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  1. Ummm... let me think about this for one second... ...actually all could feature depots, but in some cases it would not be neccessary. Thinking about national und international traffic it would not make much sense to be required to use some depot/hangar for your trains/ships/planes. Instead it should be an option. This option could create also some income instead of costs as the functionality would be kinda shared with oher cities. Atleast a depot like this should be cost free in the most simple case What I don't like is the way vehicles spawn at stations. I think outside connections should at least have the functionality of a depot meaning every train/ship/plane which should be used on any line should spawn on an outside connection if there is no depot available. The should not magically spawn out of nowhere at the stations to collect waiting passengers! Another point to be adressed would be the spawning rate on outside connections as a vehicle spawns just if one cim is waiting. It's really stupid to see lare planes landing on airports with just one person inside. There should be a way to tell vehicles to wait till they are 75% full which would only be possible if despawn is turned off ofc. So, in conclusion depots make sense for me - but not as an dependency besides purely regional networks
  2. looking sharp! Especially liking that single track bridge Gonna check it out ASAP
  3. Looking good, but yes - it needs some specular and normals - great textures btw! I might share some specular settings I am using with you if you want me to - maybe you saw my assets at the workshop. I guess the signs use line colors? Personally I prefer dark windows like 80% grey - but that's actually your choise. By the way @BloodyPenguin will love you for creating this one as he asked me about it some time ago Also about your question: You actually can mirror UVs in Blender so they would look right, but the chance is high you are messing up the shading on the model - just check it. The most easy way around that issue would be to create a copy of that map in Photoshop and place it underneath the one which is already there (only move it on y-axis) - even if the texture is not a square anymore it's fine! C:S can handle maps which are not squares Then mirror the parts which need to be mirrored + save and exit PS/Gimp/whatever tool you are using. In Blender select this side of the train, go into UV editor and move the selected UV on y-axis down till it fits. That's it - no need to entirely remap the thing
  4. I think it's time to track some bugs down right after the latest patch There seems to be some issue with flattened / lowered terrain and the mom tracks. I lowered and flattened the terrain using BPs Extra Landscaping Tools - As I dragged a portion of MOM track (concrete) down and reloaded the city, areas around those tracks were kinda messed up (higher and lower parts of soil) - I guess it reverted to the initial height before modifying the terrain. Maybe you could have a look Here are some before and after screenshots:
  5. Not exactly - Those monorail tracks will be just like the tram tracks as CO said that "standard roads will be able to upgrade to roads with monorail tracks above them" - so we are still not able to drag those tracks on top of any road using vanilla tools. Anyway I agree it would be nice to see some road + mom network
  6. Um... maybe the mesh is mirrored in one direction (y probably)? This problem applied partly to the vanilla terminal building I'm modifying - after mirroring the UV in some direction the problem was solved
  7. finally I can add a nice amount of power to my city Thank you!
  8. bump - testing time just taken in asset editor - I like the transparency setting already and think it's quiet good balanced Still I got many things to fix on that building - there are many normal errors and texture issues by now. Also I need to expand the building to the left and right side as it doesn't fit perfectly into the grid yet - which it has to as the assets will be designed to be wall - to - wall. Stay tuned and leave your comment Edit:// Update time again. Now it perfectly fits the grid - I also fixed some errors but still I got to figure out why there are such strange shadows here and there :/ In Blender the normals look just right, but in editor they don't.
  9. It would not be more easy for a user as you'd have to somehow lay down those ploppable pieces - in SC4 this was fairly easy to do, as everything had to snap to the grid, over here you'd have to rotate every piece just right to make it fit (if you want to place runways freely) The other way would be to create those pieces to be snapable on a road just like parks - so that road would've to stay there to avoid that nasty "no road connection!" flashing symbol. In any case a model with textures has to be created. Simply deleting the mesh and textures from this network isn't that easy - still this would also need some visible indication to know where the network is (like for vanilla ship and plane routes) later on it would be possible to use gravel or "ruined grass" textures for a type of rural runway too. Edit:// Fixed the UV and added some more interior! Guess I gonna design this as some resting/dining/duty free area (using some props ofc). The now missing windows gonna be semi transparent, so they will provide you some nice view to the inside The LOD won't feature transparency and ofc. the interior will be removed on it. Still I think the tris count is okay by now (around 5k). Interestingly there is "Eingang" written on every entrance - I didn't notice that ingame I gonna change it to something not so german lol.
