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  1. Modern Library

    I think i have seen this one before... but don't know where...?
  2. New Horizon tower by Dmscopio

    any dependancies?
  3. the pentagon

    Somehow it's not possible for me to download anything from the oficial SC site, does anyboddy know what the problem is? i am logged in and activated my serial number, but it doesn't work.
  4. the pentagon

    Hai, I have no idee if this is the right place to be but, is it possible that someone builds the pentagon for SC?
  5. Ferox W2W Pack

    looks great!
  6. Hostal Felipe V

    how big is this bat? 3X2 I guess? looks great on the pic!
  7. Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower

    I never knew anything about this, I'm from the Netherlands and we don't get those things at school. I think that if we download this BAT, at least the people on simtropolis won't forget this.
  8. SpaceShuttle_Discovery Pro 1.0

    looks nice, but.. i can't see it in the game, just RGB collors, no space shuttle, do i miss any dependencies?
  9. Simcity Police Headquarters

    once i've had all the props, i fell in love with this one!
  10. SAM Street Addon Mod version 3

    This is one of the best mods here on the STEX. I'm using it for al my new neighborhoods!