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  1. NHP Williamsport Pennsylvania By blade2k5

    Wow!  Hi all - grew up in Jersey Shore (a few miles west - not NJ!) so this is AWESOME to see!  :-)
  2. Optimal Urban Subway layout

    Yes - please explain. What does each number mean?
  3. DK1 Diners 2

    Swell! This is the first thing I've been a little excited about in quite a while.
  4. Alexander Column Roundabouts

    Very beautiful!
  5. Aligned Manhattan

    Excellent!! This makes me change my plans from Philly to New York . . . thanks a million! I shall now address you only as "sir." :-)
  6. Palm Plaza

    Whoa -- excellent on many levels!!
  7. NHP Shenzhen world trade center

    WOW! I'm into Asian cities right now -- thanks!! :-)
  8. Plantation Bay

    This seems to be just what I was looking for . . . thanks!
  9. BSP Joe Louis Arena

    Sweet! Thank you!
  10. Mapp Squad Washington DC

    Looks cool! Time to use all of those DC landmarks! :-)
  11. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

    Excellent - thanks! I'm quite bored with the old one. :-)
  12. AGS Larrimack Motorsports Park

    I am incredibly impressed! Very, very cool.
  13. Wells Fargo Tower

    Nice! WF sponsors one of my favorite race drivers, so I'll be downloading in simsupport of them. :-)
  14. CKLW One Riverside Drive

    Nice piece o' corporate work! I love real-life buildings like this.
  15. Suburban Mansion

    Neat - something new, exciting & different.