  10. Thank you for these kind words Still I think we could never have enough variation in that game, so just don't stop on your plan cause I'm doing something I got some progress to show - I detached the large windows to some new mesh object and build a basic interior to which I gonna add basic chairs. Still I use the texture from CO without any changes: I had to make changes to the roof like cutting four pairs of windows due to the way CO modded that building. also I gonna look at narrow connectors/concourses after I finished the terminals
  11. Yeah, you are right - normally it's a hell of work to create all those assets - that's the reason for me to use a kinda simple design based on the vanilla ones In reality airports are most times not designed to be eye-pleasuring. They mostly even don't use one architecture for all terminals as they were extended and redesigned over decades (e.g. KJFK) - well, those assets will be designed to fit each other instead of course. Also I know that there are not many people like me around who are that interested in aviation + city simulations as it's not that important for just one city. Anyway as I'm missing such things I gonna create them for myself mainly and share them to all people who are like me On top I think that airports will be more interesting to regular players when it starts to play a real role in case of traffic - the vanilla airports lack people moving to and coming from airports, so building road networks and other traffic solutions is kinda pointless when it comes to "simulation". The few tourists that arrive and depart there are only some kind of a joke, so I included the RICO idea as airports are also a place to work for thousands of people irl - providing some good mix of tourists and workers which is able to be tweaked by population changing mods too (instead of just using static values)
  12. I thought it's time to get my own topic running as I started some more advanced, larger project a day ago. Besides the vehicles I created before I started working on some vanilla-style modular airport, based on the vanilla airport and international airport assets. Due to my quiet limited time caused by real life don't expect extra-fast progress Still I've got to update my "old" vehicle assets too, but the vehicle editor seems to be kinda messed up since the last patch - anyway I'll look into this too by time as I already promised! For now I got the following types of buildings planned for this airport set which is heavily inspired by the AC teams set for Sim City 4 functional terminal block with three "small" gates functional terminal block with two "large" gate non-functional terminal filler pieces with gates terminal piece with control tower (RICO Office) terminal block without gate (RICO commercial low) monorail / (elevated) metro / train terminal pieces terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) terminal block with road maintenance service building (connected to the tarmac side to simulate road-traffic on the airport ) functional terminal with concourse (4 + gates using sub buildings) "T - style" functional concourse piece (featuring gates on both sides, will probably require network extensions as it has to be entered on foot from the underground using pedestrian "roads") eye candy ends for concourse, left and right eye candy transition piece between one-level and two-level terminals (maybe even RICO - enabled, we'll see) two-level functional terminal blocks (will be a challange to be set up - I try to set the entrances on the upper level, the exits on the lower level) two-level terminal with control tower (probably RICO office + functional (using sub building - I don't know yet if something like this is possible)) large fake-entrance piece for two-level terminals (RICO commercial high) (so especially when using rush hour many people gonna go into this one) monorail / (elevated) metro / train two-level terminal pieces two-level terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) two-level terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) simple helipads with one of each natural disasters helicopters working doppler radar dome (requires ND - a non working version is available on the workshop) stand-alone ATC towers surface movement radar tower some props like (enhanced) vanilla jet bridges, stand guidance displays and other small things which will be pretty Special features: rotating radar domes for ATC towers and the radar tower (gotta look into this!) usage of the "vehicle rotor" shader discovered by @Ronyx69 for large glass parts of the terminals (I try to work around the lod-problem) stock-game style as I use the textures and models from the game as my start-point usage of the "loading screen mods" benefits → as I use the same texture with the same name most of the times it will be loaded only once into VRAM when using this mod - which is