everything. But we don't advise to buy pies from Udmila, people say her pies can kill even god.


The weather is getting worse... rain again... The admirality, the center of the Naval Command of the Empire. From here they command the operations against those pesky Ottomans... And the Russians.


All start running from the rain, the storm is brewing... Medieval Church of Archbiship.


The rain continues to ponder us... we need to return back to modern times...


Heavy storm hits the city, only god can defend it...



Please listen to this to set the mood.

or Please listen to this to set the mood.

Three days passed, Kartoba was declared a qurantine zone.

Evacuation continued with many still staying behind.

The streets were filled with death.


The government order the destruction of the Port, after cases of the infection were feared to pass the Crete distrist. Citizens who stayed behind lost there last hope of leaving the city.


The suburbs were set ablaze, the Moniako Bridge and other were bombed. The suburbs were ablaze for 4 days. My parents didn't make it out.


Qurantine was set in the city, anyone staying behind were seen as a future problem, in restoring peace in the city.


Panic and Horror. As the days continued the only hope was to gas the infection out or burn it out. The second was more succesful, but at the cost of lives. Its unknown if the infection was so wide spread, many believe that only 10% of population was infected. But it seems after Kamchatka, the government didn't want to take chances.


The city became a graveyard. The majority of population being burned, gased or killed. Finding out later, the wast majority of the world didn't know, while the heads of states, found that this is a case to defend humanity.


I saw the infected only once, in the market, the blood trail of there passing to the ice cream stand. There eyes were dark and they lost anything resembling humanity.


The only hope as the heads of states said.. is to burn the city to the ground. Infection for them was more importaned then lifes on thousands. But what can they do, when there power is at risk?


The city was bombed and million fire lights, ignited the sky. Night became day.


The screams of those that stayed behind were only music to this horror. This is the end of the bohemian and free humanity. We returned to our animal instincts or have we ever left them?


I still could see her in fire, in my dreams. I can't remember her face, but her scream, her movement, her hand asking for help.


As the city hidden from the view, by smoke. I fled to Kartoba military base, hoping for my life to still continue. I never seen that Kamchatkan girl... only hoped that she has survived. My life became a life of a rat, living in the bunker, waiting for this all to end. And just hoping that she, left the city when the evacuation begun.


Kartoba became a wasteland, closed fully. Cattalian-Hiigaran Navy defended the borders, so no one could leave this hell hole. Only the Kartobian Military base, continued to be lighted as night was made permenent in Kartoba...

Many years would pass... and only maniquens would be the remnent citizens of the city.


Hope you liked the update.

Next update will be posted shortly.


For Russian Speaking Romantic moment, please listen to this song.

For Sad feel moment, please listen to this song.

"In the news today, Kartobian weather is rainy today.

We advise to take an umbrella with you, if you planning to go outside.

The Kamchatkan Virus is being found around Kartoba city,

many citizens have came to St.Augustus Hospital for help. Lines...


As week passed, we met again with her. We exchanged the ever slight understanding of our feelings. I ordered my driver, to get us and go to Oxygenol. A club owned by Oshi and me.


The rain has swept away, the sounds of the city. I missed calls after calls, all my time was consumed by the Kamchatkan. While we driven trow the streets.


At Oxygenol, we sat for 2 hours, mostly just drinking and talking. A man was coughing all the time, I even asked to given a new place.


As the night continued, she said that she needs to leave. I proposed that my driven takes her, but she replied that her friend will meet her. We arranged to meet tomorrow. at the evening. I watched her leaving.


The rain continued, I returned to my apartment. Watched the missed calls. Oshi called me 7 times. Re-called him. He asked me to come to his apartment.


As I found out, Oshi was attacked by some girl that he invited back. His hand was bitten. But he refused to go to the doctor. This cases start happening around the city, with many suspecting drugs.


I purseud to make Oshi to go to the doctor. I could not imagine how the later day will change.


Waking up at the morning, I was woken up by her call, she tolled me to turn on the tv.


The news kept running, as the sound of helicopters and plane bound for Kartobian International St.George Airport were made. I saw Cattalian-Hijaran planes. After 10 minutes, cell phones were turned off. Internet connection lost and only tv kept going.

