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  1. Simcity Free Mod ,Specials

    what this mod do?
  2. can you send your discord, btw i have another request, increase number of firetrucks from the firestations, like the school bus, there is a mod that give 20 per garage and i have a doubt, the resource on the ground, is possible to modify? i mean put on entire map all the resources (all the types excpet water) to avoid search some place and sometimes have to destroy something to put the factory?
  3. do you have discord? (is ristow here, i get my old acc back o/) Sure, i can help you if something, i dont like to only ask and do nothing
  4. Bug with budget from the firefighters

    I think is this, somethimes happens with hospítas too, the ambulance fund the hospital i think is because Eicosakis Biology Research Center 1.0 here the list of hospitals and fire department DK1 Fire Station 31 Fire Station 1.1 fire station in zip folder 1 hi tech small fire station Mega Fire Station 1.0 Modern Fire Station v1 Eicosakis Biology Research Centre 1.0 GooberGen Rural Hospital 1 LBT Hospitals Pack Version Gold 1 Medic Station Paeng's General City Hospital 1.0 Rich Richies Medical Center 1 SOMY Consolidated Hospital Complex And thx for the help, i'll read your topic with more time later
  5. Havoc Dental College

    Any dependences? im my game seems missing some buildings
  6. I have a problem with the budget of the fire department, I increased the value of their budget then immediately dropped to 0 and I can not increase every time we increase q and confirm it back to 0 and obviously strike, i dont remember exactly all the stations i have, I'll update ASAP
  7. Lemeco Corps Power Plant (LCPP)

    too many dependences for a power plant but it seens cool
  8. escape to ... escape

    thx dude ^^
  9. Commercial Services Doubler

    ok let me see if I get it only works with the deluxe version and the expancion or have to have 2? sorry for the bad english I'm a little rusty
  10. escape to ... escape

    great view,sorry for the stupid quest but i put the content in the Plugin folder or Regions??
  11. Jim's Tank & Jet Factory

    the population don't growl with this :(
  12. Lockheed Skunk works

  13. Lockheed Skunk works

    any dependemces?
  14. Water treatment and pumping station

    no dependences?
  15. Small Solar Plants

    for me its a a large box :(