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  1. Except there is no separated lane - then they act like peds and share pedestrian crossings
  2. Quick said: most of them are not possible due to limitations. If I recall correctly he won't do trams/monorails on the roads outer lanes at all cause you have to create custom nodes for these to work which then would still not be compatible with most other custom roads. Also in C:S you cannot design lanes which are just for turning. The behavior of lanes cannot pre defined (so, you can't control in editor if a lane is for changing directions only) The last one has two issues: 1. you cannot control cars staying in their lanes. They will simply run over that pedestrian path between them when a node appears 2. bike paths in the middle are possible, but bikes would run diagonal across the intersection to go there if another road with bike lanes as its outer lanes is connected to this intersection cheers!
  3. Pop 137000 rising. #RealisticPopulationAndConsumption #TM:PE #RushHour #downtown #noDespawn #probablyNeedToBuyASupercomputer #HashtagStinks
  4. You don't need find it for this task you can plop buildings also down using Building Themes The benefit of this is the buildings still grows and the zoning stays the same
  5. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    Hey there! Well, you could try to use this mod to change the assets ui category. Other than this you could probably use one of the park assets by others to create a freely placeable asset under parks category. Download and install it by subscribing as usual and use it as a template. A candidate on this would be something like this one. If I'm right you should anyway be able to set every type of asset to a freely placeable one by disabling some things like the need of water, fire, and the production of garbage + x, but I don't know exactly by now...
  6. On the demand-end I've - well - got a different approach. I don't use the vanilla way at all as my cities are heavily modded using realistic population and consumption mod + rush hour. So things that work on my end won't probably work on yours
  7. To simply pick buildings to place them -> ploppable RICO is best. Downside on this: Those buildings won't grow anymore as they got converted to a kind of landmark with special abilities To create a set on buildings to grow on a specific area -> building themes. In short: You have to create sets which include LVL1 buildings to the desire LVL - it's also important that they have the same footprint! An example: If you want to grow any building which is level 3 on a 2x4 footprint your theme must include on level 1 building 2x4 and one level 2 building 2x4 of the same kind. then, after you created a theme, you have to lay down a district where those buildings have to grow. In the policies tab you then select that theme on this district. You have to keep in mind that only those buildings grow which are included in that theme! So, if you'd like to grow some commercial buildings they have to be included in that theme too! Otherwise nothing will happen there. best.
  8. You could use ploppable RICO on this end too - Simply open it's settings and make the growables RICO ploppables - once plopped they'll remain whatever happens (besides destroyed using fire and other disasters) I primary work using building themes and can give you a (even german) hand on it - feel free to add me on steam if you want to. Right now I'm at work, so it would be kinda hard using screenshots ofc.
  9. This is the start of a entirely new mega-city, US-style with asian and euro influences
  10. Besides issues and complaints I wanna say "thank you!" using a picture: 2x oneway, two lane classic metro + bike/ped path in between + two lane avenue on top I hope you like this sandwich!
  11. As I'm excited I'll leave this here: 64m bridge + Maglev Guess this bridge will be kinda "congestion save"
  12. Uh, oh, just out of curiosity: using which mod did you actually add the "true" engines to each end of the asset? - At the point I released my last asset it was not possible to do so somehow
  13. Ha, nvm I thought about doing simliar after I saw that Combino in action, but as my trains don't really require something like that (besides, probably, the Acela) I didn't use it.
  14. Nice one, even if you are not *really* the first one who did something like this One of the Combinos that are around on the workshop had something like this, I guess it was this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640402690 Anyway, good job in providing something for my U.S. themed regions thank you!
  15. He answered this question on Twitter before you posted it so every 12u (max) will be a point at which cars can enter and exit the outer lanes