great! living airports by the use of RICO settings - which you don't have to use at all (those buildings will work as an landmark if you don't use that mod ) more space between planes and terminals due to longer jet bridges - you'll be able to draw some road in between using the anarchy tool of your choise Downsides: jet bridges will disappear after a certain distance as I'll convert them to props. I decided to do so to increase flexibility on creating different terminal types and styles by using many working two-gate assets ingame the airport will get really congested! That's the reason for me to include non-functional versions too. Later on I might create a mod to enhance the vanilla runways and taxiways. I looked up the networks in mod tools and changed some values to test something which turned out to be possible: different wide runways (40m up to 65m for realistic regional and international airports - new network meshes needed) more realistic markings with lights on runways (probably by adding more segments to one network, segment[0] would be just asphalt to place some indicator like "20L", segment[1] would be the threshold, segment[2] would contain the dashed line only, segment [3] dashed line + precision marking followed by 2x (segment[2] again, then segment[3]) and finally segment[2] for the whole middle part to start in reverse after - dunno if that's possible at all) two-way taxiways (for special use-cases) taxiways with "shoulders" (a bit wider than now) and green lights in their middle taxilanes (taxiways with some flat mesh and without dirt-shoulders to be used on aprons. probably just the yellow line with green lights.) more realistic speeds for taxiways and taxilanes I gonna provide one screenshot just to show you the difference: On the left you can see the vanilla runway which is about 30m wide + 2m "shoulder" (mesh edge) → 32m footprint. The next ones footprint is 46m wide which would fit most regional/domestic airports. The one on the right is 60m wide which fits for large aircraft like the A380. ----------------------------------------snip---------------------------------------- First I gonna take off by showing you some first work I've done before starting this topic. This is going to be the first wall-to-wall terminal building featuring three gates (just like the vanilla airport). I removed the jet bridges and details on the left and right to save some polys and - of course - to get the bounding box right Next step will be to map those filled holes, after this I gonna cut the windows and create some basic interior as those will get some semi-transparent love they deserve
  13. RICO rescue infinity problem

    Good to know, had the same, but with Fallout 4 again, lol As you don't own the DLC here are some additional infos of how the game handles a collapsed landmark (as this is probably the way to go with those ploppable RICOs): At the moment a building collapses the greyed out button for rebuilding appears in the building info panel + "Collapsed" is set. If the road connection is destroyed to an additional flag is set ("NoNetworkConnection" I think - this is used to decide if the disaster response team is send out by vehicle or by helicopter). The team then arrives and goes into the buildings collapsed remains. As the team has finished their job and left the remains (just like in case of a burning building) m_problems = BuildingVisitedService is set true and that button is clickable. After some click on it, the building "plops" itself again in the same spot while the destroyed remains got bulldozed at the same time.
  14. I'm worried about that too - I think the (vehicle) asset editor will be the main problem as the vehicles pivot probably has to be situated in between of those "side panels" - so those panels would clip into the ground when the model is loaded into the editor which causes the whole mesh to rotate like some wheel as we know :/
  15. @hitzu as I build US-inspired cities mainly I had monorails like in Las Vegas in my mind. Also the closed one in Sydney would be something I personally like more - but to be honest I'd only use monorail only for short routes in my tourist centers or as some airport terminal rail. Not cause of the way CO designed them, but in my eyes a monorail isn't a real transportation solution, more some tourist thing. So I'd still prefer the elevated subway, as I simply like it more which is my personal taste @wasmic I think you mean something like the ex-monorail in Sydney, right?: Well, yes, that's not fully enclosed, but the one CO designed sits really just ontop of the track with some clipping into the track - it does not even cover a third of it's track: Also yes, for sure I could draw the stand-alone tracks above the road, but I would not be able to use the above-road-hub then. But as said, I mainly gonna use that system for airports and tourist areas, so I'm fine with it