As I continued watching, the emergency broadcast was turned on.

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The last Night.

While the lights of the Metropolis turns on the night.

The crowds are gathering to enjoy the night.

This is the last day of the humanity age.

Nogovicka. Kartoba and Pizen.

The Hijaran Lions.

Kartoba. Downtown/Little Okatabawashi. Club district.




Nogovicka Central City. River Gnilka.


Pizen - Garden Ring.



Sin - Chapter One.

Listen to this to set the mood.

"This is Kartoba Today. The weather outside is +23c. In the news today,

Kamchatkan Government has put on quarintine parts of the country,

after a pandemic hit villages. This information is coming after the flu

has taken lifes of 23 people. Cases in Russia and China were found. In other news..."



"The news are all the same, boring stuff. My name is Alexander Vlasov. Born and raised in Kartoba in a rich bankers family. Life for me is fun and game. I live a life of the bohemian glory, as we say it here, the generation of Pepsi. After years of change Kartoba became the sin loving place..."


"My life is a never ending change of girls and club scenes, only there I feel like a king. The plebs will never understand the beauty of the night and the beauty of life, until they met the fun loving bohemians.

As night comes to Kartoba I get ready to go to Aquarius, my friend owns that place. Born in Okatabawashi, he moved to Kartoba and started his own business. As he says, the beat in the nights of Kartoba are unique.


I own a penthouse in downtown Kartoba. My father was not pleased when i both this apartment. He hoped that i would still live in the old manor outside the city. But luckly I known what words would explain my point of view. Who would want to live in the dust of the old? When you can have the best view in the city.


Already dressed in the best, I call Oshi. Asked him to look for good girls for me. For me the never ending change of girls, keeps me amused. There problems don't bother me and my just leaves. They help me to cope.


Looking out the window, my fathers office lights in the night. Our family is the old aristocratic family of Nogovickan desent. We survived the italian bombings in 1941, we kept our degnety when the 1962 Revolt happened and general Admirtov created a police state. We always know to who to keep our loyalty. Luckly our age gives me the reason to be loyal only to the night... My driver has came.


Driving trow free streets of Kartoba, you forget the loud, bustling city. You are free from worries. No screams, no traffic, no problems. Woslav, my driver, is my old friend. He helps me with meeting girls and keeping it quite. He is the only person that I really trust. But probably just money can make anyone be quite.


Last week, I met a girl. Oshi found her for me. A quite girl from somewhere Albon or Russia, can't actually remember. But usually they only see me as a way up. This was more quite and without any hope. I can only remember her legs trembling.


The never changing Bohemia. Kissing couples, the crying girl who just got dumped, the ever so talented acresses, the ever so rich. And the crowds, the crowds of sheep. Dancing to the beat of the 21 centuary. You lose yourself here. You are one of them.

Then I saw her.

She was standing alone.

Her eyes looking at me.

She was somehow different. Her eyes full of sadness, but a smile on her face. She was something different in the sin.


We talked for a a half hour. I first tought it was Oshi who found her for me, but I soon found out that Oshi didn't know her.

She was from Kamchatka, moved to the city two years ago. A student of Politech.

Called Woslav. Ordered the car. We driven again trow the free streets of Kartoba.

She kissed me.


We returned back to my apartment. Tolled Woslav that he could be free today.

She undressed and went to the balcony. Viewing the city, she saw the Chapel of First. Build by the cattalians and then made in to an Orthodoxs temple by the Albon Empire.

I realised that for me it was something usual, i stopped even noticing it.

She turned and asked, if I have some wine.


We drunk wine, talked. And lay in the bed.


It followed as usual. Never changing.

The Kamchatkan Girl and I.


Waking up in the morning, she was still with me. Usually they leave quickly. So not to bother me. I went to the tv and just waited for her to wake up."

"...news today, Cases of the Kamchatkan Flu were spotted in Hiigara. Already 16 cases are conformed around the country. Government ends flights between Kamchatka and Hiigara."

End of Chapter One. Sin.

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By way of a "Thank You" gift, we'd like to send you our STEX Collector's DVD. It's some of the best buildings, lots, maps and mods collected for you over the years. Check out the STEX Collections for more info.

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