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  1. *Drivable* 737

  2. Disappearing Road TrickEl Hwy

  3. Europe

  4. The worst building in the world

    The ugliest building here in Buenos Aires, for me, is the national library, made by Clorindo Testa. Just horrible. A fail modern style, or I just don't know.
  5. Help with ports

    Hello everyone! I think this is my first post since I don't use to comment in forums. First of all, i'll like to congrat and thank all of you guys, because all the things you do for the community is just amaizing and that shows the type of people that post and help here. To my problem, I don't know how to build realistic ports, and since I found in my city a chance to build a port, I'm looking for good buildings and facilities. I will really appreciate if someone helps me building a realistic port. Thank you!! Santiago- (excuse my english! I'm argentinian )
  6. Falklands

    Malvinas Argentinas! Downloading this map. 5/5
  7. Sims working

    Thank you very much for your help !! I have installed "No job zot killer", and now that I unistalled SC4 works great. Thank you !
  8. Sims working

    I didn't install a mod that allows my sims work at home. This is very strange,
  9. Sims working

    Hello there! First of all, I want to say that i'm argentinian so I don't speak (or in this case write) very well in english. I hope that you can understand! Today, I was playing in the SC4, when I realice that no sims where going to work to my commercial and industrial zones. When I touched the question (?) buttom to see what going on... My sims where going to work to each other houses! And I don't know why! Any ideas, or solutions? Thanks in advance ! Santiago.
  10. Transportation difficulties

    Once again, thank you very much for these essencials advices ! Soon as I can I will start to plan a good transport sistem. I will tell you my progress !
  11. Transportation difficulties

    Thanks for the information. I already had the NAM. What I'm looking for are advices or rules to make good subway lines or busses lines. Has everyone know if there's a tutorial or a City Journal showing these? I will really appreciate it !
  12. Hello everyone ! First of all, I want to apologize for my english. I have been playing in SimCity for years and years, and now, that I think I have a little more experience, I'm trying to make efficient connections using the subway, train, or the bus., but I have A LOT of problems. My city, called "Los Santos" has 200.000 unhabitans, a big commercial area, industries in the north and south of the city, and big suburbs. It's not a very buildied city (I mean with building, just houses). Thinking about a good solution to the traffic comming from the east, I decided to make a subway. In downtown, I made a central station, and, next to it, in the other city, I made stations, but they don't use them! Even If I put a tool in the highway! The thing is that I need essencial advices using the public transport to make my city, to connect all the unhabitants with downtown. Any advice that you can give me? The only thing that worked was a suburb zone with a big station, a parking and some bus station around the suburb, that works perfect, but I cant just work with that ! Anyhow, I need advices, rules, or suggestions from players with experience in public transportation. Thanks in advance, I apologize again for my english!
  13. Florianopolis SC Brazil

    Cool map !